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  1. Re: Obscure risers?

    the most obscure rise is Alex Oxlade Chamberlian (70), but most managers know about him, so here are some others to list and their potential ratings.

    Lazar Markovic - 75 - 80/82

    Tom Cleverly - 86 - 88/87

    Thibaut Courtois - 83 - 85/86

    Kurt Zouma - 75 - 78/82

    Alvaro Vadillo - 75 - 78/82

    Adam Maher - 75 - 80/82

    Ilkay Gundogan - 87 - 89/88

    Micah Richards - 89 - 90

    James Milner - 90 - 91/90

    Nicolas Gaitan - 88 - 89/90

    Dries Mertens - 87 - 89/88

    Victor Ruiz - 87 - 89/88

    Aaron Ramsey - 86 - 88

    Kevin Strootman - 86 - 88/87

    hope these help, i tried stating players that people havent already.

  2. Re: Asking option for player

    I now have song but ppl r biding for him (19 mil). Should I buy another player to replace him or just dun sell.

    Options: M'vila


    Kheidra (only available after dec)


    Sven bender



    PS: Wishing to earn some money from rating changes n younger my squad

    song isnt excatly the best player in the world and doesnt to warrant a rise anytime soon.

    if you do sell him then i would suggest m'vila. he is already getting big clubs after him and i see him moving at the end of the season. he deserves a +1 rise but he wont get it because Rennes arent that good, also the french league isnt the best either.

    long term future he is definetly the one to buy, if you can keep song and buy m'vila that would be perfect.

  3. Re: Player ratings thread

    The Possibilities, my predictions.

    CASILLAS' date=' Iker - 95 - 95

    GUAITA, Vicente - 87 - 87

    MARCELO, Vieira - 92 - 93/92

    RAMOS, Sergio - 94 - 94

    JENKINSON, Carl - 77 - 83/84

    PEPE, Ferreira - 93 - 93

    HUMMELS, Mats - 91 - 91

    RANOCCHIA, Andrea - 89 - 89

    VARANE, Raphaël - 85 - 87/86

    NATALINO, Felice - 77 - 77

    MIQUEL, Ignasi - 75 - 77/78

    VERTONGHEN, Jan - 90 - 90

    BOATENG, Jérôme - 89 - 90

    SNEIJDER, Rodney - 76 - 80/81

    VADILLO, Álvaro - 75 - 80/82

    SAHIN, Nuri - 91 - 91

    VIDAL, Arturo - 91 - 91

    BANEGA, Éver - 90 - 90

    HENDERSON, Jordan - 88 - 88

    XHAKA, Granit - 85 - 85

    OBI, Joel - 77 - 83/84

    CAN, Emre - 75 - 75

    OZIL, Mesut - 94 - 94

    PASTORE, Javier - 90 - 90/91

    KAGAWA, Shinji - 88 - 89

    GUNDOGAN, Ilkay - 87 - 88/89

    EL SHAARAWI, Stephan - 82 - 84/85

    LEITNER, Moritz - 82 - 83/84

    ISCO, Alarcón - 78 - 82/83

    HAZARD, Thorgan - 76 - 76

    MARIN, Marko - 90 - 90/89

    YOUNG, Ashley - 90 - 91

    JOHNSON, Adam - 89 - 90/89

    PIATTI, Pablo - 88 - 88/89

    MIYAICHI, Ryo - 80 - 80

    DEULOFEU, Gerard - 75 - 80/82

    OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex - 70 - 83/84

    AGUERO, Sergio - 94 - 94/95

    SUAREZ, Luis - 91 - 91/92

    CUENCA, Isaac - 78 - 82/83

    BANGOURA, Lassana - 75 - 75

    GOMEZ, Mario - 93 - 93/94

    HERNANDEZ, Javier - 90 - 90/91

    TORRES, Érick - 82 - 83/84

    MORATA, Álvaro - 80 - 80/82


    hope this helps, feel free to comment and raise your concerns.

  4. Re: Dentinho

    What are you thinking about that player in this moment? I do not know a lot about him but I have recently read an article and they called him as a "future superstar". He is 22 years old and he is rated 87 - it is not too much for a "Superstar".

    He moved to Shakthar from Brasil' date=' he played 11 matches and he scored 3 goals for Shakthar...

    How high he can possibly rise?[/quote']

    he might rise to 88 in the next Ukraine changes, but they also have good players like Luiz Adriano, Da Costa and Willian.

  5. Re: RB(rises) - Rafinha or Rafael

    Rafinha - Bayern München

    Rafael - Manchester United

    what is the best buy?

    or other suggestions?

    Rafinha will be 91 by end of this season, maybe even in the next changes. However Rafael will be 91 by the end of next year/season if he stays clear of injuries, depends if your patient enough.

    If i was you i would get Rafael, he will get his +1 rise at some point this season, just not this upcoming changes.

  6. Re: My players

    Some pretty poor predictions there imo m8. Guiseppe Rossi has no chance to rise' date=' Vilarreal is awfull this season and he only scored 3 goals. And he plays in Spain, so its not about italian football. Mario Gomez and Di Maria will rise +1 for sure imo, they totally deserve it. Pedro Rodriguez is injured atm yes, but its not a long term injury i think, so that wont be a problem, and even if it was long term, it would be unfair to drop him cause he did nothing wrong. He played in almost every game this season. 0% chance of a drop, he will probably stay in this changes, could rise in the next. But im sure he´s way more close of a rise than a drop. About Hazard, i didn´t understand very well what you meaning, yes he probably has potential to reach 94 in his carrer, but he´s not gonna get it soon. Not this season and not in the french league. I think he will stay in this changes and maybe raise in the end of season if he and Lille do very well. And you think that Vidal could go +2? He has to do very well to rise +1, i´m not sure if he will rise at all in this changes, probably not, let alone a +2. Juventus form can help his cause, but he´s already 91 rated. And yes, Coentrão is not impressing but he´s been played out of position and he was injured too, i think its too son to talk about a drop. So, imo it will be:

    Mario Gomez 93-94

    Modric 92-92

    G. Rossi 92-92

    Muller 92-93/92

    Pedro Rodriguez 93-93

    Di Maria 92-93

    Coentrão 91-91

    Cavani 91-91

    Hazard 91-91

    Kompany 92-93/92

    Vidal 91-91


    totally agree with you, well done mate.

    one or two things i may add:

    Coentrao may get a position change to LB/MID since he has played all over the place. he might keep his current position though, just worth a shout.

    secondly Rossi is now injured for 6months, he definetly wont rise but it will be interesting what his rating will be at the end of the season.

    finally Kompany has a strong chance of getting 93, he deserves it but if he doesnt get it this time round, he will definetly get it in the next PL changes.

    Good work though pal.

  7. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    What will be the rating of these players after next 5-6 rating changes:












    Di Maria




    Danilo Luiz

    Jones Phil



    Lucas Rodrigues







    Rodriguez James


    its abit hard for anyone to predict what they will be rated in 4-5 changes. its impossible to tell who they will play for, what league and even if they live up to their potential.

    only way i can help you is what they will be in the next ratings, and most of these players will probably be the next golden generation of players dominating world football in years to come.

  8. Re: your best u21 team

    this is mine

    de gea

    rafael sakho jones walker

    wilshere thiago

    gotze kroos hazard



    this is really tough to be honest.

    if your asking to choose the CURRENT best under 21 players 'at the moment' then my team would be this:

    De Gea

    Jones Musacchio Varane Shaqiri

    Wilshere M'Vila

    Gotze Pastore Hazard


    it was hard to leave out Smalling, Jovetic and Balotelli though.

  9. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    I can't see him going straight to 90 ' date='he will rise to 89 in the next rating changes .

    Good to see clubs like Man United being linked with him though.


    theres been alot of talk that he might, but i reckon a more likely rise to 90 maybe in the changes next year.

    although i want him to rise to 90 this time round ;)

  10. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    I dont knw afew of them but i hope its helps. This are mostly the youngsters i have. But u missed out afew good growers

    your predictions are welcomed and thanked, however i feel some ratings are abit strange.

    there are a few you missed here, Alex Shalke is in for a decent rise 75 - 78/82 (havent checked stats in a few weeks, thats why ive given that prediction).

    another you missed was Matt Lecointe, should rise to about 75/76 and also Thomas Ince, should get a +3 rise to 78.

  11. Re: Mason Bennett - 15 year old wonderkid - England's next prospect

    We are a big club!

    He came on today again. The lad's in rapid.

    no disrespect to Derby, i did mean the big clubs in England like Arsenal, Man United etc. To be honest he is probably best to stay with you guys anyways.

    I didnt see him play but i heard he came on and got some game time. hope he gets added soon to the DB!

  12. Re: My team

    Here are my predictions,

    Joe Hart-91 - 92

    De Gea-89 - 90

    Marcelo-92 - 92/93

    Coentrao-91 - 91 (LB/LM > LB/MID)

    David Luiz-90 - 90/91

    Phil Jones-87 - 88/89 (CB/DM > DEF/DM)

    Sergio Ramos-94 - 94

    Micah Richards-89 - 90

    Kompany-92 - 92/93

    Hummels-91 - 91

    Badstuber-90 - 91/90

    Wilshere-89 - 89

    Fabregas-95 - 95/96

    Thiago Alcantara-86 - 87

    Nasri-93 - 93

    Götze-89 - 90

    Silva-93 - 94/93

    Nani-92 - 93/92

    Mata-91 - 92

    Aguero-94 - 94/95

    Sanchez-91 - 91

    Neymar-90 - 90

    Balotelli-89 - 90

    Lukaku-88 - 88

    remember, its too early to rate players highly, and for this reason i have given these fair predictions. at the end of the season some of these players may rise but all depends on how they and their clubs perform.

  13. Re: Mikel Arteta

    Exchanged Andre Santos and Arteta for Pastore.

    good deal in the long-term. arteta will probably will go 91, i think he playing well and is clearly the main man for Arsenal in the middle of midfield. but he is alread 29 years old and wont have many years left in him at the very top level.

    pastore has a good chance to go up in the next changes so great deal and good timing aswell.

  14. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    Nicolas Gaitan

    The Possibilities of him Rising


    Benfica's David Silva.

    This lad has been immense this season, i watched him against Manchester United earlier this season and he ripped them apart, albeit it was a weakened United side.

    He has great technique supurb shooting from long range that tested out Lindergaard that night. Having come from Boca Juniors a couple of seasons ago, he has only now become a big player at Benfica and i wouldnt be surprised if big clubs start circuling around him at the end of the season.

    With this in mind, he is definetly in for a rise... The question is, what will he rise too?

    88 > 90/89

    this is my prediction, he deserves a 90 but it depends if he can keep his performances up and notch a few more goals. He has only one goal in the league but has assisted quite a few.

    What are your veiws on Gaitan's Possible Rating?

  15. Re: Mason Bennett - 15 year old wonderkid - England's next prospect

    He really should have got himself a brace on Saturday' date=' but for Jason Steele's heroics!

    Hope he starts again against Pompey. I think the pace of the game surprised him, but we saw glimpses of his genius.[/quote']

    like we have previously said he wont play every game. clough insisted it was just to give him abit of experience. if he rushes the lad into first team games every week he probably pick up more bad habits than good experiences. also he wont be sitting on the bench every week either because it could play on his mind and you dont want to affect a young lad's confidence. the best way is what clough is doing now, keep him on his toes by playing him on the odd occasion. he will still develop massively this way.

    plus it keeps his head down and wont become too cocky or anything like that. he will keep working hard for his oppurtunity, remember this lad is in year10 at school! can expecting him to play every week. he isnt even fully grown yet.

    anyways, great lad, great future. and as i West Brom fan i hope he does well for Derby and then moves to a big club when he is around 19 - 21 years old. would be amazing aswell if derby got promoted, it will help derby keep him because he will be playing for a premier league club. if your in the championship then he has a reason to leave. i reckon clough has got this lad on his side, good to see that especially in modern day football :D

  16. Re: Luka Modric

    Luka Modric is BEAST. Tottenham are starting to play really well after a bad start to the season. Modric scored a wonder goal against Liverpool and he's been the heart of their current run in the Premier League. He's 82 on SM but I really think his rating will soon go up to 94/95. What do you guys think his rating will do up to?

    the only way he will rise this season is if he moves away from white hart lane and to a big club like chelsea. not sure that will happen so im pretty sure he will stay 92 for this season.

    if spurs get into CL then he could have a very small chance, personally think he has peaked now.

    if he was to rise then Parker would need a huge rise because he is almost as good. thats what i personally think B)

  17. Re: Mason Bennett - 15 year old wonderkid - England's next prospect

    Galvan was 14 when he was added :)

    yeaaa its ridicolously brillaint :') never mind, hope this lad comes on soon. although i red somewhere that clough said that he wont play every match and wont always be in the first team, but still a great prospect. he is training with the under18's because of half-term apparently.

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