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  1. Re: Chat! Thank you for flagging this up. I'll ask a member of the development team to look at this thread and also get this logged in our bug system.
  2. Re: Receiving SM Credits for Inviting Friends I've deleted one of your threads as it is a duplicate and also edited this post and title as it is misleading. If you visit the Help you will notice the following in the SM Credits article: Therefore once the friends you have invited have registered and played Soccer Manager for a set period of time you will then be able to claim your free SM Credits.
  3. Re: Tonights fixtures not yet been played? We are currently investigating why the fixtures from 5 July didn't play. We'd like to apologise to all managers who had fixtures scheduled.
  4. Re: SM Chat Bar Gone We had taken this down due to maintenance. This should now be back up . Sorry for any inconvenience caused
  5. Re: Account keeps changing Language on its own!
  6. Re: Account keeps changing Language on its own!
  7. Re: Back to Front If you go to User CP you will be able to edit settings on how you will be able to view threads on the Forum
  8. Re: Credits stolen [ help]
  9. Re: Lost in Translation Hi, We are sorry to hear this. We are currently working on this Bug which is causing the language to be changed. This should be rectified shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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