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  1. Re: Squad Trimming

    My league is pretty competitive between about 12 clubs that seem to have all the best players' date=' its really down to who signs the next big thing, but money in the bank will help when a good player requests a transfer or someone leaves a club.

    I don't think I'm desperate for a replacement for lennon as gotze, schurrle and neymar can all play there anyway and probably have a better chance of rising than lennon so I think 30million for a sub winger is good I think?[/quote']

    id agree, id sell him.. as you said you already have cover with players that have better potential. lennon wont go any higher than he his current 90.

    i will give you a few shouts for you to sign and see if you can buy of them, i wont go for the obvious/big ones. these players will have potential..

    Nicolas Gaitan (Benfica)

    Alacron Isco (Malaga)

    Xherdan Shaqiri (Basel/Bayern)

    Stephan El Shaarawy (AC Milan)

    Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona)

    Ryo Miyaichi (Arsenal/Bolton)

    Rodriguez Jese (Real Madrid)

    Cristian Tello (Barcelona)

    Isaac Cuenca (Barcelona)

    Alcantara Thiago (Barcelona)

    Zakaria Labyad (PSV)

    Jean-Christophe Bahebeck (PSG)

    Jeremy Menez (PSG)

    these are just to start you off, hope this helps.

  2. Re: Squad Trimming

    Johnson is loaned out at the moment so that's not a problem really...yet

    I've sold ranocchia for 16 million now' date=' and just received an offer of 30 million for lennon, should I accept? there's no one I can replace him with yet, but as all ny other wingers are unhappy he hasn't played much anyway

    your thoughts?

    thanks =)[/quote']

    30 million for lennon is pretty good, id accept that offer to be honest, especially if your non-competitive league. DONT sell him though unless you have a decent replacement in mind, if you like chuck some players that could be available and we'll discuss which will be best for you to buy.

  3. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

    When ever i see Seedorf I'm very impressed Strength' date=' tackling and passing.

    Way better than a lot of 91 players i see. More consistent than some 92's.

    Is it because he doesn't play much or something?

    Also has Ilicic going to progress much. Could he get better than a 89 ever?[/quote']

    i think age is one problem, obvoiusly that shouldnt have to be one but SM take it into consideration sometimes. but Seedorf can be abit inconsistent, i think 91 is fair.

  4. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

    James Morrison has been wonderful this season. Truly outstanding. Iv watched quite a few baggies games this season and each time he has impressed me.

    Lovely little player.

    he has been quality' date=' he has some days where he beats himself up if he plays a bad pass but gets on with it and always has that surprise packerpunch shot on him from distance. west brom might find it hard to keep hold of him if any big club comes knocking, although i think he'll stay... good to see him growing into his potential that he had when he was at Middlesborough and first joined west brom.

    Hasn't he just done his cruciates though?

    no he hasnt, it is slight ligament damage but he has a small chance of being fit to play the last few games of the season.

  5. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

    Agree - doubt Neuton will drop either. Munoz is only "at risk of SM" in my eyes due to Palermo's poor season. Wouldn't rush to buy him on the other hand..

    yeaa they are playing pretty badly this season haha! Pastore has clearly left a huge whole in that team aswell.. ohh and definatly agree' date=' dont rush to buy the lad, there alot other players about that have more potential and also getting regular playing time.

    Milito is going down the track and Inter playing bad this season, may go down to 91 instead

    i guess Cavani is going to hit 95 in years time... and so does Suarez...

    wow..... Uruguary in Brazil 2012

    mate did you get excited or something?! lmao

  6. Re: Squad Trimming

    but he's making the England squad these days too' date=' so that has to be taken into account..[/quote']

    he doesnt play that often, he has a few wingers infront of him at the moment in Walcott and Ashley Young, and he is competing with the likes of Stuart Downing, James Milner and soon Oxlade Chamberlain.

    im not saying he is a bad player, just saying his chances of getting 91 are non-existent at the moment.

  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    RDM got it spot on. Fair play to him. Torres played well' date=' so did Ramires and Ferreira also had a good game, along with Mikel and the rest of the team as a collective.


    when i saw Ferreira in the team i thought, oh god here we go again :eek: but RDM pulled of a great result and the ris payed off. he deserves alot of credit soo far and utilising the squad brilliantly.

  8. Re: Squad Trimming

    But i wouldn't be too hasty about sellin Johnson' date=' he will porb leave city in the summer, he is a quality player that can get to 91..[/quote']

    i just think 91 is too high for him, 90 i can understand but not 91. it depends who he leaves to aswell, it will have to be an ambitious team for him to reach 91 .

  9. Re: WestBrom talentSCOUT.

    It's good to see Berahino' date=' Dawson and Thorne making progress. Thorne seems to be steadily rising every 3 months.[/quote']

    they are making great progress at the moment, look set to be apart of West Brom's future for a while i hope. also since starting this thread they have added Scott Allan which ill also do a report on, and Craig Dawson of course.

  10. Re: WestBrom talentSCOUT.

    just found i havent updated this in yonks...

    updated Saido Berahino who is now looking to live up to his potential.

    Played for Northampton earlier this season and played 14 games and scored 6 goals, accumulating 1252 minutes.

    now CURRENTLY playing for Brentford in League one and has already played 8 games and scored 4 goals.

  11. Re: Squad Trimming

    Keep Adam Johnson' date=' he is a really good player..[/quote']

    i wouldnt keep him at all.. the lad is always going to be pushed out at City due to their financial power. also he isnt good enough to be 91, so in my eyes get rid!

    i would also get rid of Aaron Lennon, the lad is a good player, but you invest in better wingers than him. he will also struggle to get playing time next season if spurs decide to add to their squad, which no doubt they will!

    you have players like Gotze to play in wide areas and will only go up up up!

  12. Re: Goalkeeper Stats

    i know quite a few people that get their keepers to take penalties, i dont see whats the problem with it! it does look abit funny when they have scored a goal on there stats..

    i once joined a team and brought Joe Hart from an unmanaged team, he had already scored a goal but the team had only ever one manager at a different time to when Joe Hart scored, i just laughed really.

  13. Re: Squad Trimming

    do you think that alex is worth keeping then? is he playing well now that he has left chelsea?

    i wouldnt keep Alex, im not sure if he is playing much at PSG but he isnt going to ever go above 91. im not sure if he will even reach 91 at PSG, Sakho is there main man at the back.

    i would sell, he isnt getting any younger either! haha.

  14. Re: CM/AM/Wing - who to sell?

    I have too many players in these positions and could so with selling to reduce wages. Will be waiting till after the ratings changes obviously' date=' but who out of these would you sell from each position? If possible, can you provide reasons as to why you'd sell? Many thanks. :)


    Xabi Alonso (94)

    Alex Song (91)

    Arturo Vidal (91)

    Nuri Sahin (91)

    Javi Martinez (90)

    Jack Wilshere (89)

    Luis Gustavo (89)

    Axel Witsel (89)

    Sven Bender (89)

    Jordan Henderson (88)

    Kevin Strootman (88)

    Lars Bender (87)

    Carlos Casemiro (86)

    David Alaba (86)

    Granit Xhaka (85)


    Thomas Muller (92)

    Marek Hamsik (91)

    Javier Pastore (90)

    Paulo Henrique Ganso (89)

    Shinji Kagawa (88)

    Christian Eriksen (88)

    Douglas Costa (88)

    Ander Herrera (88)

    Adem Ljajic (87)

    Ilkay Gundogan (87)

    Rodrigues Lucas (87)

    Erik Lamela (86)

    Alcantara Thiago (86)

    Zakaria Labyad (83)

    Julian Draxler (80)

    Juan Iturbe (80)


    Rodriguez Pedro (93)

    Juan Mata (91)

    Yao Kouassi Gervinho (90)

    Kevin Grosskreutz (89)

    Sidney Sam (89)

    Andre Schurrle (89)

    Andre Ayew (89)

    Xherdan Shaqiri (88)

    Marco Reus (88)

    Iker Muniain (88)

    Dries Mertens (88)

    Lewis Holtby (88)

    James Rodriguez (87)

    Ricardo Alvarez (85)

    Giorgi Chanturia (83)

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (70)

    As you can see, far too many players! :P

    the players BOLD you must keep, they have great futures.

    the players UNDERLINED i think you should sell, some will rise abit more but they wont be superstars.

    players that i have left are good squad players that you can keep, you should consider putting quite a few of your players on loan.. especially if your in a competitive league. they will surely want half of those players on loan!

  15. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

    good thread, i love the setup with small explainations underneath! anyways just a slight problem, some predictions are getting confusing with next reviews and end of season reviews. i'd personally do just the next ratings and then its slightly easier to understand. however saying all that i still love the thread so keep up the good work.

    since you havent done West Bromwich Albion yet i thought id do the ratings for them and then you can adjust to liking afterwards.

    Ben Foster 88 - 88

    Marton Fulop 85 - 85

    Luke Daniels 77 - 77/79

    Ben Foster has been in decent form of late but isnt good enough to reach 89 this season. Luke Daniels has had some games on loan this season in the lower leagues, he may get a small rise due to this.

    Nicky Shorey 86 - 86

    Steven Reid 86 - 86

    Billy Jones 83 - 84/85

    James Hurst 77 - 79/80

    Liam Ridgewell 87 - 87

    Jonas Olsson 86 - 86/87

    Gareth McAuley 85 - 86

    Gabriel Tamas 86 - 85/86

    Craig Dawson 80 - 80

    Billy Jones is starting to become a real bargain this season and will gain alot of minutes towards the end of the season due to first choice RB Steven Reid is out injured, at the end of the season Jones can reach 85/86, but for now he should rise to 84. McAuley has been a real snap too, he should be rated the same as Olsson as they are both as important as each other, but Olsson might just edge it. McAuley might get an 87 at the end of the season (to match Olsson).

    Graham Dorrans 85 - 85

    Keith Andrews 85 - 85/86

    Sam Mantom 75 - 77/78

    Paul Scharner 87 - 87

    Youssouf Mulumbu 87 - 87

    James Morrison 86 - 87

    Zoltan Gera 86 - 86

    Chris Brunt 87 - 87

    Somen Tchoyi 86 - 86/85

    Jerome Thomas 86 - 86

    George Thorne 78 - 80/82

    Scott Allan 76 - 78

    Sam Mantom looks a good prospect on loan at Walsall, because of his minutes of late he might get a small rise, if not now then definatly at the end of the season. James Morrison deserves an 88 and thats not being biased at all, he has been superb but i think 87 is fair. Thorne and Allan are getting plenty of minutes at struggling Portsmouth.

    Peter Odemwingie 88 - 88

    Simon Cox 85 - 85/84

    Shane Long 86 - 87

    Marc-Antoine Fortune 85 - 86/87

    Saido Berahino 75 - 77/78

    Chris Wood 82 - 82/83

    Shane Long has been injured of late but at the end of the season i see him reaching 87, plus his chances of getting in the Ireland squad for the Euros are looking good. Fortune has been the pinacle of WBA's attack recently, must be in for a small rise. Finally Berahino is one to watch in the future, currently on loan at Brentford has scored some important goals including two crackers on his debut. Should be in for a small rise, if not now then the end of the season.

    Players in italic are on Loan

    In for a rise next/end of season review

    Small chance of rise in next/end of season review

    Blacks are non-movers

    will drop next/end of season review

    hope this helps guys


  16. Re: Top 5 midfielders (Statistics)

    This is pretty irrelevant and pointless.

    Stats are limited in telling you about how good a player is or how they are playing is doing.. What stats tell you what a player does off the ball? There is none..

    You might as well say "I'd rather have James Morrison playing for my team than Andres Iniesta"

    /close thread

    agreed! haha.

  17. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

    Cavani not 100% increase ??? :confused:


    - Edinson Cavani rating 91 - 34 Appearances' date=' 24 Goals, 5 Assists ![/b']

    - Diego Milito rating 92 - 30 Appearances, 12 Goals, 2 Assists

    - Mirko Vucinic rating 92 - 24 Appearances, 5 Goals, 7 Assists

    your comparing Cavani with players who will not rise :rolleyes:

    compare Cavani to someone like Alexis Sanchez who has a decent chance of rising.

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