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  1. Re: Forward 89+

    bettter options maybe players like neymar, who is just awsome and will move to a bigger club soon.

    Other options could be:

    Gameiro (as mentioned)

    Lukaku (rated 87 but great prospect)







    Luis Suarez

    theres soo many! B)

  2. Re: Champions League 10/11 | Team Predictions


    Edwin Van Der Sar - 94 -> 94 (retire)

    Tomasz Kuszczak - 88 -> 87/88

    Anders Lindegaard - 86 -> 86

    Patrice Evra - 94 -> 94

    Pereira Fabio - 83 -> 84/83

    Wes Brown - 89 -> 88/89

    Pereira Rafael - 87 -> 89/88

    Nemanja Vidic - 96 -> 96

    Rio Ferdinand - 94 -> 94

    Jonny Evans - 89 -> 89

    Chris Smalling - 86 -> 86

    John O'Shea - 89 - 89

    Ryan Giggs - 93 -> 93

    Owen Hargreaves - 89 -> 89/88

    Michael Carrick - 92 -> 92/91

    Darren Fletcher - 92 -> 92

    Paul Scholes - 92 -> 92 (retire, i think)

    Luis Anderson - 90 -> 90/91

    Darron Gibson - 86 -> 86

    Luis Nani - 91 -> 92

    Antonio Valencia - 91 -> 91

    Park Ji-Sung - 90 -> 90

    Gabriel Obertan - 86 -> 86

    ..will stay but should seroiusly go down, poor player! :eek:

    Wayne Rooney - 95 -> 95

    Javier Hernandez - 88 -> 89

    Dimitar Berbatov - 93 -> 94/93

    Michael Owen - 89 -> 88/89

    ive changedd the ratings to what my predictions shall be. ;)

  3. Re: Help with CM

    i reckonn jordan henderson of sunderland (87) is in for a good shout, if he continues his development at Sunderland for another season, then move to a bigger club.

    Manuel Schmiedebach is also a good prospect, he is rated 85 for Hannover and they are having a decent season in the top half of the table, he should be in for a rise to 87/88. Who knows after that? But at the age of 22, he has plenty of time to progress. B)

  4. Re: Rising Wingers to 90+


    nani, he is more direct and scores more than valencia. i reckon it will take time for valenica to get to full fitness again after his injury. But Nani looks a better long term prospect too. A 93 is the highest he will go in the future. :)

  5. Re: Best left-backs around?

    Schmidt has started FOUR games recently' date=' should his run in the team continue a +4/5/6 shouldn't be out of the question, although the ratings for Germany weren't reviewed that long ago so a lot can happen until the next reviews. One worth keeping an eye on for sure.

    Again Spain was reviewed not that long ago but Kevin is a definite talent and I'm sure you are aware recently rose to 82 from 77 due to a run in the team. Should his appearances continue he can get a +2/3 next time, with a shout at 85/86 by the end of the season. Again he may drop out of the side however and then these increases won't happen, so keep an eye on his appearances. He is however very much a part of the first team picture atm.

    Soccerway is a decent site to refer to.[/quote']

    cheers mate, yeah i look at some other sites too to kept me informed and its just a matter of case they are still playing regulary at the end of the season ;)

  6. Re: Riferimento: Best left-backs around?

    Schmelzer 22yo 88' date=' LB [/b']

    Cissokho 23yo 90, LB

    Marcelo 23yo LB/LM

    Coentrao 22yo 90 LB/LM

    Criscito 23yo 89 LB/LM

    i Think this are the best Lb's Prospect wise, the ones in bold IMO have more chances into getting 92+ ratings.

    brilliant cheeeers, well im trying to get coentrao but the manager isnt having any of it :rolleyes: but i have marcelo and is schmelzer a much better prospect than cissokho then?

    how good is schmelzer? never seen him play unfornatley :eek:

  7. Re: Riferimento: Munoz or Smalling, both 86, whos better?

    Both of them are promising defenders; I think that at the moment Munoz would be a better buy' date=' since he's played lots of games. Anyway for the last matches Palermo manager Rossi preferred Goian to him, but however I think that he'll find more and more space. Smalling too is a good player, but he isn't playing very much, so I'd say Munoz is better at the moment.[/quote']

    yeah its a tough one, but i have both players for my club and need to sell somebody off to raise funds for bigger and much better players. Im considering to sell Smalling, purely because Munoz looks to have the playing time. B)

  8. Re: Marvin Plattenhardt - 18 y.o LB at Nuremberg


    It was a little bit of both. Nuremberg`s first choice LB Javier Pinola was suspended for the match against Dortmund. But it was still a surprise to see Plattenhardt in the starting line-up' date=' since Pinola`s back-up used to be Pascal Bieler (rated at 81). According to a newspaper report, Plattenhardt has moved ahead of Bieler in the internal pecking order.

    Personally, I am going to buy him for my clubs once he is in the DB, but I don`t expect him to be the next big thing in German football a la Götze, Holtby, etc. But I`ve watched him last year at the U-17 EC and think he could become a good player.[/quote']

    Yeah fair enough, was just wondering. But he could be a decent performer in the next few years, its sort of the same situation with Florian Trinks at Werder Breman, quality young lad but hasnt got the potential that Gotze has had. We will see, youngsters can rapidly progress in a short peroid of time. sometimes down confidence. Keep us updated anyways cheeers B)

  9. Re: CB help - 88-89 rated in for a rise

    haha again all taken' date=' do you know if any of my team at the moment are in for rise/ drop

    also does anyone know if jagielka in for a rise??[/quote']

    jagielka could rise, but most likely stay 89 i think. Victor Ruiz looks a quality player in Spain for Espanyol at the moment, definetly keep him :P

    he should rise to about 86/87 hopefully.

    Reinartz looks a good player too, solid and strong. He could be in for another rise to 87.

    Alvaro Dominguez looks a certain riser for Atletico Madrid. The 87 rated defender could rise to 89 along with Toby Alderwerield of Ajax. Two great young centre backs.

    Lastly Maicon of Porto should be in for a big rise to 88 :D who knows how much he could rise after that, but if he continues playing for the next few seasons then hopefully a future 90+.

    Hope ive helped. B)

  10. Re: WestBrom talentSCOUT.

    Thanks. I was wondering as he has played for England U16' date=' U17 and U19. :)[/quote']

    Yeahh he has had solid year or two, once i do his factfile you'll be able to see his stats, he looks promising if he continues his development and continues to play more regularly in the reserves. B)

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