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  3. Riferimento: Re: What should I do with Sneijder?
  4. Riferimento: Re: What should I do with Sneijder? 'cause i've starting to revolutionize my team... by keeping my 92 average, i will buy stable or rising players i'm afraid that Sneijder will drop again next season, if he don't goes away from Inter
  5. The question is up... my italian championship is overpowered (there aren't externals 89 or 90)... what i've to do with Sneijder? His value is 27,5 millions, but i can't sell him for 28... and maybe i can't swap him with De Rossi or Tevez... what i've to do?
  6. Riferimento: Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II) i think he has a big chance to drop, 'cause is playing terrible games (so inter too)
  7. Riferimento: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II) nice work, very well done
  8. Riferimento: external offers Today I noticed that the offers of external teams are very low compared to the usual 15%, why? (it is not a player picked by a team of my own League)
  9. i've noticed just today that the external offers aren't 15% of the player price... but only a smaller 2-3%, why?
  10. Riferimento: Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)
  11. i've a barcelona in a championship just started, i've buyed some players, but i can't decide how to play, do you have any suggestions? the team is GKs: Victor Valdes, 93 Jason White, 64 () Right Defenders: Dani Alves, 95 Branislav Ivanovic, 92 Central Defenders: Nemanja Vidic, 96 Gerard Pique, 95 Javier Mascherano, 93 Sergio Busquets, 94 Left Defenders: Philipp Lahm, 94 Adriano Correia, 91 Central Midfielders: Xavi Hernandez, 97 Andres Iniesta, 97 Cesc Fabregas, 95 Gareth Barry, 91 Wingers: Franck Ribery, 95 David Silva, 94 (even if it isn't a pure winger) Pedro Rodriguez, 93 Ashley Young, 90 Attackers: Leo Messi, 99 Wayne Rooney, 95 Sergio Aguero, 94 Fabio Quagliarella, 90
  12. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions
  13. Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions i've a question for all i've done 3 predictions (for the next brasilian reviews) for 3 players i've got... what do you think about it? Wellington Nem 83 ---> 86 Ataide Elton 82 ---> 84/85 Rodrigo Moledo 82 ---> 84/85 they're correct?
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