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  1. Re: jaoquin sanchez he scored again 2 goals
  2. Re: Italian rating changes? who will change what about DE ROSSI , should he go up or down?
  3. nopes66


    increase or decrease?
  4. hello everyone, what players should get an increase or decrease quaresma to ? navas to ? puerta to ? sergio ramos to ? casillas to ? So i should say : POST!
  6. on my club messages i see: Torsten frings rating has increased to 93 but when i see him on his player profile or in my squad he is still 92 is it normal?? thx
  7. Ribas Diego DIEGO RIBAS this player deserves at least a 94, i've seen yesterday the match off bremen against AZ, he is definitely a world-class player. in every goal he had a foot POST your comments
  8. Re: V D borre listen up folks, i am belgian and fan off rsca vd borre is not that good! he has lots of critics in the media and he stays always on the bench
  9. hi people can someone say what is the best tactics for this team? and what type off play i should play(down both flanks, through the middle,...) ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME this are my players akinfeev G91 alves 93rb-rm sergio ramos 92cb-rb alex 91cb lahm 93lb-rb frings 92rm-cm sneijder 93cm-am diego 93am-cm puerta 89 lm-cm milito 92 f podolski 91 f
  10. give comments on this good player... he should definitely go up by 2 for his prestations with the national team and bayern munchen
  11. what are yours comment at this player? should he get an increase or decrease??
  12. Re: Which team is better and for the future this is my PSV team Akinfeev 91 lahm 93 alex 91 naldo 91 alves 93 frings 92 diego ribas 92 sneijder 92 farfan 91 podolski 91 milito 92 what do you think is the best tactics with this team????
  13. Re: BELGUIM / NETHERLANDS rating changes
  14. LUKAS PODOLSKI THE GERMAN SNIPER Who wants that he go up sign this topic. I think he deserve a 92-93 for his scoring by his club bayern munchen and with the national team, he is also still young
  15. Re: SpanishRatings PUERTA and Navas should go up... and milito
  16. Re: BELGUIM / NETHERLANDS rating changes SNEIJDER TO 93 SURELY!!!
  17. Re: German Changes Podolski:93 Frings: 93 for their prestations with the national team and further maybe sneijder to 92 and farfan 92
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