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  1. I have, in my team, these goalkeepers: Sergio Rico, Becker Alisson and Ederson Moraes. I would like to make some cash; I'm wrong to sell Sergio Rico and Becker Alisson? Same question for midfielder. I have Strootman, Fabinho, Paulinho, Milinkovic Savic, Gagliardini, Kessie. Keep or sell Gagliardini and Kessie Other information useful for a correct valutation, I also have these others players: ATT: Dybala, Mbappe, Correa, Belotti DEF: Jemerson, Nacho Kurzawa, Mendy, Semedo, Caldara, Lindelof, Rudiger, Delph, Spinazzola YOUNG: Soler, Schick, Lopez M., Calvert Lewin, Odri
  2. Best ucraina and russian risers? thank you boys!
  3. Alisson could get +1 and Ederson Moraes stay. Why? I would like to understand the parameters for making these ratings?
  4. which will be the next three/four leagues revisited?
  5. Mbappe 86 to ? Fabinho 90 to ? Kurzawa 89 to ? Mendy 80 to ? Jemerson 88 to ? Sarr M. 80 to ? Diakhaby 80 to ? Lopez M. 80 to ? Toure A. 84 to ?
  6. Caldara 85 to ? Spinazzola 83 to ? Conti 82 to ? Gagliardini 83 to ? Kessie 86 to ? Barreca 83 to ? Chiesa 83 to ? thank you boys!
  7. Sergio Rico is in my team; i'm thinking buy Ederson Moraes. Is it advisable to replace rico with ederson or keep both?
  8. best risers of turkish league? Cengiz ÜNDER ? Kubilay KANATSIZKUS ?
  9. What will be the next league to be revisited? Norway?
  10. What are your thoughts on Fabinho Kurzawa Jemerson Mbappe Moraes Jorge Malang Sarr Maxime Lopez Thank you boys
  11. What are your thoughts on Palmieri Rudiger Strootman Belotti Bernardeschi Kessie Fofana Caldara Gagliardini Locatelli Meret Thank you boys
  12. What are your thoughts on Sergio Rico and Oyarzabal? thank you
  13. I have young team with many players. I would like to know who keep and who sell to raise cash. Plaese help me: Stefano Greco Leonardo Loria Domenico Coppola Billy O'Brien Alessandro Guarnone Alex Bono Marco Curto Jose Mena Siqueira Jailson Francesco Antnonucci Roman Macek Landry Dimata Tommaso Cucchietti Stefano Mazzini David Hudertmark Alessandro Plizzari Alex Martin Steven Pereira Marcos Senesi Kevin Bonifazi Jacob Bedeau Alberto Rodriguez Alessandro Bastoni Mauro Sava
  14. If I loan a worry player (because lack of matches) and the new coach does not play however, the level of concern continues to grow anyway? thank you all
  15. Would you sell your neymar for bale? Would you sell your pedro for bale? Would you sell your muller for bale+baadstuber? thank you all
  16. Hi guys, will you exchange Pedro for Rooney? I have Pedro in my team Thank you
  17. Hi guys, i can't find any old thread or information about mexican league. can you tell me some mexican league players that will have a good rise in the next rating? thank you, Paolo
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