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  1. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    I can't see Hart rising above 90 by the end of this season.. Maybe during 2012-2013. If De Gea's good enough to be Man Utd's main keeper he should be 90.

    Joe Hart is already 91, i think he will be definetly 92 at the end of the season. simply because he has played in the CL, playing for England and Manchester City will be around the top of the table come the end of the season. 93 is on the cards depending on silverware.

  2. Re: Arturo Vidal, Chiellini, Marchisio etc

    Any ideas on possible rating / position change at the next Italian database update?

    He has appeared in all 5 of Juventus games so far this season since his summer move' date=' although he's only started 2 games? I believe he is a good asset to any team, and is still fairly young at 24. What are your views on his potential? If Juve make champions league / win Serie A this season, and his continues to be prominet within the team then he should surely be in for a possible rise?

    Juventus early season form has seen them take the lead in Serie A, although i believe the league to be much weaker than in previous years. Especially since Jose Mourinho's departure from Inter.

    What are your views on him, and players such as Marchisio, and Cheillini? Surely Cheillini's 94 rating is in jepordy?[/quote']

    personally i think that Cheillini will drop to 93 in the next changes. The only way he will keep his rating is if Juventus do really well in all competitions till the ratings change and he performs well enough. However ive never rated that high. Thiago SILVA is way better and is rated 93.

    As for Marchisio and Vidal, they will stay.

  3. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    That's my opinion on will happen by next summer. Take it with a pinch of salt or a handful' date=' up to you.[/font']

    i would agree with most of your predictions there, not sure on Sakho rising to 91 just yet, at the end of the season he will be 91 if PSG continue their good form. Same with M'vila at Rennes.

    Also De Gea to 90 in the next changes. I personally think Joe Hart will rise to 92 in the next changes, and if Manchester City to really well and win more trophies i see him being 93 at the end of the season. Does anyone agree with this? :)

  4. Re: The race to reach 90 - Who will win it?

    I have a few names to shout out, but its up to you whether you reckon they could ever reach 90.

    Firstly Ezekiel Fryers. (i apologise if anyone has mentioned him beforehand)

    Im sure many of you watched him against Leeds and he looked a real raw talent. He has pace, power, agility but can read the game. He played comfortably at CB for United and his distrubution skills were very good.

    I was more impressed with him than Paul Pogba, Pogba looked really good aswell but Fryers played the whole game before coming off injured. I think this guy will become a big hit, whether its at LB or CB is to be seen, and whether its a United or not. In my eyes i see him a potential rated 90.

    Rated 75.

    Next up is Adam Maher.

    Playing regulary for AZ in Holland. Of course in the orange part of the world alot of talents are streaming through the youth ranks. This guy is still 18 and playing regular football. Correct me if im wrong he has already scored some goals too. To reach 90 he will need a big move, however if he keeps up the impressive performances and mounting up minutes, he will get noticed.

    Rated 75.

    Finally, Karim Rekik.

    This young lad is performing well at Manchester City. There are many threads on him and monitering his progress. Of course he isnt in the first team just yet, but i reckon some loan moves for him in a few seasons will add experience to his game. Rekik has all the attributes to be a top defender, and still being 16 he is flying through the ranks at City. Whether he will acheive 90 at City is to be seen, due to their spending policies. However if they know he has a big future, he could make it easily at City.

    Rated 75.

    Hope you agree with my opinions and add them to the list, Cheers.

  5. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?

    here is what i think for the players above. i will replace FLETCHER & AFELLAY as they are most at risk of losing thier ratings.

    cheers pal, i wouldnt of thought these two would of gone down. I've heard Afellay has been injured and he doesnt look like he would get into the Barcelona team anyway because of Sanchez. So your probably right on that one.

    Not sure on Fletcher, i reckon he will play games for United now he is fit and keep his rating.

  6. Re: Milos KRASIC

    The only reason why i asked for under 21 was because many players over 21 have been taken by other managers.

    I should have been abit more specific and asked for anyone rated under 88 that has potential to reach 91+.

    But cheers for alll the players you've mentioned.

  7. -Biancoo.

    This new thread will seem incredibly pointless as many other threads are created by hardworking guys out here on SM. However there are always some players that dont get a mention and some people may struggle to find information on them.

    Hopefully here is where it can all start. Ive started this thread on one of my current teams in a GW. It looks like im asking for help, but at the end of the day im providing information for others. By using your knowledge we can help each other out.

    My First Team displayed below, please discuss on potential ratings, whether to keep or sell and possible replacements...


    This will include new players, player profiles, certain teams and some rating predictions.

    Welcome to the Possibilities, ('The Possi' for short!)

    HART, Joe - 91

    DE GEA, David - 89

    MARCELO, Veira - 92

    SCHMELZER, Marcel - 90

    LAHM, Phillip - 94

    VAN DER WIEL, Gregory - 90

    RAFAEL, Da Silva - 89

    PIQUE, Gerard - 95

    SILVA, Thiago - 93

    KOMPANY, Vincent - 92

    BADSTUBER, Holger - 90

    SAKHO, Mamadou - 90

    MUSACCHIO, Mateo - 89

    ALONSO, Xabi - 94

    M'VILA, Yann - 90

    FLETCHER, Darren - 92

    NASRI, Samir - 93

    GOURCUFF, Yoann - 91

    AFELLAY, Ibrahim - 90

    GOTZE, Mario - 89

    RONALDO, Cristiano - 98

    ROBBEN, Arjen - 94

    KRASIC, MiloŇ° - 91

    WILLIAN, Borges - 90

    CLEVERLEY, Tom - 86

    AGUERO, Sergio - 94

    BENZEMA, Karim - 93

    ROSSI, Giuseppe - 92

    SUAREZ, Luis - 91

    Share your veiws, opinions on current ratings or next change ratings. The more questions the better :)

  8. Milos Krasic.

    I catch up with the Serie A occasionally but i dont think this guy warrents a rise anytime soon, and probably wont go any higher.

    Any advice on his future rating?

    My personal veiw is that he 'could' drop because he wasnt starting at the beginning of the season for Juventus.

    Any wingers that i could replace him with that are under 21?

    Anybody besides Mario Gotze :P already have him of course!

  9. Due to ridiculous rules where players become unhappy with playing, ive decided i need to cut down on positions. but finding the CB's hard!

    i currently have..

    Pique - 95

    Thiago Silva - 92

    Albiol - 92

    Badstuber - 90

    Sakho - 90

    Bonucci - 89

    Rannochia - 89

    Victor Ruiz - 87

    Buying Fontas and considering Hummels..

    which ones shall i get rid of to make room? im thinking bonucci and albiol.. :confused:

  10. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition)

    are any of these in for rises,

    help asap, cheers ;)

    Yohan Cabaye - 88 - Lille

    Etienne Capoue - 89 - Toulouse

    Moussa Sissoko - 89 - Toulouse

    Stephiane M'Bia - 89 - Marseille

    Mathieu Valbuena - 90 - Marseille

    Loic Remy - 89 - Marseille

    I know M'vila will rise +1 to 90,

    all good young midfeilders in Ligue 1, but who will rise in these upcoming changes? :)

  11. Re: Marcelo?

    Sadly I think he will. He honestly is an absolutely god awful defender' date=' however being a starter at Madrid, I don't think that'll matter to the SM raters and they'll let him rise.[/quote']

    i stilll think he is a better player than clichy thoughh! who is rated 92, ;)

  12. Re: Luis Gustavo

    Very shocked that Gustavo didnt get a rise in these changes.

    Signed for Bayern in January' date=' played every game this season and now broke into the Brazilian squad. 88 rated 23 year old.

    Doesnt seem right to me. I was expecting a plus 2 or at least a plus 1[/quote']

    he had a chance of going up to 89 but in the next changes he will be 89/90 depending on Bayern's finish in the table and the amount of appearances he gets for Brazil, good prospect still to hit the 90's+.

    the big leagues will get reveiwed again a month or two after the end of the season. B)

  13. Re: Muller, Hernandez Disaster.

    Hernandez would be a good buy and i would be suprised if he wasn't 90 at end of season so in a season or two probably he would be rated 91-93. In my game world lukaku has just gotten a rise and looks like he'll grow a bit over next few seasons. Neymar also would be a good buy. Also jovetic and marin if you have the cash.

    lukaku is a great option ahead of hernandez but dont bother getting Marin or Jovetic. They are great players but dont have much potential to rise further, especially not in the near future when their clubs arent doing so well at the moment. A good player to buy would Moussa Sow of Lille rated 87. He will rise to 89 immenintly due to french league will be reveiwed and he also the top goal scorer this season soo far. If Lille win the league he has a good chance of getting a rise to 90. :D

    my options are listed, number is top priority:

    1. Neymar

    2. Lukaku

    3. Alexis Sanchez

    4. Hernandez

    5. Moussa Sow

    however they're many other strikers to get which other people my state on this thread, these however are some that have good potential in the short and long term.

    hope ive helped.

  14. Re: Reviews


    Kieran Gibbs - 86 - 86

    Abou Diaby - 89 - 89

    Denilson - 89 - 89

    Jack Wilshire - 87 - 89/88

    Alexandre Song - 91 - 92

    Samir Nasri - 92 - 93/94

    Johan Djourou - 87 - 88/89

    Marouane Chamakh - 91 - 91/90

    Kyle Walker - 84 - 86/85

    Marc Albrighton - 84 - 86/87

    Ashley Young - 90 - 90/91

    Ben Foster - 88 - 88/89

    Phil Jones - 85 - 86/85

    Craig Cathcart - 84 - 85

    Charlie Adam - 86 - 87

    David Luiz - 90 - 91/90

    Jeffrey Bruma - 80 - 80/82

    Tim Cahill - 89 - 89

    Phil Jagielka - 89 - 89

    Clint Dempsey - 88 - 88

    Andrew Carroll - 87 - 88/89

    Luis Suarez - 91 - 91/92

    Martin Kelly - 80 - 85/84

    Glen Johnson - 91 - 91 ** position change to RB/LB

    Joe Hart - 90 - 90/91

    David Silva - 93 - 93

    Mario Balotelli - 89 - 89

    Adam Johnson - 88 - 88/89

    Carlos Tevez - 94 - 94/95

    Ben Amos - 77 - 77

    Fabio - 83 - 84/85

    Chris Smalling - 86 - 87/88

    Gabriel Obertan - 86 - 86/85

    Jordan Henderson - 87 - 88

    Rafael Van Der Vart - 92 - 92/93

    Assou-Ekotto - 89 - 89/90

    Michael Dawson - 88 - 89/88

    Peter Odemwingie - 88 - 87/88

    Victor Moses - 84 - 84/85

    Ebanks-Blake - 85 - 85

    What do you think?

    im sorrry yourr predictions are terribly all over the place!

    ive fixed them. :eek:B)

    also more you have missed..

    James Hurst - 75 - 76/77

    Joe Hart 90 - 90/91

    Pablo Zabaleta - 89 - 90/89

    Aleksandar Kolarov 88 - 90/89

    Jerome Boateng - 89 - 89/90

    Jermaine Beckford - 83 - 85/86

    Seamus Coleman - 85 - 87/86

    Gareth Bale - 90 - 90

    Alexsander Hleb - 89 - 88

    Danny Welbeck - 86 - 87

    Stuart Holden - 86 - 87/88

    Johnny Evans - 89 - 89/88

    Dimitar Berbatov - 93 - 93/94

    Nani - 91 -92

    Darren Fletcher 92 - 92/93

    Jose Enrique - 86 - 87

    Petr Cech - 94 -94/93

    Frank Lampard - 95 - 95/94

    Didier Drogba - 96 - 96/95

    Nicolas Anelka - 93 - 93/94

    Theo Walcott - 89 - 90

    and plenty more. B)

  15. Re: Nasri/Arshavin Rating Swap

    if it's question of whos MVP (after cesc)' date=' it's between nasri, wilshere, song, and walcott, and szczesny.

    nasri and wilshere are the best 2 players out of the 4. but walcott and song perform vital roles for arsenal.

    the goalie is the only competent goalie in arsenals team right now so hes important too.[/quote']

    Song is clearly the unsong hero for Arsenal, no doubt about it.. without him they would be the old 'beautiful Arsenal, but cant defend Arsenal'. B)

  16. Re: Nasri/Arshavin Rating Swap

    It's definitely between Nasri and Wilshere for the best player this season' date=' I would argue that Nasri has been the best player this season, probably even better then Fabregas. I also think Arshavin may just do enough to save his rating, yeah he was poor for a bit there but seems to be finding a good run of form at the moment, give him a little time and I wouldn't be surprised to see him back to his best. Szczesny has been great so far, I feel confident having him in goal[/quote']

    totally agree, Szczesny has had a superb season since filling the position in the first team on a permanent basis.. but in regards to outfeild players i reckon Nasri has been superb, Walcott has been injured and out the team too often but atleast he is finding consistency in his performances of late. :D

  17. Re: Nasri/Arshavin Rating Swap

    Wheres Bendtner?

    Bendtner i reckon has been poor this season, couple of good goals but not as important as the other players in the poll..

    However ill admitt i did forget about Robin Van Persie in the poll, sorry about that! :rolleyes:

    but saying that, you cant tell me that Bendtner is better than Nasri. surely no. B)

  18. Re: Nasri/Arshavin Rating Swap

    Nasri a better player...but Wilshire's putting in some stunning performances at the moment

    agree, but overall Nasri is a better player at the moment, but Wilshere shall keep improving and will be better than most players in the Premier League + the worldd, i reckon he will be a huge hit on the International stage for England too B)

  19. Surelly it cant just be me thinking this... but Nasri has been outstanding this season and one of Arsenal's best players just behind Cesc Fabregas..

    But i cant see Arshavin been any higher than Nasri. In the next changes it should be, Nasri 94 and Arshavin <<92.

    It wont happen though :rolleyes:

    Even if Nasri rose +1 and Arshavin -1 .. both being 93 is simply weird. Arshavin stats have been decent but performances have been poor, especially to Samir Nasri's this season.

    Anybody agreee? ;)

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