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  1. I know it's off topic here, but, probably nobody here to enforce rules anymore? What are your thoughts on our season so far?
  2. Yeah! That's the one, I'm Liverpool mad I guess, even the foreign ones
  3. Thought i'd check back in and see what's happening around here! I know right, those were the good old days haha, wish he was still at Liverpool with Coutinho, Salah and Mane, would have been the dream.. And I agree ;p I've been hearing a little bit about a Gustavo Viera from Uruguay.. do you have high hopes?
  4. Ahh Juanchitoox and -JMH-, two familiar names! How's life around here these days?
  5. Ste G

    Game bug!!!

    My Donnarumma played 30 games last season and went from level 2 concern to level 4 come the end of the season, I feel your troubles lol.
  6. Here we go again with Real cheating to get a player sent off, embarrassing club and players. Can't wait till Barca rule Spain again next year.
  7. Agree on Wijnaldum. Disagree with Henderson, was injured for 3/4 of the season and even if he wasn't, I don't believe a fully fit Henderson is deserving of a 92 either.
  8. One of the biggest fixes I've seen in a while. Disgusting decisions in favour of Real.
  9. Gueye deserves to go up 100% he's amazing.. will he though? Probably not.. :/
  10. You missed a pen that wasn't even a pen, United's own fault.
  11. What team do you follow Jamie? 49'ers myself, depressing season for them.. seems to be translating over to Liverpool now too, fml. If I ever follow another sport I'm going to just glory hunt for at least a little joy from time to time
  12. I have a dilemma.. I have Donnarumma on 3 concern and my main keeper is Buffon.. I don't really want to lose him but playing him stops me competing for the league as the world is very competitive. I've tried to ask managers if they're intereseted but they're all well aware I have to play him and be punished results wise or not play him and let him submit a request and they all have a bidding war which is much cheaper for them. So I have one and only one deal on the table.. My Donnarumma AND Bellerin or Draxler for his Dybala.. So do I just write this season off and play Donnarumma till his concerns diminish, take the deal or let him transfer request? Thank you.
  13. Agreed, he's one of the worst forwards I've ever seen :s
  14. Just below your comment it should say 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files.. Insert other media. Try that and it should allow you to select files from your computer..
  15. Great list! Much appreciated, thank you.
  16. Who are the best players playing in Belgium atm?
  17. Not surprising, they cba to do anything but add pop ups prompting you to get gold management.
  18. How is it then decided which team the player chooses? Is it position in the table? Manager rating? Random?
  19. I don't know what that means, I assume the match engine. But even if it's not, my vote is; its a joke. Everything on SM is a joke
  20. Very unlikely anyone from the SM Staff will reply. They don't care about their customers, never had and never will.
  21. I'll comment on the Liverpool ones since it's the team I know better than all the rest.. Coutinho deserves to go up to a 92, he is our best player, and there is a case to make that he'd get into almost any side in the world. Wijnaldum +1 to 90, he's been great when he's played, and if we and he continue the way we've been playing, he 100% deserves a rise. Ejaria +3 to 78 Milner +1 to 91 .. 100% deserves the rise, he's been immense. I agree with all your other predictions.
  22. De Gea, for sure. Courtois, na.
  23. I'm astonished you haven't signed a proper striker this window, Wenger is the only man on the planet not to realize Giroud isn't the answer. Mustafi will do a job when he comes in. You started off really well and didn't make the most of the domination, whereas we did, can't help but think if you'd had a Lacazette making more intelligent runs you'd have put more than 1 away before the 46th minute mark. Took a worldie to get us back into it, but that's the risk you take not putting teams away when you're in so much control.
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