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  1. Re: WestBrom talentSCOUT.

    Sam Mantom



    Age: 20

    Nationality: English

    Position: Midfeilder

    Left Footed

    Similar to Aaron Ramsey

    Sam Mantom has suddenly hit the stage of the Football League. For most of the season he has been playing well for a West Brom Reserve side near the top of the table, however he has now living up to his potential and plying his trade in League One with Walsall.

    The Stourbridge born midfielder is left footed and similar to the likes of Aaron Ramsey in the way that he plays simple passes but likes to push on from midfield and score goals.

    He is currently at Walsall and has played every minute since he joined a couple of months ago. Playing 6 games and scoring two goals has aided Walsall to steer clear of relegation.

    Potential and Future

    Sam Mantom is highly regarded at West Brom and maybe another season on loan could enhance his development. One thing that is holding him back is that he hasnt played week in week out footbal for a whole season yet, after having spells at different clubs over the years. This may have hindered his development as he is already 20 years old.

    Age isnt an issue, he will be again training with the first team at West Brom in pre-season and will look to get minutes for the first team. His only problem is that Scott Allan and George Thorne are currently ahead of him who also play in midfield roles.

    Still one lad to keep an eye on in the lower leagues.


  2. Here ive started a thread all about West Bromwich Albion's future prospects. The baggies are regarded to have a very good youth system and many of late have come through the ranks and either performed well for them or moved on to have decent careers. Chris Woods looks the most promising of all prospects soo far from last season.

    However ill be searching deeper into the youth ranks where alot currently perform for the England national team in their respective age groups etc.

    First up is..

    Saido Berahino

    Nationality: English

    Age: 18

    Position: Forward

    Club: West Bromwich Albion

    DB: rated 75


    .Berahino is third from the left, scoring for the England under-17s against Turkey.


    This young forward has definetly been rated one of England's future hits for a while now. The English pacey Berahino is one of many that are coming up and out of the Albion's acadamy and into the reserves, alongside Sam Mantom and George Thorne (both on DB).

    Saido has not appeared for the first team and seems along way off it aswell. But he pure pace and ability on the ball is deadly to give too much time. He is deadly from free-kicks aswell chasing the ball and holding it up. It is debate-able if he will follow in Chris Woods footsteps, however being a much smaller player he could find it hard to play against stronger defenders.

    His record in the England setup is remarkable, scoring on 9 occosians in 10 appearances is no mockerary. He doesnt deserve to be on the database but depending on West Brom's future FA cup ties in the next couple of years im sure he could make an appearance.

    He almost joined Wolves when he was 16, however he rejected a move and stayed at West Brom. As a result he has performed well and is progressing under Reserves coach Paul Downing.

    Keep your eyes on this lad for the next couple of years.

    Stats (Club/Country)


    Under-16s - Played 4, Won 3, Scored 3

    Under-17s - Played 12, Won 7, Scored 6!

    West Brom U18s 2010/2011

    Appearances - 10 (all games)

    Scored - 9 (scored every game except 2)

    Reserves 2010/2011

    Appearances - 4 (2 starts)

    Scored - 1

    UPDATE: 28th March 2012

    Played for Northampton earlier this season and played 14 games and scored 6 goals, accumulating 1252 minutes.

    now CURRENTLY playing for Brentford in League one and has already played 8 games and scored 4 goals.

  3. I could buy him for one of my setups for only £9.6 million (ManCity, external club) which doesnt seem bad for a young centre-back in a decent side like City.

    With him starting majority of the games this season any chance he will rise? I need a good centre half however alot of good defenders have been taken and Kompany only looks like the best option i can buy.

    Worth a gamble? :)

  4. Re: Javi Martinez & Hamsik are available--should i buy?

    Celtic who have these players is unmanaged and above players are available at 14.5m & 16.3m respectively.

    Also it has Westermann at 12.6m' date=' Luis fernandinho for 11.7m, and Nilmar at 11.2m.

    My Current team can do without these players, though i just have Chamakh & Milevskiy(this guy scored 28goals & 15assist in division 2 for me.) as CF, so can Nilmar rise?

    My defence can do with a DEF which is Westerman's position on SM, will he rise or any chance of him in German national team.

    hmm, i would suggest buying Javi Martinez because he will one day a future Spain NT starter and depending if he ever moves he could be a 93.. a great prospect. Hamsik is quality too but it depends if the reports are true that he wants to move to United. Both will go up again one day, but i think Martinez is more potential, simply because he is spanish.

    i cant chooose between the two because i love em both! ;)

    i doubt nilmar will rise, but chamakh will hopefully to 91. Also Westerman is on the fringes of the national team, but because he is young he does a chance of being a starter one day, friederich doesnt have much time left. I'd give it two seasons and he could be a Germany starterr. :rolleyes:

  5. Re: Simon KJAER

    too good young cheap defenders with big futures are Alvaro Dominguez and Toby Alderweireld. Both currently 87 but in for good rises to 89.

    You can buy both roughly just over 10-11 million depending on what clubs their at, :P

  6. Re: The Next 91-94 Rated Defenders.

    cheeers guysss, ranocchia is acee.. defiently going to be an 88 but im hoping more because he is better than Bonucci, i watched Bonucci play against Man City in the Europa league match and to be honest he wasnt that impressive at all, Ranocchia will be huge if he starts playing for Inter, although will he get into the starting line up alongside Lucio?

    I should think soo, italy look to have a rising star and future first team regular in the national team.. :D

  7. Re: The Next 91-94 Rated Defenders.

    cheeersss guys somee good names popping up, i was thinking about kjaer but he has to be amazing to go up, and he just aint there yet to earn a rise. Im more likely going for hummels if i can get him, (havent looked yet) or david luiz.

    Any good risers in the future that will earn 5+

    i know of schmiedabach from hannover is going up +4/+5. Let us know on anymore and also your opinions still on the next 91-94 rated defenders in the next big league reveiws, :D

  8. Re: Eden Hazard or Alexis Sanchez

    I cant decide myself betweeen thesee twoo, however if Udinese carry on their poor form and finish low in the table, then a move for Sanchez could be in the clear, there he will be able to gain his max potential depending on his move..

    I reckon wait to see how Udinese doo, rumours through January transfer window and consider it after thenn, thats if your not in a hurry ;)

    im sure a manager in your setup would be interested in them soo dont take too long :P

  9. Heyy guys, need help on who will be the next 91+ defender after the next big league rating changes!?

    i need a quality young centre half who can play alongside Gerard Pique who will rise to 94 > 95/96.

    I knoww of Thiago Silva who will rise to 92, but i already have him,

    defenders i already have are..

    . Badstuber,

    . Bonucci,

    . Ranocchia,

    . Boateng,

    . Pique,

    . Sakho,

    . Kosceilny,

    . Tasci,

    . Raul Albiol,

    Your probably thinking i dont need anymore, but im just checking to see the next up coming defender who will be around 93. Im basically finding someone to replace Raul Albiol. :P

  10. Re: They Will go up level..

    Goalkeepers-> De Gea..(87)....( 89 )..roughly..-Muslera..(87)....

    ( 89 )..roughly..

    Viviano..(87)....( 88 )..roughly..

    Defenders-> Bonucci..(88)....( 90 )..roughly..-Pique..(94)....( 95 )..roughly..-

    Ranocchia..(86)....( 88 )..roughly..-T.Silva..(91)....( 93 )..roughly..

    Midfielders-> Coutinho..(78)....( 85 )..roughly..-Mariga..(87)...( 89 )..roughly..

    Nani..(90)....( 92 )..roughly..-Busquets..(91)....( 93 )..roughly..-Kroos..(89)....( 90 )..roughly..-Ozil..(91)....( 93 )..roughly..-Khedira..(90)..

    ( 91 )..roughly..-Schweinstiger..(93)....( 94 )..roughly..-Krasic..(90)....

    ( 92 )..roughly..-Di Maria..(90)....( 92 )..roughly..

    Forward's-> Biabiany..(86)....( 88 )..roughly..-R.Pedro..(90)....

    ( 92 )..roughly..-Muller..(88)....( 91 )..roughly..-Hernandes..(86)....

    ( 88 )..roughly..-G.Higuain..(94)....( 95 )..roughly..-Tevez..(93)....

    ( 94 )..roughly..-Pato..(92)....( 93 )..roughly..-F.Llorente..(90)....

    ( 91 )..roughly..


    De Gea..87 > 89

    Muslera..87 > 89/88

    Viviano..87 > 88


    Bonucci .. 88 > 90/89

    Pique.. 94 > 95

    Ranocchia.. 86 > 88

    T.Silva.. 91 > 92


    Coutinho.. 78 > 83/84

    Mariga.. 87 > 87/88

    Nani.. 90 > 91

    Busquets.. 91 > 92

    Kroos.. 89 .> 90

    Ozil.. 91 > 92

    Khedira.. 90 > 91

    Schweinstiger.. 93 > 93/94

    Krasic.. 90 > 91

    Di Maria.. 90 > 91


    Biabiany.. 86 > 88

    R.Pedro.. 90 > 91

    Muller.. 88 > 90

    Hernandes.. 86 > 88

    G.Higuain.. 94 > 94

    Tevez.. 93 > 93

    Pato.. 92 > 93

    F.Llorente.. 90 > 91

    not too sure on tevez, higuain or pato. but i wouldnt be surprised if they did rise one.

    i thought your were a lil genorous, so here are my opinions. :D

  11. Re: Sell Masch, Buy Schweiny?

    Both are quality players but ultimately this comes down to the type of player you want' date=' as Masch is one of the best DM's in the game whereas Schweiny has the potential to be one of the best CM's.

    IMO Masch is not going to be a regular for Barca this year as he's going to find it difficult ot nail down a starting spot in THAT midfield, so he may well just stay at 94 whereas Schweiny is one of the first names on the teamsheet at Bayern and if he keeps scoring in the CL then he will more than likely rise to 94 soon.

    However having said that I'd still say this deal needs some serious thought as it all depends on how you are going to set your team up to pla. As you are Barca I'm not certain that Schweiny would suit the 'Tappy tap' style of play being that he's more of a marauding action packed midfielder in the Gerrard mould....but I'd still do it as for me Schweiny is the better player, and seeing as how i've got him in my set up and wouldnt swap him for Mascherano then thats got to be the way forward. :D[/quote']

    hmm i get your point, the extra cash is a big bonus too though! ill play two holding players and schweiny would be one, i havent really developed the squad yet, still unsure on this one though :confused:

  12. Re: Sell Masch, Buy Schweiny?

    I reckon you should sell Mascherano and then use all of that money to buy Isiah Osbourne. You should then do a swap of Messi for Benzema with the Real Madrid manager' date=' and sell Pique to them as well :P[/quote']

    i think not :P but seroiusly i think i should do it because schweiny is pretty ace, plus ill have extra cash from the deal to spend, and hopefully schweiny will rise to 94 too.. he is good enough. B)

  13. Re: nick blackman

    hes been the star of the team this year scoring some vital goals. i would expect a rise of at least 5 for him.

    hmm true, but still early in the season, im just saying wait and see what he stats will be, i wouldnt think everyone will be going mad to buy this lad.. :P

    if he keeeps scoring and playing well, then yeah he will definetly rise 5+, well spotted.

  14. Re: Yo I Need Help With My Team.

    He's only on the verge of the NT because Joachim Löw is a Stuttgart man. If it was on quality' date=' Hummels would walk right ahead of him in the pecking order.[/quote']

    the point is he should keep tasci instead, and sell cannavaro if anyone! Cant take away the fact tasci is a good player, but your probably right the hummels might just edge it ;)

    or get toby alderweireld from ajax? :D anyone know his next rating change!?

  15. Re: nick blackman

    shouldd be in for a rise, but id wait till the scottish ratings come round and see what his stats are like then, sm can be a little harsh on the scots ratings..

    although the football is poor up there compared to englands top two divisions :P

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