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  1. Re: Liga Kampung 1Malaysia I am thinking of a friendly cup/league between active managers. Anyone interested?
  2. Re: Liga Kampung 1Malaysia First season is coming to an end! All matches have been played and now the play-offs are about to start! LIGA KAMPUNG 1MALAYSIA Congratulations to KELANTAN FA for winning first ever Division 1 Championship, BORUSSIA DORTMUND for FA Cup win, LIVERPOOL for winning Division 2, HARIMAU MUDA for Division 3, and all teams who gains automatic promotions! Others may try again next season and fight for your survival! Below are standings so far:- POS TEAM P W D L GF GA GD PTS 1 Kelantan FA © 22 15 2 5 61 30 31 47 2 Atlético Madrid 22 14 1 7 53 32 21 43 3 Beira-Mar 22
  3. Re: Help with Real Madrid Try using 3-5-2 with default instructions. Try to utilise higher rated players in starting eleven. After few games then try playing around with instructions. This my opinion. What a team you have, lucky you!
  4. Re: 8 or 89 rated players that can play on the wing Is Cleverly 86 -> 89 too optimist?
  5. Re: Mats hummels deal I'd take that deal. He seems not destined to be in Dortmund for long as most European top clubs had older/to be retiring centerbacks that need replacing
  6. Re: Where are you based in the Forum? I spent most of the time in Player Discussion but rarely posted anything, just looking for players to buy. Most my posts are in Help or Game Development
  7. Re: Offer Club I don't entirely understand the story but I supppose you had raised a report ticket to SM for this
  8. Re: De gea or Courtois? De Gea coz he has manly beard.
  9. Re: New player positions! No doubt about that and FM is and always will be the best. As for the position changes, it is quite unnecessary. It's something unique when you are playing SM. In my opinion, the most annoying part is removal of ST position, where I usually pair ST with Fwd and they always bring good!
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... This is new. Googled and yes, you are right. Overshadowed by Sterling and Suso. Have two starts with Liverpool so far. Buying him now, thanks!
  11. Re: My Arsenal team, who will rise and who will drop These are found in other threads, searching for them might be useful to you as you can see other rises as well. Others, I'm not sure
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I think he's just being sarcastic there
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Don't do it mate. After some time playing SM I realized that Messi and Ronaldo are the ones that aredream players and hardest to get unless you are starting with them. 96++ players don't come too often!
  14. Re: People not responding to transfer offers Well, just saying. There are a few in my GW as well. Sent PMs but didn't reply, eventhough their profile showing last online "Today"
  15. Re: People not responding to transfer offers Are the players on transfer list? Maybe the manager waiting for better offers.
  16. Re: Oscar or Kagawa? Oscar for me - despite I'm an MU supporter. Kagawa might be limited by his international games reputation in contrast to Oscar's Brazil.
  17. Re: Custom Game World: New Features Thanks for the hint, I think I'll post them now.
  18. Re: Liga Kampung 1Malaysia 24 teams taken, 12 teams still available and obviously most good players are already snatched! League kick-off 11 Nov, so hurry now!
  19. Re: Custom Game World: New Features Hello I'm new here. I have bought a Custom GW to play with my friends. Once the game world created, SM will give us 2 days to attract managers before the shopping begins (start with empty squad and a budget of 200M). But within that two days, most of my friends haven't got time to login and notice my invitations so it is a bit unfair for them to join when the good players are already gone. To attract other managers (not my friends) also a bit hard because of this. What I am saying is there should be an option to choose our own start date or at least a week
  20. Re: Liga Kampung 1Malaysia Sorry, I have moved the thread to New Game Worlds
  21. Calling for all Malaysians to participate in Liga Kampung 1Malaysia ( GW ID - 159694 ) New game world (1.11.2012) Empty Squad (200M budget) If there are still more vacancy, worldwide applications will also be considered Thank you!
  22. Re: 5 out of 8? Thanks RoyLeo & KirkyyLUFC for the great replies! So many of replies asking to get rid of Badstuber and Ranocchia so I've already put them on transfer list. Now just to get one more. Hoping for more opinions. Thanks!
  23. Re: 5 out of 8? I suppose many didn't pick Smalling because he is at 87 now right? I'm thinking of getting rid Smalling and Rafael, even though I'm a Man Utd supporter.
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