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  1. Re: can someone help me?

    what do you think about the rating changes for my players:

    BOATENG' date=' Kevin-Prince 89 - 89/90

    LUIZ, David 90 - 90

    AQUILANI, Alberto 90 - 90/91

    PIRLO, Andrea 92 - 92

    VAN DER VAART, Rafael 92 - 92

    SAGNA, Bacary 92 - 92

    MODRIC, Luka 92 - 92

    FERDINAND, Rio 94 - 93[/quote']

    these are my predictions, David Luiz did warrant a +1 rise but doesnt anymore, he looks lost at sea everytime he plays for Chelsea at the moment and i personally dont think he is good enough for a 91... yet.

    Boateng will get +1 considering Bayern Munich's outstanding form and he is getting played.

    he means the Boateng from Milan not Bayern... However Bayern's Boateng will definetly hit 90.

  2. Re: Nicolas Gaitan!!!!!

    Guys will Nicolas Gaitan turn 90 in the next changes?

    Also there is a very very very big rumour that he might move to Man Utd..how true is that and whats the progression? :D

    he will definetly rise, and if it isnt 90 in the next changes then it will be in the mid-season changes.

    definetly in for a +1 rise though.

  3. Re: Pjanic or Walcott

    I would put my bet on walcott. He is playing in a better club and league.

    Hope it helps


    i wouldnt say he is playing for a better club, Roma are the Arsenal of Seria A.

    Arsenal are better than Roma but not my huge margins... Pjanic is younger and is playing, he wont drop thats for sure.

    Niether will rise or drop in the next changes, and probably their ratings will stay the same all season unless anything spectacular happens from now and then.

  4. Re: alexis sanchez

    He'll not rise in the next review' date=' mainly due to the injury he picked up at the start of the season and hindering his integration into the Barca team, until the injury he had player in all their games (if only a few at the time). He has the potential to rise to 93 (end of season is very unlikely though) but it all depends on how quickly he can establish himself as an automatic choice for Barca.

    The same could apply to Hazard when he leaves Lille, depending on his chosen destination...he could also find himself on the bench for a period of time, it's unlikely though as that would probably only apply if he joined Barca, Madrid or City.

    I'd probably let Sanchez go and bring in Hazard[/quote']

    i agree with you, however i would still keep Sanchez if possible because he will definetly rise in the future. He hit 91 at Udinese who arent excatly the best team in Italy, now he is at arguebly the best team in the world in barcelona. he has to get into the team to rise, but with him being out injured then i dont see him rising until the end of the season (the earliest).

    However Sanchez is a huge talent, but so is Hazard. Im sure there are other players you could possible sell or let go to bring in Hazard...?

  5. Re: Shall i sell Eto'o or is it worth keeping him ?

    well i just bought in benzema and neymar is unmanaged and also some other really good youths

    well if there are players like neymar hanging around at unmanaged clubs then you must get him asap. if you have no other players that are worth selling to bring in cash then you might aswell sell eto now, you will sell him for about 33million to Anhzi which is brilliant for a player who will drop by -2/-3 in the next russian changes.

  6. Re: Yann M'Vila

    French cap is 93 i think (Marseille player Lucho Gonzalez held 93 for a while)

    But realistically id say 91 in France then 93/94 elsewhere

    he can get 91 however not anytime soon as Rennes are not playing too well this season. They are also struggling in europe after losing to Celtic last week. he is a great talent and can get 92+ if he moves away.

    I heard Man United were interested in his services for a while, and Arsenal missed out on him at one stage, one big move and he start getting some rises he deserves.

    Also a regular for the NT, big aid in getting 91+.

  7. Re: Thoughts on these players next ratings

    you guys got any ideas what these guys ratings will be after next changes??

    Essien 95 - 95/94

    Schweinsteiger 94 - 94

    Ibrahimovic 96 - 96

    Aguero 94 - 94/95

    Fabregas 95 - 95/96

    Musacchio 89 - 89


    they will probably all stay to be honest. but i have added the slight chances they have changing.

    Villareal's poor performances this season have resulted in no rise for Musacchio :(

  8. Re: Alex Song

    what's the chance of Arsenal's ever present defensive midfielder Alex Song's rating increase in the next review?

    he wont rise in the next changes, arsenal's form has been great until lately. he has a chance of a +1 rise at the end of the season if anything.

  9. Re: Javier Pastore

    Thanks everyone bit of a mixed bag tho lol. he will rise to 91 eventually and will he ever go any higher than that? thanks again :)

    if PSG become champions for a few seasons in a row then he has a chance of moving higher. Im not sure what the rating cap is in France, i think its 93, but the quality isnt amazing in the league anyway.

    this season his max is 91, he will rise quicker if he moves to a bigger league and club.

  10. Re: My predictions for some young players!!!

    great work here mate, i cant really put my finger on one of them that look wrong.

    although Alex Shalk might rise to 80, been a regular for NEC Brada.

    3 more to add, Coventry City trio,

    Gael Bigirimana - 75 - 78/80

    Conor Thomas - 75 - 78/80

    Cyrus Christie - 75 - 78/80

    Blackpool: Thomas Ince - 75 - 78

    Well Done though pal.

  11. Re: Juan Manuel Mata

    Silva is far better than Mata. Silva has a high chance of achieving 95 by the end of the season' date=' 94 is a certainty in the next changes.

    If you traded Van Persie for Mata then that is a very poor deal for you. Van Persie will surely hit 94 in the next changes, whereas Mata will only hit 92 (with a chance of 93 by the end of the season.

    Sanchez... well he may get more games at Barca due to Pedro's injury, but I'm not sure how high he can get in his career. He only has limited chances though and is unlikely to rise anytime soon.[/quote']

    slightly off topic i know, but Sanchez is injured and im not sure if he is back yet. Pedro is injured for a while now but they have many players who can fill the position if both Sanchez and Pedro are injured. Sanchez is amazing and a quality player, he is good enough to get into any team, just a shame he struggles to get into the best team in the world. however he shall grow into the way Barcelona play and will become a huge player for them in future, if he fails to im sure he will be a big player somewhere else.

    anyways back to the thread, Silva has to play the way is now ALL season to achieve 95. Thats a huge ask from any player, however it all depends on man city's title count at the end of the season.

    Mata will rise to 92 no doubt, and a possible 93 at the end of the season. He needs better players around him though, which is one reason why he and Torres work well.

  12. Re: Juan Manuel Mata

    Yh' date=' people are saying he is as good as Silva (who's a 93) but I think he is better, I'm a big Chelsea fan ;), so he should be 93 as well but i think Silva's going to get higher as well that's why i have been trying to get him. I signed Mata yesterday for Van Persie and I loaned the guy Sanchez, is that a good deal? i loaned him to him because its nearly the end of the season ans i want him to get a few games because he's only played 15 games for me this season because there are loads of other wingers that are better in my team at the moment like Robben, Pedro, Robinho and Benzema so i loaned him out but I know Sanchez is going to get higher so he has a good future in my team :)[/quote']

    Mata is not better than Silva, i reckon they almost similar, same style of players too.

    Mata 91 - 92

    David Silva - 93 - 94

    i also agree that Mata has a good chance of 93 at the end of the season, if continues performing well.

  13. Re: Javier Pastore

    I'm positive he will be 91 next revision. He has stayed 90 throughout 2 revisions while jovetic has rised to 91 and stayed there even though he was injured for 6months approx. Despite having 6 goals already in ligue 1' date=' when the top scorers have 8, I believe his transfer amount will be responsible for the rising since it placed pastore on the spotlight.

    Soon we'll see what happens. Cheers[/quote']

    jovetic is 90. and transfer fee's have nothing to do with ratings at all! Erik Lamela of Roma was brought for 18million euros, he is rated 86 and has barely played for them.

    anyway like i said my prediction is 91/90 for Pastore. which means he is more likely to get a 91 than 90, however he still has a decent chance of staying. B)

  14. Re: Your predictions about my team

    here are my predictions.

    Nemanja Vidic 96 - 96

    Wayne Rooney 95 - 95/96

    Sergio Aguero 94 - 94/95

    Rio Ferdinand 94 - 93

    Patrice Evra 94 - 94

    Dimitar Berbatov 93 - 92

    Pepe Reina 93 - 93

    Luis Nani 92 - 93

    Darren Fletcher 92 - 92

    Michael Carrick 92 - 91/92

    Ryan Giggs 93 - 93

    Antonio Valencia 91 - 91

    Javier Hernandez 90 - 91

    Anderson Luis 90 - 90/91

    Paulo Henruque Ganso 89 - 90

    Daniel Parejo 88 - 88

    Danny Welbeck 87 - 88/89

    Chirs Smalling 87 - 88/89

    Tom Cleverley 86 - 88

    Federico Macheda 83 - 83

    hope these help.

  15. Re: Your Predictions about my team

    VALDES' date=' Victor 93 - 93

    COENTRAO, Fábio 91 - 91

    CLICHY, Gaël 91 - 91/92

    SCHMELZER, Marcel 90 - 90

    SAGNA, Bacary 92 - 92

    CHIELLINI, Giorgio 94 - 94/93

    TOURE, Kolo 91 - 91

    MARCHENA, Carlos 90 - 90/89

    HERNANDEZ, Pablo 90 - 90/91

    Louis, Nani 92 - 93

    SUAREZ, Luis 91 - 92

    Samir, Nasri 93 - 93

    XAVI, Hernández 97 - 97

    FABREGAS, Cesc 95 -95/96

    TOURE, Yayá 92 - 93/92

    SAHIN, Nuri 91 - 91

    DIABY, Abou 89 - 89/88

    OZIL, Mesut 94 - 94

    GOTZE, Mario 89 - 90

    BANEGA, Éver 90 - 90

    WITSEL, Axel 89 - 89

    CASTRO, Gonzalo 90 - 90

    MASCHERANO, Javier 93 - 93/92

    PEDRO, Rodríguez 93 - 93

    HULK, Givanildo 91 - 91

    TORRES, Fernando 94 - 94

    BERBATOV, Dimitar 93 - 92

    FALCAO, Radamel 91 - 91

    DERDIYOK, Eren 89 - 89

    Lucas Rodrigues 87 - 88/89

    COURTOIS, Thibaut 83 - 85/86

    ROMEU, Oriol 84 - 85

    VARANE, Raphaël 85 - 86

    GIBBS, Kieran 86 - 87

    RAMSEY, Aaron 86 - 88


    ive edited your rating predictions, hope these help.

  16. Re: Rises on 19 players

    your ratings are quite strange, ive corrected them and added my predictions.

    Here's how I believe this players will change:

    DZEKO' date=' Edin 92 - 93

    KHEDIRA, Sami 91 - 91

    PASTORE, Javier 90 - 91/90

    HERNANDEZ, Javier 90 - 91

    GAMEIRO, Kévin 90 - 91/90

    TAIWO, Taye 89 - 89

    GOTZE, Mario 89 - 90

    LUKAKU, Romelu 88 - 88

    GUARIN, Freddy 88 - 88/89

    CAHILL, Gary 88 - 88

    ASTORI, Davide 88 - 88

    JONES, Phil 87 - 88/89

    ERIKSEN, Christian 87 - 89/88

    SMALLING, Chris 87 - 88/89

    LINDEGAARD, Anders 86 - 86/87

    CASNOS, Luc 85 - 85

    CONTENTO, Diego 84 - 84

    ROBINSON, Jack 77 - 77

    OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex 70 - 83/84

    [center']What do you think?[/center]

    just abit of advice, SM arent that 'kind' with increasing ratings anymore.

  17. Re: Javier Pastore

    Defo raising. He was the most expensive player in Ligue 1' date=' and was the backbone of palermo last season. 91 for sure[/quote']

    his transfer has nothing to do with a rise :rolleyes: however he is scoring freely for an in-form PSG side. he has a chance of rising but its not a definate, you may have to wait to the next changes or even the end of season changes for him to get his +1 rise.

    Javier Pastore - 90 > 91/90


    a must buy for the future

  18. Re: Mason Bennett - 15 year old wonderkid - England's next prospect

    He did indeed start last night and we also lost 3-0.

    I went and watched his performance very closely. It's blatently obvious that when you give him the ball to his feet facing defenders he will hurt you. He has a real swagger on the football pitch and you can just tell by the way he moves that he is absolutely class.

    He has pace' date=' he can pass the ball, he has everything to be a good footballer. He was knocking full grown men over and he's 15 years old.

    His movement was superb, however, the service he got last night wasn't brilliant. 9 times out of 10 they were expecting him to win headers against tall center halves, and to be fair to the lad he won a few, however it isn't his strongest point.

    When I went to collect the tickets yesterday the bloke in front of me wanted to sit in the Marston's Pedigree suite, but they wouldn't let him in because the suite was packed with scouts to see Mason play.

    So after yesterday's performance, the the team performance wasn't brilliant, however Bennett certainly stood out and put in a real effort.[/quote']

    thats really goood news to be honest. i was expecting him to hide and be out of the game, thats what the result suggests. however your report shows good signs and if he stood out then he must be doing alot of things right. i would love to know which club scouts where there! but you'd expect them to be there watching the lad, great report anyways.

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