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  1. Re: Need Help ! Well can anyone help me ? Cheers !!!!
  2. Re: New Players Please. Tes I dont want the like of Messi for 45 million I'd rather have the likes of Chicharito etc... What would say about Maarten Stekelenburg ? Should I sign him. Joe Hart ? Def : Flanagan - RB Raphaël VARANE - CB Davide SANTON - RB/LB Cesar AZPILICUETA - RB/RM Simon KJAER - CB Mamadou SAKHO - CB Phil Jones - CB/DM Any Left Backs ? Mid : Neymar - FWD/AM - Is he worth it as he's a heck of alot money. Wilshere - CM - Is he worth 12 million ! Xherdan Shaqiri - Wing/LB - Unsure of this player. Gotze - Am/Wing - 10 Million ! Eriksen - Unsure about this one. Fwd : Eden HAZARD - Wing/AM Ryo MIYAICHI - Wing/FWD Btw I'm Manchester United so thats why I left out Chicharito... Please could you add to my list . Thank you.
  3. Re: New Players Cheers ! Anymore would be great... This is my list so far. DE GEA, David - GK Raphaël VARANE - CB Davide SANTON - RB/LB Cesar AZPILICUETA - RB/RM Simon KJAER - CB Mamadou SAKHO - CB Phil Jones - CB/DM Xherdan Shaqiri - Wing/LB Eden HAZARD - Wing/AM Ryo MIYAICHI - Wing/FWD
  4. I'm going to start a brand new season (first one) with Manchester United and I need players who are the future. A list would begreat soI dont miss no players
  5. This is my Atlético Madrid team & I've got 153.3 Million in the bank. Help me with replacing players with decent ones. GK - CENI, Rogério - I'm thinking of getting rid of as he's 38 years old. Any idea of a decent keeper who is experienced. LINDEGAARD, Anders - My second keeper. Def - FABIO, Da Silva - LB/RB 20 - Young and getting appearances for Man Utd. DE SILVESTRI, Lorenzo RB-RMRB/RM 22 - Another young player whose got potential SUBOTIC, Neven - CB 22 - A 'rock' RANOCCHIA, Andrea - CB 23 - Un sure about this player. SMALLING, Chris CB 21 - A new Ferdinand. JONES, Phil CB/DM 19 - A Great prospect BALE, Gareth - LM/LB 21 - Only twenty one ! TOULALAN, Jérémy DM/CB - 27 - ALTINTOP, Hamit Mid/RB -28 - Can play anywhere in mid ! DE SILVESTRI, Lorenzo RB/RM -22 JONES, Phil CB/DM-19 BALE, Gareth LM/LB -21 ALBRIGHTON, Marc RM/Wing-21 DIARRA, Lass DM/CM-26 ALTINTOP, Hamit Mid/RB- 28 MODRIC, Luka CM/LM- 25 MOUTINHO, João CM/RM -24 SISSOKO, Moussa CM/DM-21 WILSHERE, Jack CMCM -19 MCEACHRAN, Josh CM/LM-18 GOURCUFF, Yoann AM/CM-24 JOVETIC, Stevan AM/Fwd-21 GOTZE, Mario AM/Wing -18 CESAR, Bruno AM/Wing-22 COUTINHO, PhilippeAM/Wing-18 MORRISON, Ravel AM/Wing-18 DI MARIA, Ángel Wing -23 JOHNSON, Adam Wing-23 OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex Wing/AM- 17 BENZEMA, Karim Fwd/Wing-23 FORLAN, Diego Fwd/AM -31 BALOTELLI, Mario - Fwd/Wing -20 SILVA, Wellington Fwd/AM -18 NOUBLE, Frank CF-19 Cheers !
  6. Re: Mario Gotze - Another German Talent Well an update. He has a rating change of 11, making him goto 86. Well not bad for me realy only cost me 400k know his value is roughly 6 mil
  7. As My Title Says I Need Help With A Transfer Deal. Its S.TASCI I Got Offered 16 Mil For Him. My Other CB Are. J. Toulanan A.RANOCHHIA C.SMALLING N. SUBOTIC A. NALDO If I Was Going To Sell Who Would I Be Able To Replace Him With ? Please Dont State The Ones People Allready Know Like Kjaer Etc.... They Should Be Able To Rise In The Coming Weeks. Thanks
  8. As My Title Say I Need Help On My Goalkeeping Situation. My Current Goal Keepers Are The Following : Rogério CENI Age Is 37 And Rated At 90. Anders LINDEGAARD Age Is 26 And Rated At 84. Just Bought As A Long Term Prospect. Know Here Is The Problem. My 3rd Keeper Is Grégory COUPET Who I Just Got An Offer For 4 Mil. Money Is Not A Problem. Should I Accept. With Anders LINDEGAARD Moving To Manchester United ,He Should Get A Rating Change. And Become My NO. 2 Help Would Be Appreciated !!!
  9. Re: Anders Lindegaard. Stay Or Rise? Well He Is Going To Manchester United. I Will Buy Him And Add Him To Your Squads. Also DONT Sell Him As He Is Rated At 82 And Would Be Able To Snap Up For About 5 Mil. A Riser, But He Is Not Gonna Get Game Time This Season IMO.As Van Der Saar Is Still In Net. But He Might Get The Odd FA Cup Or Carling Cup Appearance. Take In Mind That He Will Be Hopfully Be In The Long Run To Take That NO. 1 Goalkeeper Shirt
  10. Re: Frederik Sørensen An Odd Question, But When He Is Gonna Rise ? What Will He Be Worth ? Good Player.
  11. Well A Manager In My Game World Has Offered Me Wellington Alves Da Silva The Young Foward In Exchange For 'JOSE BAXTER' Know As I Do With Most Deals I Do Reasearch Into The Player. I Have That He Signed For Arsenal. The Deal Would Be Done In Janaury 2011. Also When Is The English Premier League Update Gonna Be. So When The Its Gonna Get Updated. Should I Do This Deal.
  12. Hi My Team Is CSKA Moskva And I Have 77.6 Mil In The Bank. I Need Help To Choose From The Following Posistions. Gk. Got Igor Akinfeev But Might Want A GK Who Is Gonna Rise. Please My League Is Very Competitive And The Other Managers Have Snatched The Well Players Away. So In The Folowing I Would Like You Lot To Give Me Suggestians Which Players ARE Good To Buy. EG: GK - HART, DE GEA. So Here Goes Then. ( Please Can U Tell Me Some UNKNOWN Faces. Not The Obvisous Ones. GK - LB - RB - CB - DEF/ DM - RM - LM - WING - FWD - FWD - Thanks You.
  13. Re: Joe Dudgeon Manchester United Left-Back Do U Advise Any One 2 Sign Him.
  14. Re: FREE AGENT Help... @ SikhKidd I Will Thank You For Looking At My List Of CB At The Bottom Of The Page. So Well Done There ! Also As You Said I Got Enough Center Backs I Agree. So Thanks Everyone For Posting !! And Also Whats A Good Squad Size...
  15. Re: FREE AGENT Help... So Is He WORTH It Or Its A Waste Of Money. I Reckon He Will Play Start Playing For Arsenal. I Have 83 MIL. Is That Alot To Buy Good Players. SO SHOULD I BUY. :D:D
  16. Hello I Have Just Come Across Laurent KOSCIELNY In My Game Worlds As A Free Agent. Should I Sign Him ? Here Is My Current Center Backs. Jérémy TOULALAN Andrea RANOCCHIA Neven SUBOTIC Aparecido NALDO Serdar TASCI Phil JONES. Should I Sign Him? Is He A Bargain All I'm Gonna Pay Is 3.7 Mil.
  17. Who Is Much Better. Gareth Bale Who Can Play Only LM/WING Or Sébastien Corchia Who Can Play RB/LB. Or Should I Get Both. I Have 80 Mil. Also Should I Sell Fabio Who Plays For Man Utd. He Hardly Gets Any Game Time And Bale Can Replace Him. What Do You Think.
  18. Re: Who Would You Choose. Well I Have 80 Mil. Here Are My Defenders. Pereira Fabio. LB/LM . His Rating Is 80. He Is 20 Years Old. Lorenzo DE SILVESTRI. RB/RM . His Rating Is 87. He Is 22 Years Old. Fabio CANNAVARO. CB . His Rating Is 90. He Is 37 Years Old. Aparecido NALDO. CB . His Rating Is 91. He Is 28 Years Old. Serdar TASCI . CB . His Rating Is 90. He Is 23 Years Old. Andrea RANOCCHIA. CB . His Rating Is 86. He Is 22 Years Old. Neven SUBOTIC .CB . His Rating Is 89. He Is 21 Years Old. Phil JONES. DM/CB . His Rating Is 80. He Is 18 Years Old. These Are My Defenders Who I Wanna Sell But Dont Know What Price Is Best. Ezequiel GARAY CB . His Rating Is 90. He Is 24 Years Old. He Will Drop, And Won't Get Any Game Time At Real Madrid. His Value Is 12 Mil. How Much Should I Sell Him For ? Jérémy TOULALAN, DM/CB. His Rating Is 93 And His AGE Is 27. He Has A Big Wage And His Value Is 20 Mil. John HEITINGA. DEF/DM. The Only Reason I Wanna Get Rid Off This Player Is He Will Drop. His Value Is 12 Mil. So Who Can Be My Replacements....
  19. Bale Boeteng Santon castro Who Is Better/Who Will Rise.
  20. Re: Patrick van aanholt Should I ... Or Is Kyle Naughton A Better Player
  21. Hello. I Just Come Across A Player Called Patrick van aanholt. In My Game World He Is A Free Agent. Should I Buy Him. My Current Left Back Are. Fabio Who Is Playing For Man Utd.
  22. Re: Jerome Boeteng Or Castro Anyone ? :confused:
  23. Hello Everyone ! My Team Is Atletico Madrid And I Have 70 Mil In The Bank. My Team Is The Following. Goalkeeper. Rogério CENI His Rating Is 90. His Age Is 37. Wanna Flog. His Value Is 6 Mil Grégory COUPET Rating Is 88 And Age Is 37. Also Wanna Get Rid. Value = 3.2 As You See High Rating Keepers But Are Old. As Replacements I Would Like To Find A Keeper Who Is Outstanding And The Number 2 Keeper Who Will One Day Become Amazing ( A Player Who Is Going To Rise ). Today I Did Research On A Player Called Igor Akinfeev. 24 Years Old And His Rating Is 91 But He Hasen't Changed Since 23/12/05 So About 5 Years. To Me Thats Staying Safe. His He Worth It Or Are There Other Keepers In The Game. His Pricetag Is 16 Mil. Defence LB - Pereira FABIO A Young Lb Who Is 20 And Ratings Is 80. As You See Only 1 Left Back. But I Would To Know Is There A Good Defender In Soccer Manager. Some One Who Play 'DEF' All Of The Defence Posistions. CB - Aparecido NALDO He Is 28 And His Rating Is 91. Serdar TASCI Is 23 And His Rating Is 90. He Plays Matches So For Me A Good Defender. Fabio CANNAVARO An Ageing Player Who Is 37 And His Rating Is 90. Ezequiel GARAY A Player Who Dose'nt Get Match Time But At The Age Of 24 I Wanna Get Rid. Same With Fabio Cannavaro. Neven SUBOTIC Is 21 Years Old And His Rating Is 89 Andrea RANOCCHIA A Good Defender Who I Snapped Up For FREE !!! At The Age Of 22 And His Rating Is 86 A Player Who Will Get A Rate Change Fairly Quickly. Phil JONES His Age Is 18 And Rating Is 80 John HEITINGA A Player I Wanna Not See Again In A Fairly Long Time. Jérémy TOULALAN A Player I Wanna Cash In. RB - Lorenzo DE SILVESTRI I Snapped Up For Free. Is 22 And His Rating Is 87. Also Should I Get Davide Santon. If So How Much. My Mid Is This : LM - Ángel DI MARIA 22 And His Rating Is 90 MODRIC, Luka Is 25 And His Rating Is 91 My WINGERS. Jack WILSHERE 18 And His Rating Is 85. Adam JOHNSON Is 23 And His Rating Is 87 Also I Have Fowards Who Can Play Wing. RM - MOUTINHO DM- Lass DIARRA Good Cover. Is 25 And His Rating Is 92 Moussa SISSOKO Good Cover. Is 21 And His Rating Is 89 My Fowards . Stevan JOVETIC Just Bought. 20 Years Old And His Rating Is 92. Philippe COUTINHO Just Bought. 18 Years Old And His Rating Is 78. Diego Forlan Age Is 31 And His Rating Is 94 Karim BENZEMA Age Is 22 And His Rating Is 93 Mario BALOTELLI, Just Bought. 20 Years Old And His Rating Is 89. José BAXTER. One For The Future. His Age Is 18 And His Rating Is 75 Frank NOUBLE One For The Future. His Age Is 19 And His Rating Is 78 Where Can I Improve.
  24. I Would Like To Know Who Is Much Better, Jerome Boeteng Or Gonzalo Castro. Who Should I Buy ?
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