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  1. Re: Prospects next rating changes last review of england was early december, so i would say early april. sm said they would review big leagues 3 times a year (so every 4 months)
  2. Re: Ronaldinho !!!! i dont think he will drop straight away maybe down to 92 initially. i would keep him in your team for now. when robinho went to brazil he kept his rating. unless you receive a good offer keep him.
  3. Re: SM totally anti Liverpool???? Gerrard deserves his drop. He will drop further if liverpools poor form continues. But if they improve and his form is amazing, theres no reason for him to go up again as SM will review top leagues three times this season.
  4. Re: Young talents 84-87 thanks all help appreciated gonna try and snap these guys up!
  5. Re: Young talents 84-87 cheers heron, have heard about ranocchia and that he will rise by 2 will bid for him, what about san jose? gonna rise in the near future? if so by how much?
  6. Re: Young talents 84-87 thanks tqhamilton, do you know anything about them? was just wondering if they played lots of game time? unfortunately they are already taken Jack, thanks though, good risers too
  7. i am looking for the stars of tomorrow, im in a quite competitive gameworld and need to sign up all the future talents, i have holtby, ninis, corchia, fer, muniain, canales, gibbs, galeano, lukaku, de jong, rodriguez, costa, van wolsvinkel, gonalons, eriksen are there any other young players that are playing lots of minutes and are excellant prospects for the future (doesnt have to be from the big leagues thanks guys
  8. Re: 99-100 cheers mate for the quick response, do you think Messi will reach 99 or will it take winning the world cup to do so?
  9. As i an relatively new to soccer manager i was just wondering is there have ever been any players rated 99 or even 100? I can see that Messi and Ronaldo are 98, surely there hasnt been anyone better than these guys?.....
  10. Re: Player Predictions thanks guys, repped all round! no offense taken dude, just some players i have bought/swapped and some players im thinking of buying thanks again people
  11. Hello, Which of the following players will rise/stay/drop? I dont hold much hope for Ribery, Toulalan and Falcao. I think Ribery will probably drop, but what do you guys think. 1. Hart 2. Ivanovic 3. Pepe 4. Mertesacker 5. Bastos 6. Carvalho 7. Toulalan 8. Klasic 9. Kompany 10. Ribery 11. Milner 12. Ramires 13. Busquets 14. Mata 15. Nani 16. Aquilani 17. Lampard 18. Wilshere 19. Pirlo 20. Robben 21. Falcao 22. Aguero 23. Walcott 24. Bent 25. Pjanic 26. Pazzini 27. Ibrahimovic 28. Dzeko 29. Chamakh Thanks in advance!
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