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  1. Hi guys, i'm in need of some quick cash and I need to sell a few players. I'm thinking of offloading these guys at the moment: K.P. Boateng Alexandre Pato Ganso Lloris Mbiwa Am i doing good to sell these guys or should i keep any of them? Also what do you think will happen to them rating wise in the near future? Thanks!
  2. Re: goalkeepers who to buy I have Lloris as well, but I think he's very safe at his 92, you shouldn't worry yet about him dropping. But on the same subject and since I didn't want to make a new thread about this, I have a chance to get a backup keeper, and there's Bernd Leno and Szczęsny available. Which one of those should I get?
  3. Re: vidal or richards? Vidal it is! Thanks for your opinions guys
  4. I have some money left and a clube in my gameworld just lost their manager. There's some interesting players there, that I could get. I could buy either Arturo Vidal or Micah Richards. Who should I get, out of those two? Thanks
  5. Hi, after some back and forth propositions, I've offered 5M + Ramires (chelsea) + rafael (man utd) for mats hummels. Is this a good deal for me or should I cancel my offer?
  6. Re: Who's the best GK? Reina, Valdes, Cech I think either Cech or Valdes would be the best choices, a slightest edge for valdes. Was wondering about Lloris. Do you guys think he can make it to 93? How do you rate him compared to Hart?
  7. Been getting a few rising players and my wages are going through the roof atm, so I need to unload a few players but I'm not really sure who to sell, I've narrowed the list of those I would be willing to trade/sell down to: abate azpilicueta ramires pato oriol romeu rafael da silva papadopoulos K.P. boateng ganso lamela leandro damiao which of these should I definitely keep? and which ones should I let go?
  8. Got some money left and was thinking of gettin a young barcelona player. Don't really know these two, besides that they're good and might get some chances on barças first team in a near future. Which one of them is the better player or the one that seems to have the brighter future?
  9. Hi guys. I need to offload a few players from my team, and trade them for some better ones. At the moment I'm thinking of offloading K.P Boateng, Abate, Rafael, Coates and De Gea as they are all backup. What rating do you think these guys will have by the end of the season if they continue their current form?
  10. I have kaka and made an offer for a direct trade with hazard. Having some second thoughts now...I have muller to replace kaka on the starting 11. Would you trade kaka for hazard? Should i cancel my offer?
  11. Re: Ramsey or Cleverley? Prety even opinions it is a hard choice, but I think i'll stick with ramsey for now, and try to get cleverley later on if he's still willing to trade thanks guys!
  12. Between these two who would you buy given a chance to have one of them? Are they at pretty similar rating potencial?
  13. Hi everyone! I' have Kaka on my team and I'm being offered Juan Manuel Mata + either Cleverley or Ramsey for him. Is it a fair trade? I have muller to cover for kaka in midfield. And which player should i take? Ramsey or Cleverley? rly need some help deciding please!
  14. Re: Looking for moderately priced/rising CMs If theyre not taken yet: K.P. Boateng Kroos Ganso Ramires Sven Bender
  15. makenshi


    Re: drgba I think he will drop by 1 now
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