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  1. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    As for the Gourcuff ' date=' the season is not finished, and will not be so even when these ratings have gone through ... He'll drop after the season if anything.[/center']

    yeaa fair point, however he doesnt look in favour at all. when he is fit he usually makes the bench. i get the impression he is well liked by the owners and the board, but the management team clearly arent too impressed.

    i agree with sirmarkhughes tbh, although if he doesnt drop in these ratings then it will surely be the next ones!

    any word on Lovren guys? i havent watched him at all recently, still worth keeping.. he's like 5/6th defender in most of my squads.

  2. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    good ratings and like the way you set it out guys..

    but how does Lovren deserve a +1 when he hasnt played much this season? and i would of thought Gourcuff is definatly in for -1! even when he is fit he still only makes the benchf for most games.

  3. Re: Guarin

    Is Freddy Guarin worth buyng?

    i can afford him from unmanged club

    He will rise or will drop?

    My best rated player is 92!

    i would buy him, he looks a decent play on the ball and has recently moved to Inter Milan on loan, view to a permanent move in the summer. not sure whether he has played any games for them yet, you would have to check.

    he has the ability to play in a top 6 team in the big leagues (EPL, La Liga, Seria A, Bunda)

  4. Re: Jairo Samperio Bustara

    Was simply sensational from the subs bench v Valencia a week ago' date=' it's a shame he was out injured for a few months but he's slowly being given more time, and showed it recently skipping past Mathieu to send in an inviting cross for Bernardo to power home.

    He's fearless in his play now, was a bit more disciplined under Cuper, but now he's been given a much more free role, and he was causing problems all over the pitch vs Valencia, quick, two footed, exceptional vision, decent shot, built in the style of Sergio Canales, also coming through the same youth ranks as the now Valencia player.

    Rightly so Isco as been getting mentioned a lot this season, he's playing almost regularly for Malaga, but now that Jairo's back fit, we'll see him develop even further with more game time, looks a very good player in the making indeed, so happy i signed him for all my teams at the start of the season.[/quote']

    quality pal, i mentioned this fella quite a while ago and ive kept an eye on things in La Liga. Good job he is fit now and getting run in the games. He looked uncomfortable and restricted when he used to play out wide, like you said in a more free role he is causing problems. Bernardo and Jairo look great players for the future if they continue their development at this rapid pace.

  5. Re: Barclays Premier League Change in ratings!!

    LOL these are so ambitious mate I'm not even sure if you're being serious... it will look more like this:

    Tim Krul 85 - 87

    Yakubu 87 - 87

    Drogba 95 - 94

    Lampard 94 - 94

    Anelka 92 - 91

    Hernandez 90 - 90

    Walker 87 - 88/89

    Ba 88 - 89

    Van Persie 93 - 94

    Barton 87 - 87

    Bentner 89 - 88

    Sinclair 85 - 86

    Graham 85 - 85/86

    Vorm 87 - 87

    Walters 85 - 86

    Adam 88 - 89

    Larson 87 - 87

    Brown 88 - 88/87

    Alex 91 - 91/90

    Hennesy 86 - 86

    Gordon 88 - 88/87

    Carrick 92 - 92

    you pretty much copied my predictions, i got some wrong with lampard .. i was in a rush a guessed he was 93 :o but lampard will stay for definate.

    your predictions are as good as mine haha :rolleyes:

  6. Re: Barclays Premier League Change in ratings!!

    Hi these are the new rating changes post back more!

    Tim Krul 85 - 87

    Yakubu 87 - 87

    Drogba 95 - 95

    Lampard 93 - 93

    Anelka 92 - 91

    Hernandez 90 - 90

    Walker 87 - 89/88

    Ba 88 - 89

    Van Persie 93 - 94

    Barton 87 - 87

    Bentner 89 - 89

    Sinclair 85 - 86/87

    Graham 85 - 86

    Vorm 87 - 87

    Walters 86 - 86/87

    Adam 89 - 89

    Larson 87 - 87

    Brown 88 - 88

    Alex 91 - 91/90

    Hennesy 86 - 86/87

    Gordan 88 - 88/87

    Carrick 92 - 92/91

    i think your predictions are incredibly ambitious, i have altered them and added a few that i know.

    Yaya Toure 92 - 93

    Micah Richards 89 - 90

    David Silva 93 - 94/93

    Vincent Kompany 92 - 93/92

    Joe Hart 91 - 92

    Mario Balotelli 89 - 90

    Chris Smalling 87 - 88/89

    Phil Jones 87 - 88/89

    Tom Cleverly 86 - 87/88

    David De Gea 89 - 89

    Wayne Rooney 95 - 95

    Dimitar Berbatov 93 - 92

    Craig Dawson - 78 - 80/82

    Shane Long 83 - 85/86

    Jack Rodwell - 87 - 88

    Vellios 77 - 80/81

    There are plenty more, just stated a few obvious ones for you.

  7. Re: help please with my team on who to sell

    hear are my predictions and my opinion if you should sell or not...

    valdes 93 - 93

    ter stegen 78 - 84/85

    boilesen 77 - 82

    terry 94 - 93/94

    mexes 92 - 92

    subotic 91 - 91

    hummels 91 - 91

    reinartz 89 - 89/90

    musacchio 89 - 89/90

    smalling 87 - 88/89

    varane 85 - 86

    navas 92 - 92

    song 91 - 91

    m'vila 90 - 90

    marchisio 90 - 91

    henderson 88 - 88/89

    silver 93 - 94

    gourcuff 91 - 91

    hamsik 91 - 91

    kroos 89 - 90

    kagawa 88 - 89

    nani 92 - 93

    higuain 94 - 94

    aguero 94 - 94

    hulk 91 - 91

    cavani 91 - 91

    lecointe 70 - 74/76

    gomez 93 - 94/93

    milito 93 - 92/93

    dzeko 92 - 93/92

    matri 89 - 89

    lawandowski 88 - 89

    carroll 88 - 88

    morata 80 - 82

    Players that are worth considering sell would be..

    - Ter Stegen after he rises, but ONLY if your desperate because he will rise again if he stays into the team.

    - Terry, he will drop to 93 after Chelsea's poor start and Terry has been very unconvincing this season. However a 93 CB is still hard to get these days so you can keep him unless you get a great deal of another manager. Try get Thiago Silva to replace if possible.

    - Gourcuff is one player you could sell. Lyon arent the 'big' team in france anymore and he has struggled for fitness this season too. He is still a good player but he wont rise this season and could struggle next season unless he moves or Lyon fix up. Marchisio will rise to 91 to sort of replace your loss of Gourcuff.

    - Milito is definatly one you need to sell. He is never going to rise again and will keep going down, slowly. Inter arent doing well and he just isnt a good player anymore. Sell!

    - Matri is another player you can sell if you want to cut down the squad. His peak is probably 90/91 but no higher than that. You already have great strikers in Aguero, Higuain, Dzeko and Gomez! So i would sell this guy too.

    Hope this helps.

    What areas of your team do you want to cut down? (e.g CB, CM, RM etc.)

  8. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition)

    Hi guys' date='

    You believe Lovren will get +1 to get his 89 this time?

    Is Lacazette worth for buying?[/quote']

    Lovren will rise +1 in the next changes. Personally i thought he deserved it last season but he is now captain and the leader of the side. One of the first names on the team sheet and deserves his rise.

  9. Re: gaitan o ramsey?

    Gaitan will hit 90 before Ramsey, but Ramsey has potential to rise higher.

    It all depends where Gaitan is playing in the next few years, if its somewhere like United then he will be your better option. problem is no one can tell where he will be.

    Ramsey will be a great player, however when Wilshere is back then he might struggle to get into the team regurlarly and will be used alot in rotation. So he might struggle to go any higher than 89/90 until Arteta/Song starts to struggle.

    Personally 89 at the end of the season for Ramsey, and 90 for Gaitan (depending what club he is at).

  10. Re: Respuesta: Di mara or sanchez

    Sanchez is same age as di Maria -.-

    he means that di maria is starting to hit his peak rating at Madrid at about 93/94... as for Sanchez he still has the potential to rise more if he breaks into the Barca team on a more regular basis and may achieve a higher rating, in the future.

  11. Re: Marco Reus or Adam johnson

    i currently have adam johnson in my team. is it worth it to swap him for reus?? :o

    this is a difficult one, i havent seen much of Reus but heard alot about him. He is on the Germany NT setup so he must be decent. However Johnson is a great player and still getting some game time at Man City, he has a slight chance of rising to 90 this season, and maybe even in the next changes!

    Johnson though isnt happy at Man City at the moment and could move on in January on loan or sold. So his future rating is unclear just yet.

    Reus can get 89 this season though.

  12. Re: Superstars

    Mateo Kovačić and...

    Alen Halilović - 15 yrs old boy' date=' biggest talent of Dinamo Zagreb and Croatian football... two days ago, Dinamo Zagreb manager, Kruno Jurčić invited him in [u']senior[/u] team, I must say it one more time, he is just 15 YEARS OLD BOY

    He is not on DB yet but you must have him when he became available.

    Mason Bennett is already playing for Derby County and he is 15 years old too... and is on the DB.

    Keep us updated on Halilovic though.

  13. Re: Hazard or Sanchez?

    screw that lol' date=' that was a great deal. Hazard has already said he is moving to a big club, so he will surpass Sanchez easily cuz he is struggling to get time on the pitch even when fit

    so ur arguement is invalid mister

    if Hazard went to real, probably will pull the chair from Di Maria in the near future[/quote']

    hazard wont walk into the madrid team, everyone thought Sanchez would at Barcelona but when he is fit he has got a decent amount of games. You cant write off this guy because he is still young like Hazard. I agree with you that he is immense but you cant deny that Sanchez is, both have great futures and will probably be rated the same throughout this season.

    Hazard signed a new contract in the summer, so he will leave next summer the VERY earliest. Before he moves he will struggle to get 92, no matter how good he is.

    Once David Villa starts to age i see Sanchez a long term replacement for him, and if that happens then Sanchez can easily get 93+.

    The reason why i said it was a bad deal was because he should of traded other players or more money... these two are quality players. Im sure you would agree that having both is better than just having one?!?

  14. Re: Hazard or Sanchez?

    you shouldnt of done that deal.

    of course Hazard is a great prospect but so is Sanchez... He is currently out injured and he wont get a rise in the near future, but he is playing for the best team in the world. he will break into the team once he has got used to La Liga's style of football and the way Barca play.

    BOTH wont rise in the next changes, Hazard has probably got a very small chance of a 92, but remember he isnt playing for a big team in a big league so he wont rise to anything you guys are saying (93/94/95). He needs to move to a big team and play for a couple of seasons to warrant those sort of ratings.

    In that time i think Sanchez will be just as good, if not better as he already has a headstart being a Barcelona. If he doesnt make it at Barca, then he wont be short of buyers like Madrid, United etc.

    you should of tried offloading other players to get Hazard...

  15. Re: need help on these players!

    what do you think their next rating will be?

    John Obi Mikel 91 - 91

    Daniel Sturridge 87 - 88/89

    Danny Welbeck 87 - 88/89

    and also what could be there possible potential??


    obi mikel will stay in the next changes, Sturridge and Welbeck will rise in the next changes. although i put 88/89, i think they will only rise +1 and then rise to 89 in the mid-season/end of season changes.

  16. Re: strikers

    i cant beleive half of you have mentioned Nilmar :eek: he is out injured and Villareal are playing incredibly poor this season. They are really struggling in CL and Nilmar looks out for a while, i wouldnt consider getting him at all as he doesnt look a 92/93 striker anyways.

    i would go for Llorente, always linked with other clubs and is picked for NT regularly.

    alternative is Vucinic who is improving a dangerous in-form side Juventus who have a very good chance of winning Seria A let alone gettting back into the CL where they have been misssing for years.

  17. Re: jose enrique

    He shall be 90 in the end of season if he continues performing. 91 may be quite hard.

    he wont get 91 at all, he is a good player but Liverpool arent that good, yet.

    +1 rise for next changes, and could stay that way all season. has a small a chance of rising to 90 at the end of the season.

  18. Re: Kevin De Bruyne

    I hope he won't go to Chelsea because his talent would be wasted as any other young player at Stamford Bridge

    i reckon chelsea have changed though, i dont see them wasting young talent anymore. as long as they keep AVB then they will develop the younger players they bring in. They have done very well to fit Sturridge into the team and make him a key player (albeit he was already at the club), Lukaku is getting cameo appearances and Romeu getting games too.

    Kevin De Bruyne definetly deserved his +2 rise and would make a really good replacement for the ever ageing Malouda, Anelka etc... :rolleyes:

  19. Re: Scott parker

    Parker is definetly in for a rise +1 to 90, and will most certainly rise to 91 at the end of the season. The reason is that Spurs wont be far off a CL this year but also he should have a key role in England's games. once they reach 90/91 they need to playing for their NT team to help them rise higher.

    his peak is 91 though...

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