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  1. Re: Official Rugby Thread Ah nice one, I remember seeing the group stage draw a while back but wasn't sure if Bath made it or not :L I can't even remember who's in Munster's group.. Nice one, I look forward to seeing them this year so!
  2. Re: Official Rugby Thread I love rugby but I don't really follow the Aviva Premiership, I watch a lot of Rabo Pro12 though. Munster are my team Any of you guys see Australia v South Africa? Was a cracking game with the Wallabies winning 24-23
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    The Random Thread

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  4. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) xEHD_HvKWgg
  5. Re: Custom Game World Help How would I go about submitting a ticket? I've posted something in the answer center but I haven't specified which game world it is. The game world was only created yesterday so it's pretty unfortunate.
  6. I recently created a custom game world for my friends and myself. I made a rule of thumb that nobody was to make any bids until everyone had joined the game world. Of course several people decided to make bids so I quickly changed the advanced rules without realising that you can only do this once a season. The rules I ticked were: No buying players from Unmanaged Clubs Help No buying players from External Clubs Is there any hope of me being able to change these back? Or do we have to suffer a full season of basically no transfers? Any help would be appreciated.
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  8. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Pepe sickens me..
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    Re: The Random Thread Ouch...
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