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  1. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell? yeaa i sold him a while ago, glad i did! it was just his age that put the deal into question because he had time to develop.. at the end of the day he aint going anywhere near the NT so not really worth keeping. brought a few youngsters for him anyways. on the subject of CL last night, does anyone reckon there will be any rises from Chelsea and Bayern Munich if they win in the final? bearing in mind that also Chelsea are playing for the FA Cup too. leave your comments, cheers!
  2. Re: Position DEBATE. UPDATES. Moussa Dembele got his rating change that i predicted. My prediction: AM/CM SM outcome: AM/Wing i havent seen him too much on the wing yet for Fulham however it probably fits him better as he isnt an out-and-out midfielder. Gareth Bale did not get a rating change, which is a huge disappointment. My prediction: Wing/AM SM outcome: Wing/LB (same as before) Also only just noticed Karim Benzema has been changed to Fwd/Wing which has aided me in many of my teams to play him across the front 3
  3. Re: lavezzi i think 92 suits him.. for him to reach 93 Napoli would have to win Seria A and another cup next year, with him being the main the man. i wouldnt bet on it.
  4. Re: Position DEBATE. Valencia will keep his RB position, when Rafael is injured he will normally cover and has played there many times this season. thats a great shout, i never noticed that one.. that one does surprise me that he is still a winger, im not too sure if he has ever played out wide.. not in the last two seasons anyways. put it this way, if he loses his Wing position then dont be surprised!
  5. Lets get talking about Positional changes for your players, will it affect your players and your team's tactics? find out here as we debate on players who's positions may change, first up is Moussa Dembele and Gareth Bale. Moussa Dembele the lad has surely got to be in for a position change!? ive recently watched Fulham over the weeks and Dembele has been playing in a more central midfield role, either holding or attacking from deep. he is currently Fwd/Wing, what are your thoughts on his positions in the upcoming review? Rated: 88 > 88 Position: Fwd/Wing > AM/CM (?) Gareth Bale i think we all know about Gareth Bale now, transformed from a flying fullback to a dynamic and technically gifted playmaker. his current Wing/LB isnt going to be that for much longer. this one is a no-brainer, has been playing on occasions down the middle behind the striker and has been very effective. Rating: 91 > 91/92 Positon: Wing/LB > Wing/AM please also add you players who may get positional changes too.
  6. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12. any corrrections needed here, i posted this on the thread a while ago.. update on Saido Berahino: Loan was cut short and returned to WBA for personal reasons, should hopefully still get a rise if he gets reviewed.
  7. Re: will Suarez rise to 93? my bad, last time i looked Juve were top :')
  8. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12. Moussa Dembele will be in for a position change. not to sure to what though, he has been playing in middle of midfield recently, id go for AM/Fwd or AM/CM. slight chance of MID because of playing in numerous positions including out wide. very difficult to predict this one!
  9. Re: zanetti to drop? he wont stay.
  10. Re: Luis Muriel,the new Alexis Sanchez? i agree, very skillful player.. we will have to see if he can cut it at Udinese, otherwise if they keep loaning him out then he clearly cant be rated that highly at the club. great prospect though.
  11. Re: will Suarez rise to 93? i wouldnt swap him for Robinho.. Robben would make more sense, however Suarez wont stay at Liverpool for too long, he has 93+ potential still, just not at Liverpool yet as they arent in the CL... so they answer to your question is no he wont rise at all.
  12. Re: Song and Fernando Llorente they are both 70/30 chance in favour of getting their +1.
  13. Re: 90+ cb agree with all the below, Sakho will eventually get his 91.
  14. Re: tracking TOP Risers arr a fellow west brom fan! El Sharaawy 84 > 86 Fabio Borini 83 > 86/85 Matija Nastasic 80 > 83/85 Cristian Tello 82 > 85/84 Isaac Cuenca 84 > 85/86 Alcaron Isco 85 > 87/88 Inigo Martinez 83 > 85/86 Ryo Miyaichi 80 > 83/84 John Guidetti 81 > 85/86 Adam Maher 83 > 85/86 Mateo Kovacic 75 > 80/83 Chris Smalling 88 > 89 Micah Richards 90 > 91 Joe Hart 91 > 92/91 Alexis Sanchez 91 > 92/91 Marek Hamsik 91 > 92/91 Lavezzi 91 > 92 Edison Cavani 91 > 92 here's a start anyways.
  15. Re: Risers from Italy/Spain/England Jetro Willems
  16. Re: umtiti/zouma has to be zouma right now.
  17. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12. i wouldnt be surprised if he rised, but i dont think he will get it tbh. more likely to rise after Euro's or next season. even with a quality striker they wouldnt be that much better... they are in the situation they are in because they cant defend at all. they deserve to go down EXCEPT for their late run of decent results.
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