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  1. Re: Mason Bennett - 15 year old wonderkid - England's next prospect

    i wonder how long it will take for him to get added to the database... B)

    i reckon it will take a while because of his age, i cant remember someone being added on the database when they were 15! i remember Martin Galvan (mexican lad) when he was added at 16, or it might have been 15...

    anyways the point is, SM get him on so i can snap him up quick! haha.

  2. Re: Rise stay ot drop?

    alvaro arbeloa - stay

    balazs dzsudzsak - stay

    nuri sahin - stay because currently injured

    lass diarra - stay' date=' hasnt proved enough to warrant his 92 again

    david luiz - 90/91 playing ahead of Alex and Ivanovic at CB

    santos ramires - 91 > 92/91 looks comfortable.

    arturo vidal - i think the ratings will come too soon, stay. 92 end of season

    anderson hernanes - 90 > 90/91

    claudio marchisio - [b']90 > 91[/b]

    thomas muller - stay

    miralem pjanic - stay but playing well for Roma

    eljero elia - stay

    lucas barrios - stay

    alvaro negredo - stay

    theres my opinion.. your best riser there is Marchisio, playing well for Juve who are top of the table.

  3. Re: Oriol Romeu

    Yeh but Essien won't get straight back to the squad because he will need to be 100% fit so he will make substitute appearance before he gets back to the Starting 11:D

    romeu isnt playing every week, so he wont he rise much. until he starts playing every week then ill change my opinion and may rise by +2/+3. but thats not the case at the moment.

    next changes he will rise +1, thats all.

  4. Re: Oriol Romeu

    he wont get a 'BIG' rise, he will most likely get +1/+2 at most at the end of the season.

    if he gets more playing time in all competitions then he warrant a +3 but i cant see that happening with Essien coming back in the new year.

    I think next season will be time for to get game time when Villas-Boas shuffles his squad around again to suit him.

  5. Jairo Samperio Bustara


    .Racing Santander's Future Star.

    Jairo Samperio Bustara

    Nationality: Spain

    Date of birth: 11 July 1993

    Age: 18

    Place of birth: Cabezón de la Sal, Cantabria

    Position: Midfielder (AM)

    Height: 170 cm

    Weight: 65 kg

    Database: Rated 75

    Im not going to sit here and say he is the new Spanish Wonderkid, because there are far too many of them boasting their talents all over Spain. However this lad is getting games unlike many others.

    He has already started 5 games for Racing Santander. He has yet to feature in a win, however he has shown his qualities enough to prove that he has potential and ability to perform and impress Coach Hector Cuper.


    A product of local Racing Santander's youth ranks, Jairo was promoted to the first team immediately after progressing rapidly, by Argentine manager Hector Cuper. He made his first team - and La Liga - debut on 27 August, playing the last eleven minutes in a 4–3 defeat against Valencia.

    On 21 September 2011, 18-year old Jairo started his first official game for Racing, in a 0–0 home draw against Real Madrid. This was also a game that fellow youngster Espinoza Bernaudo featured at CB for his debut as both impressed and frustrated the multi-million Galatico's.


    He has featured mainly on the wing but SM has placed him as AM, he can play anywhere in attacking midfeild roles whether its out wide or more centrally. He likes to be simple but creative and likes to have a go at some players. His progression has been rapid up to now, however i think it may take a season to settle down and nail down a regular spot. He doesnt look fully settled just yet but has glimpses of great potential.

    Future Rating: Hard to say at such an early stage but it depends if Racing can stay up this season. In the next changes he should reach 78-82, in the future i see his rating reaching as high as 87-88.

    Ill keep you posted on this lad, hopefully his first goal will come soon.

  6. Re: Wellbeck vs sturridge - Quickest Riser?

    Well both of these youngsters have bright futures ahead. I think you should buy both if you have the chance but if it comes down to one' date=' its Sturridge for me. He has scored in all 4 games he has played in for Chelsea in the EPL. Also I think Sturridge is becoming more and more important to Chelsea for the wing. They dont have many good RW players for a 4-3-3, they have Anelka but he is getting on a bit now, so AVB has placed Sturridge there who has the pace and finishing even though wing isnt where he would prefer to play. Welbeck has suprisingly been involved a lot too but Welbeck wont get ahead of Hernandez and Rooney too many times in Fergies 4-4-1-1 when they are fit and ready to play.[/quote']

    this guy has hit bang on the head, i would do what he suggests. buy both but if you have to choose one, then get sturridge. B)

  7. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?


    On my first report i included my first team squad, now i thought its time to look at my youth squad and have a big debate on who will rise the quickest and who are the best prospects. There are many players who might rise in the next changes, feel free to highlight them to others for advice.

    BAUMANN, Oliver - 86

    COURTOIS, Thibaut - 83

    TER STEGEN, Marc-André - 78

    FRYERS, Ezekiel - 75

    GASPAR, Mario - 87

    SANTON, Davide - 87

    FLANAGAN, John - 80

    HURST, James - 77

    DALMAU, Albert - 75

    JONES, Phil - 87

    SMALLING, Chris - 87

    VARANE, Raphaël - 85

    BELL, Stefan - 83

    BESIC, Muhamed - 80

    DAWSON, Craig - 78

    REKIK, Karim - 75

    MIQUEL, Ignasi - 75

    KALAS, Tomás - 75

    LOVREN, Dejan - 88


    MENDY, Nampalys - 84

    HENDERSON, Jordan - 88

    ÖZYAKUP, Oguzhan - 75

    POGBA, Paul - 75

    MAHER, Adam - 75

    THORNE, George - 72

    LUSTICA, Steven - 70

    LUCAS, Rodrigues - 87

    LJAJIC, Adem - 87

    ANANIDZE, Jano - 86

    LEITNER, Moritz - 82

    LANZINI, Manuel - 80

    TRINKS, Florian - 78

    ISCO, Alarcón - 78

    NEM, Wellington - 75

    KOVACIC, Mateo - 75

    MORRISON, Ravel - 75

    GRIEZMANN, Antoine - 88

    SHAQIRI, Xherdan - 88

    EBECILIO, Lorenzo - 83

    PHILLIPS, Matt - 83

    MIYAICHI, Ryo - 80

    SARABIA, Pablo - 80

    INCE, Thomas - 75

    DEULOFEU, Gerard - 75

    REDMOND, Nathan - 75

    VILLALVA, Daniel - 82

    LECOINTE, Matt - 70

    CASNOS, Luc - 85

    SCHALK, Alex - 75

    COULIBALY, Souleymane - 75

    On a personal note i would like to know if any players are worth selling, to reduce my wage bill a little. Feel free to suggest any that are outstanding and would be worth selling.

  8. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    I believe I understand what you mean about the rating cap being 95 at Bayern with Ribery having it. But the thing is that' date=' just as he said, they are in different positions. For example, the highest rated GK(Casillas) is a 95 while every 94 have been at a large club and played for their country for the past couple years. I believe, like everyone else, that he will be a 93 soon, but I think the 94 will only come after at least end of next year IMO.[/quote']

    i totally agree AS7. i probably got ahead of myself by a year. All the top goalkeepers have been around for years at top clubs and playing at the highest level including internationals.

    thinking about it goalkeepers are the slowest risers because they are hard to prove their worth and ability. Joe Hart is a prime example, he has performed well for a few years now and looks a 93 rated goalkeeper, but he wont get there for a while. He shall be 92 at the end of this season though IMO.

  9. Re: thorgan hazard

    so alot of people have been saying hes gonna be a super star???

    true or not true???

    and do you guys think hes gonna rise anytime soon??


    there are already alot of threads on him, use the search tool to find your answer.

  10. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    94?HaHaHa...Bayern must win UCL and title to be a 94 ...He'll get a 93.

    he will get a 93. but at the end of the season he could get a 94.

    Reason why i say this is because Arjen Robben is 94, Ribery is 95, Schweinstiger at 94 and i think over the season Neuer will have a big impact on the team as much as these 3.

    Look at Buffon and Cech, they havent been winning UCL for years... instead they have been consistanly good for their teams. And just like Neuer, he is now playing for a major club, albeit not in the biggest league. But that doesnt state why he cant rise to 94, as Ribery is still 95.

  11. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    In regards to Gourcuff.. I think he'll stay. As you said' date=' he hasn't been playing much and Lyon aren't as strong as they were a few seasons ago.[/color']

    well i wasnt really on about him rising, more like dropping. like you said Lyon arent the force they used to be, they still have great players like Lovren, Cissokho, Bastos and Pjanic. But Gourcuff doesnt seem to be getting much time, but he still is a good player. I think he might be too good to drop, but if he doesnt start getting a decent amount of minutes he may drop -1. It seems all last season he struggled, another lackluster season this time round and i think he will, unfortunatly.

  12. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition)

    Kevin Theophile-Catherine of Rennes

    87 to 88?

    He should rise in the next changes to 88.

    If Rennes were to get into the top 3 in france then 89 is on the cards at the end of the season. Definetly not higher since Rennes are not in the CL and he doesnt paly for the NT.

  13. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    Sorry' date=' I meant 93 - I'll correct that now. I agree he'll reach 92 soon.

    The only other young goalkeeper with as much potential is Neuer.[/color']

    Yeah Neuer is doing really well at Bayern atm.

    Anybody's opinions on Yoann Gourcuff? You think he will drop or stay? he hasnt been seeing many minutes at Lyon this season :rolleyes:

  14. Re: forward over 90

    as the guys have said, you must sell Drogba, Eto and Luis Fabiano. Sell them now before they drop and get any older.

    Best buys are definetly Benzema, playing out of his skin at Real Madrid at the moment and could hit 94 at some stage. Neymar is still a good shout and always good to have on the bench, he will move... one day!

    Other good forwards are:

    Luis Saurez (Liverpool) who might rise to 92.

    Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea) who will rise to 88 in the next changes atleast. He looks good for the future to be a 90+.

    If you can get any of the big guns like Rooney, David Villa or Aguero then go for it.

    Try swapping some of the forwards you want to get rid of, i doubt anyone is stupid enough but you never know with some people on the game!

  15. Re: Risers or not?

    Bernd Leno 78 - 83/84

    Ralf Fahrmann 83 - 85/86

    Da Silva Fabio 86 - 87/86

    Nicolai Boilesen 77 - 82

    Kyle Walker 87 - 88

    Kevin Theophile-Catherine 87 - 87/88

    Phillip Wollschied 85 - 86/87

    Jack Rodwell 87 - 87/88

    Ranieri Sandro 89 - 89

    Joel Obi 78 - 84/85

    Aaron Ramsey 86 - 88/87

    Tom Cleverly 86 - 87/88

    Daniel Struridge 87 - 88

    Duran Nolito 85 - 86/87

    Nils Petersen 85 - 86

    Christian Eriksen 87 - 89

    Pinheiro Kleber 84 - 86/87

    Dries Mertens 87 - 89/88

    i would only get Luuk De Jong out of the others you were considering, as he is due a rise.

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