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  1. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    He won't ever get past his 87 rating.

    yeaa i sold him a while ago, glad i did! it was just his age that put the deal into question because he had time to develop.. at the end of the day he aint going anywhere near the NT so not really worth keeping. brought a few youngsters for him anyways.

    on the subject of CL last night, does anyone reckon there will be any rises from Chelsea and Bayern Munich if they win in the final?

    bearing in mind that also Chelsea are playing for the FA Cup too.

    leave your comments, cheers!

  2. Re: Cambiasso, downhill from here?

    Yeah' date=' I'm the one giving away lavezzi and aurier in the proposed deal[/quote']

    no definatly keep Lavezzi and Aurier, who by the way will probably France's future RB/LB .. big future ahead of him.

    i personally think Lavezzi will reach 93 and no higher, you need to be a goal machine to be 94 and even Mario Gomez is struggling right now to achieve that.

    Cambiasso is a player avoid for the moment, best player at Inter, but there are better prospects you should look at ie, Javi Martinez, M'Vila etc.

  3. Re: Position DEBATE.


    Moussa Dembele got his rating change that i predicted.

    My prediction: AM/CM

    SM outcome: AM/Wing

    i havent seen him too much on the wing yet for Fulham however it probably fits him better as he isnt an out-and-out midfielder.

    Gareth Bale did not get a rating change, which is a huge disappointment.

    My prediction: Wing/AM

    SM outcome: Wing/LB (same as before)

    Also only just noticed Karim Benzema has been changed to Fwd/Wing which has aided me in many of my teams to play him across the front 3 :D

  4. Re: Branislav Ivanovic

    Fans' Player of the season last season & arguably Chelsea's best player this season behind Mata yet I seriously doubt he'll rise to 93. If you look around the premiership there's only 6 defenders rated 93 or above and looking at league form this season you'd have to say:

    (Not counting Vidic because of injury)

    Patrice Evra < Ivanovic

    Ashley Cole < Ivanovic

    Kompany > Ivanovic

    John Terry < Ivanovic (debatable)

    Rio Ferdinand < Ivanovic (debatable but again I'd be tempted to say Ivanovic has been better this season)

    and if you look at the Chelsea squad there's 7 players rated 93 or above' date=' these players are the core of the team. Ivanovic had a somewhat shaky start to the season being in and out of the team and playing centre back but in the last few months he has certainly established himself as one of Chelsea's core players; his rating should reflect that

    (Ashley Cole and John Terry I've already stated)

    Essien < Ivanovic

    Drogba = Ivanovic hard to compare them really but again I'd be tempted to say Ivanovic has been superior this season

    Lampard > Ivanovic (debatable)

    Torres < Ivanovic

    Cech = Ivanovic again hard to compare them really

    Although they're struggling domestically with Chelsea in the semi finals of the Champions League it is hard to say why Ivanovic (arguably their second best player) won't rise. I think the 93 rating is reserved for players that are very important to their team & unlike previous seasons Ivanovic has become that. The national team doesn't do Ivanovic's rating any favours but this should not restrict him to 92.

    In a not very convincing conclusion I'm going to stick my neck out and say that Ivanovic SHOULD rise to 93 but I doubt he will. (In fact John Terry and Ashley Cole dropping is more likely and would be somewhat justice) I fear Ivanovic is one of those players continually underrated by SM and has unjustly peaked at 92.[/quote']

    some really good points there pal, not if your a Chelsea fan but i personally think he is one of the better players there ;)

    i wish he would rise, but like you said its more likely that ashley cole and john terry will drop to even it out a little more.

  5. Re: lavezzi

    could he hit 93 within a year?

    i think 92 suits him.. for him to reach 93 Napoli would have to win Seria A and another cup next year, with him being the main the man.

    i wouldnt bet on it.

  6. Re: Position DEBATE.

    Completely true' date=' when's the last time Gareth Bale even actually played in the back for Tottenham?[/quote']

    im not too sure if he has all season tbh, he offers good cover for LB though. however he has played in a more central position in some games and thats why i think he might get a Wing/AM

    Valencia: Wing/RB -> Wing

    Valencia will keep his RB position, when Rafael is injured he will normally cover and has played there many times this season.

    van persie- does he ever play wing?

    thats a great shout, i never noticed that one.. that one does surprise me that he is still a winger, im not too sure if he has ever played out wide.. not in the last two seasons anyways.

    put it this way, if he loses his Wing position then dont be surprised!

  7. Re: Mertesacker

    Does anyone have any predictions about his rating? I think it should stay.

    Also Daniel Sturridge' date=' some one said a rise to 91, but what do you guys think? 90 more realistic?[/quote']

    daniel sturridge will definatly not get 91, he isnt good enough to get that yet.

  8. Re: mertesacker, muller dzeko, hernandez

    morning chaps.

    just wandering if i can get some predictions or thoughts on the above mentioned and what we believe they will rise to if any' date=' not to sure on dzeko wether he will drop, certainly hernandez merits an increase, in my opinion i believe he merits an 92, partly because he was unfortunate in the last round of reviews

    any thoughts on muller and mertesacker??[/quote']

    they will all stay in the next reviews, except for Mertesacker.

    Dzeko has done enough to keep his rating for the moment, especially that Pato has kept his at Milan.. as for Muller, his review has already passed and looks a safe 93 and wont rise anytime soon. Hernandez is a great little player, but he is always used as an impact sub so he will always struggle to nail down a definate rise. i think he will stay in the next changes.

    finally Per will probably drop to 91, he is currently injured but before that Arsenal did look abit wobbly at times with him at the back, they now look more solid with the great form of Koscielny and his CB partner Vermy.

  9. Lets get talking about Positional changes for your players, will it affect your players and your team's tactics? find out here as we debate on players who's positions may change, first up is Moussa Dembele and Gareth Bale.

    Moussa Dembele

    the lad has surely got to be in for a position change!? ive recently watched Fulham over the weeks and Dembele has been playing in a more central midfield role, either holding or attacking from deep.

    he is currently Fwd/Wing, what are your thoughts on his positions in the upcoming review?

    Rated: 88 > 88

    Position: Fwd/Wing > AM/CM (?)

    Gareth Bale

    i think we all know about Gareth Bale now, transformed from a flying fullback to a dynamic and technically gifted playmaker. his current Wing/LB isnt going to be that for much longer.

    this one is a no-brainer, has been playing on occasions down the middle behind the striker and has been very effective.

    Rating: 91 > 91/92

    Positon: Wing/LB > Wing/AM

    please also add you players who may get positional changes too.

  10. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

    good thread' date=' i love the setup with small explainations underneath! anyways just a slight problem, some predictions are getting confusing with next reviews and end of season reviews. i'd personally do just the next ratings and then its slightly easier to understand. however saying all that i still love the thread so keep up the good work.

    since you havent done West Bromwich Albion yet i thought id do the ratings for them and then you can adjust to liking afterwards.

    [center']Ben Foster 88 - 88

    Marton Fulop 85 - 85

    Luke Daniels 77 - 77/79

    Ben Foster has been in decent form of late but isnt good enough to reach 89 this season. Luke Daniels has had some games on loan this season in the lower leagues, he may get a small rise due to this.

    Nicky Shorey 86 - 86

    Steven Reid 86 - 86

    Billy Jones 83 - 84/85

    James Hurst 77 - 79/80

    Liam Ridgewell 87 - 87

    Jonas Olsson 86 - 86/87

    Gareth McAuley 85 - 86

    Gabriel Tamas 86 - 85/86

    Craig Dawson 80 - 80

    Billy Jones is starting to become a real bargain this season and will gain alot of minutes towards the end of the season due to first choice RB Steven Reid is out injured, at the end of the season Jones can reach 85/86, but for now he should rise to 84. McAuley has been a real snap too, he should be rated the same as Olsson as they are both as important as each other, but Olsson might just edge it. McAuley might get an 87 at the end of the season (to match Olsson).

    Graham Dorrans 85 - 85

    Keith Andrews 85 - 85/86

    Sam Mantom 75 - 77/78

    Paul Scharner 87 - 87

    Youssouf Mulumbu 87 - 87

    James Morrison 86 - 87

    Zoltan Gera 86 - 86

    Chris Brunt 87 - 87

    Somen Tchoyi 86 - 86/85

    Jerome Thomas 86 - 86

    George Thorne 78 - 80/82

    Scott Allan 76 - 78

    Sam Mantom looks a good prospect on loan at Walsall, because of his minutes of late he might get a small rise, if not now then definatly at the end of the season. James Morrison deserves an 88 and thats not being biased at all, he has been superb but i think 87 is fair. Thorne and Allan are getting plenty of minutes at struggling Portsmouth.

    Peter Odemwingie 88 - 88

    Simon Cox 85 - 85/84

    Shane Long 86 - 87

    Marc-Antoine Fortune 85 - 86/87

    Saido Berahino 75 - 77/78

    Chris Wood 82 - 82/83

    Shane Long has been injured of late but at the end of the season i see him reaching 87, plus his chances of getting in the Ireland squad for the Euros are looking good. Fortune has been the pinacle of WBA's attack recently, must be in for a small rise. Finally Berahino is one to watch in the future, currently on loan at Brentford has scored some important goals including two crackers on his debut. Should be in for a small rise, if not now then the end of the season.


    Players in italic are on Loan

    In for a rise next/end of season review

    Small chance of rise in next/end of season review

    Blacks are non-movers

    will drop next/end of season review

    hope this helps guys


    any corrrections needed here, i posted this on the thread a while ago..

    update on Saido Berahino: Loan was cut short and returned to WBA for personal reasons, should hopefully still get a rise if he gets reviewed.

  11. Re: will Suarez rise to 93?

    Biancoo the title is far from being Juve's yet. Milan are ahead so far in the table and the fixtures for both clubs are easy so I'd say both clubs have a good chance but Milan have the advantage.

    my bad, last time i looked Juve were top :')

  12. Re: will Suarez rise to 93?

    So if he's not going to rise and if I can't get Robben is someone like Robinho not worth buying over Suarez? 93' date=' playing CL and winning titles in Italy?

    When Suarez does move he still wont go to a massive club. He'll end up at a PSG or somewhere like that.[/quote']

    fair point about Robinho playing in CL and winning titles, however its Juve's for the taking this year in Seria A, also Robinho isnt the main man at Milan.. i just dont think he is good enough to keep his 93 rating for another 2 years, as Suarez is a better long term option.

  13. Re: 90+ cb

    sakho should get it but last night didn't played...

    and if ranieri keeps him benched he will not get it:P

    on the other hand if howedes will be starter in germany set up as RB or CB he will be a 91' date='

    because imo Germany has the strongest squad.

    and i'm not biased cause i'm dutch:P[/quote']

    howedes isnt that good to be 91 i dont think, also even if he did play for germany his club form wouldnt back him brilliantly.

    also its Carlo Ancelotti thats the manager of PSG not Claudio Ranieri haha!

  14. Re: Luis Muriel,the new Alexis Sanchez?

    He is Udineze player' date='20 years old,right now on loan at Lecce,in this seria A season he scored 5 goals and made 4 asists,we all know that Udineze have amazing scouts for South America countries,so could he be good as Alexis in next season when he will probably be back to Udineze:confused:


    I have a good feeling about this guy future.

    i agree, very skillful player.. we will have to see if he can cut it at Udinese, otherwise if they keep loaning him out then he clearly cant be rated that highly at the club.

    great prospect though.

  15. Re: will Suarez rise to 93?

    Do we think Suarez will ever get to 93? I'm looking at swapping him for a 93+ rated player like Robinho or Robben.liverpool aren't that good and won't be in the Champions league for many years to come and I really don't like him since the whole racism thing and don't actually think he's that good either! Your thoughts?

    i wouldnt swap him for Robinho.. Robben would make more sense, however Suarez wont stay at Liverpool for too long, he has 93+ potential still, just not at Liverpool yet as they arent in the CL... so they answer to your question is no he wont rise at all.

  16. Re: tracking TOP Risers

    arr a fellow west brom fan!

    El Sharaawy 84 > 86

    Fabio Borini 83 > 86/85

    Matija Nastasic 80 > 83/85

    Cristian Tello 82 > 85/84

    Isaac Cuenca 84 > 85/86

    Alcaron Isco 85 > 87/88

    Inigo Martinez 83 > 85/86

    Ryo Miyaichi 80 > 83/84

    John Guidetti 81 > 85/86

    Adam Maher 83 > 85/86

    Mateo Kovacic 75 > 80/83

    Chris Smalling 88 > 89

    Micah Richards 90 > 91

    Joe Hart 91 > 92/91

    Alexis Sanchez 91 > 92/91

    Marek Hamsik 91 > 92/91

    Lavezzi 91 > 92

    Edison Cavani 91 > 92

    here's a start anyways.

  17. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

    No' date=' he is better than the awful Djourou, but then many players in Championship and League 1 are too. Koscielny had a poor start to the season, together with his club. Recently Arsenal and he have fared much better, but they haven t won anything and the season is not over. To make 91, he needs to continue his good form until November.

    For now Djourou should be 88 or 87, Koscielny should go up to 90.[/quote']

    Koscielny will rise to 90 in these changes, 91 could be a very very small chance at the end of the season. however if he got minutes for France in the Euro's then his chances would increase.

    I don't think he'll rise this time, but certainly next time. Everyone seems to think he'll rise now though.

    i wouldnt be surprised if he rised, but i dont think he will get it tbh. more likely to rise after Euro's or next season.

    I agree with the previous comment on Wigan, if they had a good striker (which they can't get because they have NO funds) they would easily be mid-table. Yes they've been in a relegation fight for the last few years, but could you really see it any differently with the team they have?? they're performing well against comparative big-named sides, if they stay up again Martinez deserves a medal

    even with a quality striker they wouldnt be that much better... they are in the situation they are in because they cant defend at all. they deserve to go down EXCEPT for their late run of decent results.

  18. Re: Who's better

    1. Song no doubt' date=' yes he will, he's played there a few times this season

    2. Both not the best talents out there, but i'd prefer Schurrle, Walcott has horrible crossing and finishing abilities

    3. Probably Luiz, Dzeko is warming the City bench and Luiz, despite his shaky start, has been putting in some good performances lately. Keep it up and i can see him getting +1 next changes. Dzeko needs a move away from Manchester

    Vidal - Doubt he'll keep his def pos for long though. He may get a rise if Juve finish high up.[/quote']

    i will back up everythink drink has said..

    definatly go for Alex Song as he will rise soon, plus he doesnt look in any danger of losing a place in the Arsenal team that look to have CL football again next year which will aid him keeping his rating.

    Schurrle is your better option, Walcott is still really inconsistent. SM like players to be consistent throughout a season for them to rise higher, plus Walcott isnt good enough to rise anyways.

    finally go David Luiz, he is getting plenty of minutes at Chelsea, has potential to play in a number of positions too. will eventually rise to 91 in the next 6months.

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