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  1. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    He won't ever get past his 87 rating.

    yeaa i sold him a while ago, glad i did! it was just his age that put the deal into question because he had time to develop.. at the end of the day he aint going anywhere near the NT so not really worth keeping. brought a few youngsters for him anyways.

    on the subject of CL last night, does anyone reckon there will be any rises from Chelsea and Bayern Munich if they win in the final?

    bearing in mind that also Chelsea are playing for the FA Cup too.

    leave your comments, cheers!

  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    RDM got it spot on. Fair play to him. Torres played well' date=' so did Ramires and Ferreira also had a good game, along with Mikel and the rest of the team as a collective.


    when i saw Ferreira in the team i thought, oh god here we go again :eek: but RDM pulled of a great result and the ris payed off. he deserves alot of credit soo far and utilising the squad brilliantly.

  3. Re: WestBrom talentSCOUT.

    It's good to see Berahino' date=' Dawson and Thorne making progress. Thorne seems to be steadily rising every 3 months.[/quote']

    they are making great progress at the moment, look set to be apart of West Brom's future for a while i hope. also since starting this thread they have added Scott Allan which ill also do a report on, and Craig Dawson of course.

  4. Re: WestBrom talentSCOUT.

    just found i havent updated this in yonks...

    updated Saido Berahino who is now looking to live up to his potential.

    Played for Northampton earlier this season and played 14 games and scored 6 goals, accumulating 1252 minutes.

    now CURRENTLY playing for Brentford in League one and has already played 8 games and scored 4 goals.

  5. Re: CM/AM/Wing - who to sell?

    I have too many players in these positions and could so with selling to reduce wages. Will be waiting till after the ratings changes obviously' date=' but who out of these would you sell from each position? If possible, can you provide reasons as to why you'd sell? Many thanks. :)


    Xabi Alonso (94)

    Alex Song (91)

    Arturo Vidal (91)

    Nuri Sahin (91)

    Javi Martinez (90)

    Jack Wilshere (89)

    Luis Gustavo (89)

    Axel Witsel (89)

    Sven Bender (89)

    Jordan Henderson (88)

    Kevin Strootman (88)

    Lars Bender (87)

    Carlos Casemiro (86)

    David Alaba (86)

    Granit Xhaka (85)


    Thomas Muller (92)

    Marek Hamsik (91)

    Javier Pastore (90)

    Paulo Henrique Ganso (89)

    Shinji Kagawa (88)

    Christian Eriksen (88)

    Douglas Costa (88)

    Ander Herrera (88)

    Adem Ljajic (87)

    Ilkay Gundogan (87)

    Rodrigues Lucas (87)

    Erik Lamela (86)

    Alcantara Thiago (86)

    Zakaria Labyad (83)

    Julian Draxler (80)

    Juan Iturbe (80)


    Rodriguez Pedro (93)

    Juan Mata (91)

    Yao Kouassi Gervinho (90)

    Kevin Grosskreutz (89)

    Sidney Sam (89)

    Andre Schurrle (89)

    Andre Ayew (89)

    Xherdan Shaqiri (88)

    Marco Reus (88)

    Iker Muniain (88)

    Dries Mertens (88)

    Lewis Holtby (88)

    James Rodriguez (87)

    Ricardo Alvarez (85)

    Giorgi Chanturia (83)

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (70)

    As you can see, far too many players! :P

    the players BOLD you must keep, they have great futures.

    the players UNDERLINED i think you should sell, some will rise abit more but they wont be superstars.

    players that i have left are good squad players that you can keep, you should consider putting quite a few of your players on loan.. especially if your in a competitive league. they will surely want half of those players on loan!

  6. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    lovren picked up a bad knee injury in november i think. knee ligaments or something like that. was out for a while. not sure he will go to 90 this season' date=' chance in review after upcoming i suppose. personally id keep hold for now just to see. still young and will improve. other factors being always linked with a move away from lyon and euro 2012. croatia could shock everybody this summer and qualify from group c.[/quote']

    hmm ill see how the next two reviews go, but as he is young i suppose he has abit of time to establish himself.

    Another possibility guys...

    the chances of Thiago Silva being rated 95 by the end of the season..

    i think his chances are out evens. considering AC Milan are still in the hunt for the Seria A title and CL then he can make it.

    If he doesnt rise anytime soon, he isnt far off.. the defenfer ooz's quality and has been linked to Manchester City and Barcelona over the season.

    Add your thoughts...

  7. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    he never really was fit. this season has been terrible healthwise to him. too bad' date=' i really like him[/quote']

    i know, he was immense at Bordeux and ever since he joined lyon he has seemed to have come to a halt. he might be able to recover his form and fitness elsewhere :rolleyes:

  8. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    the ligue 1 website news said like a month ago that Gourcuff is in a race against time to even be in the Euros

    i know, thats why i said 'i doubt tbh' .. personally i think he will drop at some point, even when he was fit during the season he was on the bench for most games.

  9. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    Great thread Elo. Question' date=' Gourcuff wont be dropping any time soon right ? After the coming rating change.[/quote']

    if he doesnt drop these changes then his chances will increase in next reviews. however, he will keep his rating if he gets alot of minutes for france in the Euros, which i doubt tbh.

  10. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    heres my take on gaspar. doubt he will go beyond 87 this season. got 2 scenarios if you wana hold onto him' date=' would still make a good backup RB in a SM team till next season in real life.

    -gaspar leaves villarreal in the summer transfer window to a superior club which i doubt will happen. if he does will mostly play as a squad player.

    -gaspar stays at villarreal. becomes the outright no.1 choice fullback at them but no european football to improve the chances of a good increase.

    either way youl have to wait till december 2012 to see him have a rating increase. ages away...

    personally i dont see him going beyond 89 at present club for some time. just dont think villarreal will win anything for a while. id sell whilst stock i quite high (being under 21) and invest in another young fullback who will improve[/quote']

    cheers, good analysis and i do have alot of fullbacks in my youth systems anyways...

    same goes for Lovren guys, not sure if he is worth keeping? dont think he has played much for Lyon this season.

  11. Re: Jairo Samperio Bustara

    The lad should be in for a small rise, due to Racing's season struggling down the bottom will effect his rating abit. However he has only one goal to his name too, it is most likely he will get 80/82.

    the lad has played 836 mins which isnt too bad, a think a +2/3 rise is fair enough.

    personally, if Racing get relegated it should help Jairo's development significantly. his name will be one of the first names on the teamsheet, getting more game time will only help, plus scoring more goals and assists will aid his development for such a young lad. Even if Racing dont come back up the lad will get picked up by another team, the kid has some talents.

  12. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    been a while since ive been on, luckily havent missed much! big leagues arent currently gettting reviewed which is great news.

    just to through up some names that are must buys in these changes are:

    Banana Yaya: 75 - 78/82 (depending on what SM take into account)

    Matija Nastasic - 80 - 84/85

    Jetro Willems - 80 - 83/84

    John Guidetti - 81 - 85/86

    feel free to add more.

  13. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    As for the Gourcuff ' date=' the season is not finished, and will not be so even when these ratings have gone through ... He'll drop after the season if anything.[/center']

    yeaa fair point, however he doesnt look in favour at all. when he is fit he usually makes the bench. i get the impression he is well liked by the owners and the board, but the management team clearly arent too impressed.

    i agree with sirmarkhughes tbh, although if he doesnt drop in these ratings then it will surely be the next ones!

    any word on Lovren guys? i havent watched him at all recently, still worth keeping.. he's like 5/6th defender in most of my squads.

  14. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    good ratings and like the way you set it out guys..

    but how does Lovren deserve a +1 when he hasnt played much this season? and i would of thought Gourcuff is definatly in for -1! even when he is fit he still only makes the benchf for most games.

  15. Re: Jairo Samperio Bustara

    Was simply sensational from the subs bench v Valencia a week ago' date=' it's a shame he was out injured for a few months but he's slowly being given more time, and showed it recently skipping past Mathieu to send in an inviting cross for Bernardo to power home.

    He's fearless in his play now, was a bit more disciplined under Cuper, but now he's been given a much more free role, and he was causing problems all over the pitch vs Valencia, quick, two footed, exceptional vision, decent shot, built in the style of Sergio Canales, also coming through the same youth ranks as the now Valencia player.

    Rightly so Isco as been getting mentioned a lot this season, he's playing almost regularly for Malaga, but now that Jairo's back fit, we'll see him develop even further with more game time, looks a very good player in the making indeed, so happy i signed him for all my teams at the start of the season.[/quote']

    quality pal, i mentioned this fella quite a while ago and ive kept an eye on things in La Liga. Good job he is fit now and getting run in the games. He looked uncomfortable and restricted when he used to play out wide, like you said in a more free role he is causing problems. Bernardo and Jairo look great players for the future if they continue their development at this rapid pace.

  16. Re: Barclays Premier League Change in ratings!!

    LOL these are so ambitious mate I'm not even sure if you're being serious... it will look more like this:

    Tim Krul 85 - 87

    Yakubu 87 - 87

    Drogba 95 - 94

    Lampard 94 - 94

    Anelka 92 - 91

    Hernandez 90 - 90

    Walker 87 - 88/89

    Ba 88 - 89

    Van Persie 93 - 94

    Barton 87 - 87

    Bentner 89 - 88

    Sinclair 85 - 86

    Graham 85 - 85/86

    Vorm 87 - 87

    Walters 85 - 86

    Adam 88 - 89

    Larson 87 - 87

    Brown 88 - 88/87

    Alex 91 - 91/90

    Hennesy 86 - 86

    Gordon 88 - 88/87

    Carrick 92 - 92

    you pretty much copied my predictions, i got some wrong with lampard .. i was in a rush a guessed he was 93 :o but lampard will stay for definate.

    your predictions are as good as mine haha :rolleyes:

  17. Re: Barclays Premier League Change in ratings!!

    Hi these are the new rating changes post back more!

    Tim Krul 85 - 87

    Yakubu 87 - 87

    Drogba 95 - 95

    Lampard 93 - 93

    Anelka 92 - 91

    Hernandez 90 - 90

    Walker 87 - 89/88

    Ba 88 - 89

    Van Persie 93 - 94

    Barton 87 - 87

    Bentner 89 - 89

    Sinclair 85 - 86/87

    Graham 85 - 86

    Vorm 87 - 87

    Walters 86 - 86/87

    Adam 89 - 89

    Larson 87 - 87

    Brown 88 - 88

    Alex 91 - 91/90

    Hennesy 86 - 86/87

    Gordan 88 - 88/87

    Carrick 92 - 92/91

    i think your predictions are incredibly ambitious, i have altered them and added a few that i know.

    Yaya Toure 92 - 93

    Micah Richards 89 - 90

    David Silva 93 - 94/93

    Vincent Kompany 92 - 93/92

    Joe Hart 91 - 92

    Mario Balotelli 89 - 90

    Chris Smalling 87 - 88/89

    Phil Jones 87 - 88/89

    Tom Cleverly 86 - 87/88

    David De Gea 89 - 89

    Wayne Rooney 95 - 95

    Dimitar Berbatov 93 - 92

    Craig Dawson - 78 - 80/82

    Shane Long 83 - 85/86

    Jack Rodwell - 87 - 88

    Vellios 77 - 80/81

    There are plenty more, just stated a few obvious ones for you.

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