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  1. I,m interested I,m in Brookfield, Stoop , UEFA Super League plus many others.
  2. I changed my profile picture recently and when I tried to change it back it wouldn't let me.Now I have no profile picture. As any one else got his problem?
  3. Looks like the end of the 95+ player reward for championship winners is upon us. Not that I could afford to buy one anyway! Is it time for a rule change so if there's no 95+ players are available another 90+ player can be bought instead?
  4. Third place again for Feyenoord was hoping for better. But retaining the cup means a budget increase of £175,000 for next season which is just as well as I,ve had a lot of rating increases.Two more big budget teams promoted this season means it's going to be tougher next season. Time for a knew strategy in the transfer market I think.
  5. Don't know what you think of this but maybe the top teams /countries should start in division one and so forth.
  6. What about the Euro Champions elect Iceland? No scrub that
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Yeh the same things are happening to me, its totally unrealistic. I won,t be changing I play the game through. I,ll either pack it all in or join the bidding wars for other teams payers in the same boat.
  8. Re: Please remove conncer UNH problem When you have a successful team you end up playing a lot of games so you need plenty of good players. In the real world teams use squad rotation playing fringe players in easier games but SM doesnt allow for this. The rule definately needs tweeking a bit as some players concerns are totally unrealalistic.
  9. Re: ID 65692: TSL - Talent Scouts League Hi everyone, I recently took over at Royal Antwerp and I am enjoying the game its going to be a challenge. I notice that not many International teams are taken so took over England. I have decided to pick players from the Talent Scout League only and it would be good if other managers could take over International teams and do this aswell. I know it will be hard if not impossible with some countries but thats what this league is all about.
  10. I think New Soccer Players on the Games data base should be allocated to there real parent club in the first instance.This is fairer than the present system of them going on as free agents. I,m having to check the list every day in case I miss a couple of players that will be in the game soon. What do others think ?:
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