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  1. Riferimento: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 thanks for the fast reply
  2. Riferimento: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 rafinha will stay or drop?
  3. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Russian Risers 2010
  4. Riferimento: Russian Risers 2010 zyrianov, 91 cd of zenit will drop?
  5. Riferimento: arshavin will drop? thanks for the replies.. I asked this question because I was going to take it, but I realized that was having a terrible season statistics and so I asked your opinion
  6. now is 94, what do you think about?
  7. Riferimento: if i change a tactic about 1 time in 1-2 matches thanks for the very helpful reply
  8. it will affect the quality of the play for the too many change of tactics, or not?
  9. hi all, i'm a 19 years old from italy XD i've 4 teams in the game and i'm playing it since the end of september, i hope i will stay here a lot XD
  10. hi all, i'm new in the english forum, and i've a question for all.. i've just lost with an unmanaged team in a home game.. and i've to change the tactic i wont to save my team from relegating in the second league.. now i'm using a 4-1-3-2, here's the team: Gk: R. Ceni 90 Defense: Reveillere - RB/LB 89 Cetin - CB 90 Van Buyten - CB 90 Bereztusky - Def 89 Bonera - Def 89 Tymoshuk - DM/CB 91 Midfield: Makelele - DM 90 Ambrosini - CM/DM 92 Meireles - CM 91 Afellay - AM/CM 90 Guti - AM/CM 90 Taddei - Wing/AM 90 Ziani - Wing/AM 88 FW: Niang - FWD/Wing 91 Rossi - FWD/AM 91 Cabanas - FWD 90 and a future 89-90 FWD what do you think?
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