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  1. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN A dissapointing finish to the season for the Rotherham Millers. After hanging around in the top 10 for the majority of the season and even climbing into 6th at one point (I think?), the Millers went on to claim just 2 points in their final 8 games and finish a dismal 17th. Manager G'Les'P had this to say: ------------------------------------- It was certainly a disappointment to the players as well as the fans. We started the season off in a dismal form, taking just 7 points from the first 7 games, and we finished in an even worse form, taking just 2 from the last 8. What you have to keep mind of, though, is what we did between those 15 games. In our middle 23 games we garnered 37 of our 46 points. If we did that all season, we would have ended our season with 60 points and just edged out Port Vale. As long as I've been the manager of Rotherham, we have always finished strong. Even last season, we staved off relegation which we were threatened with only because of our participation in the semi finals of the shield. We gave the fans something to cheer for last season, and we got them on their feet for a good amount of time this season, but our final 8 games were a shame. It was a lack of rest that did us in. We are a strong squad. Not the strongest with Chelsea and Spurs in this division, but a strong, young squad. However, we have one of the lowest payrolls in the entire division, and we're still constantly hovering around debt. We simply didn't have the resources this season when Aliyev went down with injury. Next season, we will do better. We advanced this season. We were never in danger of relegation, and we challenged deep into the season for a playoff spot. We will improve next season, and we'll hopefully get off to a hot start. Remember, we have players on this team in Welbeck and Yarmolenko who only project to become mid 90's. This team, with our shoe string budget, has been built carefully. We're young, and when our time comes and our players strike their prime- we will not only be in Division 1... we will be challengers for the top of division 1! ------------------------ Strong words from manager G'Les'P. Some highlights from the season were the 2-1 win over Leeds to get into the 3rd round of the English shield despite manager G'Les'P's insistence that they would not chase that dream again this season. Taking 4 points from Spurs was a thrill for the Spurs fan that G'Les'P is, especially the 4-1 win shortly before they began falling apart. Onwards to next season! Btw, I'm now 10th out of the managers in this setup and just completed 250 games!
  2. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Welcome from Rotherham!
  3. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Rotherham United 3-1 Sheffield Wednesday A huge win for Rotherham keeps them right on the heels of 6th place Port Vale who they trail by just 3 points. Rotherham also jump into 8th, the highest they've been all season. The really interesting point is that 24k and change showed up for the game. Considering my crowd usually stands around 10k, I hope that's a change made by the mods, because I actually made a good amount of money this week and will be in the positive by the end of the season. The difficulty of managing a team that constantly loses money unless you cut your best players is unreasonable, and if this is a permanent change, I will be so happy and so ready to buy some players. My wage bill is low because I've been trying to keep myself near balanced (I dropped to about 1 million in the red earlier in the week which was the lowest I've been this season). It would be great to actually compete for some of the players I want without shipping off my best players
  4. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Congrats on that win. I'm rooting for you to go up this season, though, I will gladly step on your face if it improves my chances of going up instead Rotherham United 2-0 Cardiff City Massive second win on the trot for the Millers who have knocked in 6 goals in the past two games without conceding one. After moving up to 8th place, Rotherham stands just 3 points back of 5th place Chelsea and 6th place Port Vale, holding an advantage in goal difference and goals scored over both teams. Though Rotherham have been fantastic in the last 2 games, and posted a 3-1-2 record over the previous 6, they face their toughest test of the season tomorrow in Hull City. Hull currently sit second in the division with an impressive record of 8-3-3 to Rotherham's 5-5-4. Hull have also won 5 on the trot to Rotherham's 2. Finally, Hull have outscored the Millers in their previous 2 meetings 11-3, with an 8-2 ensnarement over Rotherham sticking in everyone's minds and in the Rotherham history books as their worse loss ever. Given all this, manager G'Les'P said, "We expect this to be a tough game. They've got Hart in goal, but we've got Welbeck and Yarmolenko firing well. I'd be happy with a point, though I believe the 3 would allow us to leapfrog at least 1 team and make an attempt at a playoff spot. We have time,though. This won't make or break our season, but it could certainly be a game people look back at towards the end of the season and point to as a sign of where we will be at that time. Also, welcome Dylan. Take a look at my team and perhaps we can work out some type of loan or transfer.
  5. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Also, that 4-0 win against Chelsea marks my 100th win with Rotherham United and my 100th win total in this setup! Here's to another 100 and making the dream of bringing division 4 Rotherham all the way to Division 1! If I am able to bring Rotherham to those heights, we would be just the 4th team to progress to Division 1 after, at some point, being in Division 4. Southend United progressed between Season 4 and Season 7, winning an automatic promotion spot each season, but bouncing back down at the end of Season 7. In season 10 they again were relegated to Division 3 and now sit in 19th position, posturing to become the only team to ever go from Division 4 to Division 1 and back! Leeds United have a rich history! After winning Division 4 in Season 3 they went on to win a playoff spot in Season 4. They would take 2 seasons to advance, again winning the playoffs in Division 2, before finding themselves in Division 1 during Season 7 with Southend United. However, Leeds have been the archetype compared to Southend. They have competed to an extent each season in Division 1 and remain there, participating in their 5th straight season of top tier football! Carlisle United were division 4 champions in Season 5. Following Leeds path, they made it into Division 2 with a playoff win the next season. As Leeds and Southend competed in Division 1 in season 7, Carlisle hoped to join them. However, they missed out, finishing in 7th place. Season 8 was disappointing as it saw them finish last and drop back into Division 3. In Season 9 they came back even stronger, winning Division 3 this time. Season 10 saw them again impress as they finished runner ups and now are competing in the top tier during Season 11, looking to become just the second team to avoid relegation after advancing from Division 4. That brings me to Rotherham United. If Rotherham were able to advance, they would become the 4th team to run the gambit, advancing from Division 4 to Division 1. They would also follow suit of automatic promotees, (Leeds United in Season 3, Southend United in Season 4, and Carlisle United in Season 5) after their Division triumph in Season 6. Though they were unable to immediately advance to Division 2, Rotherham followed through in Season 9, gaining automatic promotion again by finishing runners up to Carlisle United and advancing to Division 2 football. Now they look to make it to Division 1 for Season 12. A few notes. Though Rotherham United are obviously the team I'm most interested in advancing, Port Vale, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Stockport County all sit in Division 2 this season with me, and all have advanced from Division 4 at some point (Port Vale in Season 6 with me, Brighton & Hove Albion in Season 4, and Stockport County in Season 7). If any of the 4 of us advance to Division 1, it would be the first time a team advanced to Division 1 after starting the setup (Season 1) in Division 4 (Carlisle, Southend, and Leeds all began in Division 3). It should also be noted that Southend, Rotherham, Port Vale, and Stockport County have never reached the top tier in either this setup nor in real life. Now that I have spent a little time procrastinating, I am off to do homework
  6. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Rotherham United 4-0 Chelsea A shocking win for Rotherham United. It was always going to be a difficult feat for Chelsea to come into the New York Stadium and push Rotherham around, but coming off two straight losses, the Millers went out with something to prove. After Cisma pocketed a goal to put Rotherham up 1-0 in the 19th, Yarmolenko decided to end the game in the first half, knocking in a brace within 12 minutes, the second in the 42nd minute. As Chelsea started to pry late in the second half, hoping to at least look respectable, Capel took advantage of a hard foul and knocked a free kick in to increase the deficit to 4 goals before the whistle blew 11 minutes later. A tremendous win for United sees them climb into the top half of the table, just 3 points shy of a playoff spot. The 4 goals also increases their GD to 5, fourth best in Division 2 and their GF to 24, tied for third best in the league. Though still early in the season, these tie breaking factors could help Rotherham find themselves in a playoff spot before too long. If they can reach those heights, expect them to be looking to climb higher before they even consider falling out of those top 6 spots!
  7. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Rotherham United 5-1 Birmingham City 10k fans at the New York Stadium (25k) Rotherham had an average crowd at home as they made a statement to all division 2 teams that they are definitely committed to competing this season. Plagued by consistent draws, Rotherham picked up just their second win in dominant fashion. After putting 4 in the back of the net in the first half, Birmingham got a reprieve from an even greater defeat when central defender Bruno Ecuele Manga was sent off, leaving only 2 at the back end of Rotherham's defense. Birmingham took advantage and quickly put themselves on the score sheet. However, Danny Welbeck quickly returned the favor, netting a brace for himself in the process just one minute after Birmingham scored their only goal. All in all, Rotherham moved up to 10th in the table and put their goal difference on the right side of 0. Next up is Stockport County, currently floundering in last place with just 5 points from 8 games. Rotherham will be heavily favored, and a win as well as some helpful results could propel them straight into the playoff picture. Though it may be too early in the season to speak about such things, it is better to get into the picture early rather than late. A target on your back is certainly better than a target you can't quite reach.
  8. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Oops, I see Sheffield and automatically go with united
  9. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Rotherham United 4-4 Sheffield Wednesday A severely disappointing result for the Millers. Several better players and superior stats all over the place would have you believe that Rotherham would win 4-1 or 4-0. Instead, a 1-0 lead became a 3-1 deficit and a 4-3 deficit before a late Yarmolenko goal would tie it at 4. A 7th point from a 7th game actually managed to move Rotherham up to 12th place, just shy of the top half of the table. The 4 goals also were huge for improving Rotherham's scoring tally throughout the season. Regardless, Rotherham continue to look at the future. The difficulty Rotherham have had scoring this season has led to talk of them making a move for highly coveted Lavezzi. The only team currently bidding for his services outside the richer clubs of the premier league is Norwich, down in Division 3. Rotherham certainly don't have the money to bring in such a high quality player, but manager G'Les'P has proved to be a master at swapping players to Rotherham's benefit. Only time will tell, though. Next up is unmanaged Birmingham City, currently sitting in 17th place. Rotherham certainly have the higher quality side, but it should be interesting to see if they can get the monkey off their back and walk away with the full 3 points that they so desperately need to start making a push towards promotion rather than staving off relegation.
  10. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Fulham 1-0 Rotherham United A disappointing loss as the stats were somewhat even. Losing in possession and corners, though seemed to do me in. Though the Millers unbeaten run ends at 4, a solid performance was turned in, considering Fulham had better rated players at 10 of the 11 positions. Next up is sheffield Wednesday. Rotherham sit in a precarious position in the bottom half of the table, but close enough to jump right up into a playoff spot with the right combination of results. Frankly, 6 points from the first 6 games is dissapointing, but a rating increase for Sebastian Jung, putting my 3 CBs at 88 is positive. The trade of my injured striker Guerrero for younger winger Capel reduces my wages as well as making my oldest starter (besides my goalie) 27. This group of young, talented individuals are looking to get promoted this year, but as long as they stay together and keep improving as they have, Rotherham United have a very bright future with some amazing potential!
  11. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Wigan 1-0 Rotherham United Barnsley 3-3 Rotherham United Port Vale 1-1 Rotherham United Tottenham 1-1 Rotherham United Reading 0-1 Rotherham United The first five games of the season paint a deceiving picture of the Millers. An unfortunate start to the season saw Rotherham unable to stave off the Wigan onslaught. After selling their top goalie, Rotherham saw a 2-0 and a 3-2 lead against Barnsley slip away, souring Matuszczyk's first career hat trick. A very early goal by Port Vale was off set by a 16th minute goal by Kobiyasi. However, no more offense could be generated by the Millers as Guerrero went down with injury, softening the front line of Rotherham. A better quality goalie clearly needed with the top class of the Hotspurs looming, Rotherham picked up Abbiati who was unable to save a top class shot by Jermaine Defoe. When all looked hopeless for the Millers, though, Aliyev slotted in a game tying goal in the 85th minute, sending the New York Stadium into madness as the Millers escaped with a 3rd consecutive draw. With new goalie in place and a first win of the season being crucial 5 games into the season, Danny Welbeck performed magnificently, scoring in the 23rd minute. Abbiati earned his first clean sheet for the Millers, and Rotherham jumped up to a virtual tie for 10th place, trailing 4th by just 3 points. Next up on the schedule is the mighty Fulham who have managed 4 wins in 5 games and a healthy 13 goal differential early in the season. Rotherham have won the last two meetings between these teams, including a win in the English Shield quarter final last year. Fulham, much improved, will certainly be looking to do all they can to end Rotherham's 4 game undefeated run. Goal: Win Division 2 Estimated Points Required: 78 Pace Needed at the moment: 10 Points Earned: 6 Points Per Game Required: 2.05 Points Per Game Earned: 1.2
  12. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN By the way, I have a number of transfers I'd love to see people grab: Name--------------age-------rating----asking---Position Oleksandr Aliev---27--------89--------15m/PE---AM(RLC) Paolo Guerro------29--------89--------10m/PE---F© Joel Griffiths----33--------81--------1.5m-----AM©F(RLC) Erman Ozgur-------35--------80--------1m-------AM(RLC) Jean-Eudes Maurice-26-------80--------2m-------AM(RL)F(RLC) Vasil Gigiadze----35--------80--------1m-------AM©F(RLC)
  13. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Been a while since I've been on the forum. Last season was slightly lackluster with caution thrown to the wind. I went for glory and the English Shield. Rotherham United (IRL) have made it to the final of the League cup once and to just the 5th round of the FA cup. A semi-final loss to Newcastle United in an astonishingly high scoring game (7-3) was bitterly disappointing, considering the chance at promotion had pretty much been given up due to my best players being kept fit for the shield games. However, relegation was not in Rotherham's future. A 17th place finish allows Rotherham another shot at promotion, for the first and only time in their history, to the top league in English football. Manager G'Les'P has made it clear that the cups were far too much of a distraction last year, and he has said that he will rest his starting lineup for every cup game, regardless of how far his B-squad brings them. He had this to say, "Frankly, after missing out on a trophy because we were promoted after finishing second in Division 3, thus, we didn't win the division or the playoffs, I wanted to give the Rotherham fans some silverware. I spoke with the players, as well as the front office, and we decided, after winning a few games in the Shield, that we would go all in. We played incredibly well! Though our first match against Don Caster Rovers was an expected win, we were heavy underdogs against Preston North End, yet, we won. We were underdogs to Stockport County, who ended up higher in the division than us, yet, we won. No one expected us to beat Fulham, but we won that one as well! We lost a game to a team that finished 11th in the top division, and frankly, I don't regret that we went for it. Had we brought that trophy to the New York Stadium, no one would be questioning my choices last season. However, we didn't. Due to that, I will make it clear what we are trying to do this season. Our goal is to win Division 2. We may not have the best players, and I may not be the best manager. However, I believe we have the best team. The Millers have never made it to the top flight, and my greatest and truest goal in this job, since day 1, has been to rewrite Miller history." Goal: Win Division 2 Estimated Points Required (EPR): 78 Points Earned: 0 Points Per Game Required(PPGR): 2.05
  14. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN I am still alive, just drowning with work, school, and volunteering for the upcoming US elections. Anyway, Rotherham get a nice 2-0 win against leaders Carlisle. I got offered spurs, but passed them up as I have such a strong connection with Rotherham. It was a tough decision, but I don't think I can part with the millers until I get them into division 1 and a top level trophy
  15. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Rotherham will be loaning people out soon. Expectations for either cup aren't high as I plan to play a full B team unless I actually make it a few rounds. Once I'm out of both cups, all players at Rotherham 86 and under will be available for loan with the exception that I have a few players inured and suspended right now so I may be calling players back at times. Priority will be given to lower division sides, but I ask that bigger clubs put in bids if they wouldn't mind just so I can get the salary off my books. I assume a team like Manchester United is not going to notice an extra 20k a week in salary where Rotherham are just under 90k in debt per week because of salary. It would be awesome to finish the season/compete during the season with the flexibility of making deals because I'm not in debt
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