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  1. i've a barcelona in a championship just started, i've buyed some players, but i can't decide how to play, do you have any suggestions?

    the team is


    Victor Valdes, 93

    Jason White, 64 (:D)

    Right Defenders:

    Dani Alves, 95

    Branislav Ivanovic, 92

    Central Defenders:

    Nemanja Vidic, 96

    Gerard Pique, 95

    Javier Mascherano, 93

    Sergio Busquets, 94

    Left Defenders:

    Philipp Lahm, 94

    Adriano Correia, 91

    Central Midfielders:

    Xavi Hernandez, 97

    Andres Iniesta, 97

    Cesc Fabregas, 95

    Gareth Barry, 91


    Franck Ribery, 95

    David Silva, 94 (even if it isn't a pure winger)

    Pedro Rodriguez, 93

    Ashley Young, 90


    Leo Messi, 99

    Wayne Rooney, 95

    Sergio Aguero, 94

    Fabio Quagliarella, 90

  2. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Nem maybe 85. But it isnt "worth" doing predictions right now' date=' because SM doesnt look at the state championships...[/quote']

    oh... didn't know this, so it will take many months before that will make the next reviews? because if so, I think I should sell them, being expired today

  3. Riferimento: Re: Respuesta: Riferimento: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    So those players that are in the teams that have surprises the most' date=' gotten alot of game time does not deserve to rise ?

    I've only done the "top" teams so far ... and only a few mid-table bottom table teams lol ... you will see droppers today xD[/center']

    yes, they deserve to rise... but, if i can take an example from one of the french top teams

    Kim Källström CM 29 90 +1

    it's wayyy too optimistic, cause kallstrom will never raise 91, but i'm not blaming you, it's just a constructive criticism, however, you did a great job the same :D

  4. I can took Arshavin from an unmanaged team... what's the future of is rating?

    He's on loan at Zenit, but will he reviewed in the English Premier League or not? If yes, i think he will drop 90, if not i think he will stay for now

    What do you think?

  5. Riferimento: Re: MARCHISIO, Claudio !HELP!

    Buy him now' date=' should rise to 92 when the changes come along.[/quote']

    i'm juventus fan, and i think he won't raise at 92 'cause now is a bit low with form, i think he will stay 91 for now, and raise 92 if juventus wins the league :D

  6. Now he's on loan at Zenit, and i think he will play a lot... but, do you think he will drop the same, even if he's on loan?

    The Russian ratings was just reviewed, and for other months i think he shouldn't drop, what do you think?

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