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  1. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! I like Adriano too, definitely see him reaching 90 soon. Gignac on the other hand is the 3rd best striker on his team, and wasn't really scoring any goals up until a month ago. He has peaked.
  2. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! Spartak Moskva News Yesterday, Spartak lit up Dynamo Moskova 5-0 at home. Meanwhile CSKA lost away to Rubin 3-1. This allowed Spartak to narrow the the gap to 4 points out of 1st. In the transfer market, Spartak are still in the process of pulling off a 3 for 1 which nets Luis Fernandinho from Shakhtar. While Jano Ananidze and the Kombarov Brothers will be moving to Shakhtar. A lot to give up but all were bit players as Ruiz and McGeady have the wings locked up. Also this week, Spartak were able to sign Modibo Maiga from Sochaux for a cool 6.8M, which allows Spartak some flexibility to spell on the wings or up front. Maiga is having a great season for Sochaux, and Spartak expect a rise in the next Ligue 1 review.
  3. Re: Belgian Jupiler Pro League Rating Predictions 2010/2011 @cadnams What do you think of David "Dudu" Biton for Charleroi ? 3 goals in 5 games, since coming in last month after leading the Israeli league in goals scored prior to moving to Charleroi. Have you seen him in action?
  4. Re: GC148 discussion / rumours etc thread I'm up for the Swiss Challenge when the GC opens up
  5. Re: Should I keep any of these players? Steele is the 1st choice gk for Boro, and on the u-21 team and was linked to Arsenal before signing a new contract.
  6. Re: Rising Goalkeepers Personally i think Viviano is a bargain, he's already getting a chance to compete with Sirigu to replace Buffon in the Italian national squad.
  7. Re: Centre Midfielders What about Matuidi and Asamoah ?
  8. Re: Swiss Super League "Super Risers" So far so good on my predictions
  9. Re: Respuesta: Swiss league
  10. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just rejected PSV in GC147
  11. Re: Swiss league No i don't mind, thanks for reviving the thread. I agree on Pacar, he is more in-line for a 80. Mehmedi is a Swiss U-21, 2nd leading scorer on the 2nd place squad, 1 point off Basel. Based on that he should be at least a 82 IMO
  12. Re: Swiss Super League "Super Risers" I'll be working on a updates EDITED: Made some updates, but i feel pretty good about everyone else on the list.
  13. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! Terrific
  14. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! No comment
  15. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! Point taken, but it came from someone who has a 238 manager rating
  16. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! Just got a offer for Welliton OMG you have got to be kidding me, worst offer i have ever received
  17. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! Destroyed Zenit on Monday in a Russian Shield 1st rd match, 4-0. Went in for today match, tied at the top, played my sub squad against a unmanaged Rostov, and drew 0-0. CSKA are now on top of the table undefeated, as they dismantled Terek 4-1. Russian database change boosted my backline significantly. Gutted that Welliton didn't get a 91 though.
  18. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Pareja +1 was a nice little surprise, nobody had that down. Sucks about Drincic get a -1, had a broken leg and couldn't play until late in the year, certainly justified. The one that boggle me is Otar Martsvaladze from Volga, sure he wasn't playing in the premier liga, but his team got promoted, while leading the entire Division I with 21 goals. 79 rating doesn't really make sense when the best player on the squad is a 86.
  19. Re: Ryo Miyaichi Impressive, super pacy. Definitely looks like a arsenal player. His final ball is lacking but that is something can be fixed with more time on the pitch.
  20. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! I just made a stupid offer for Berbatov... Bored with this GC
  21. Re: looking for a young cheap GK riser Jason Steele will be a 82/83 in the next review
  22. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! I am insulted by this offer
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