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  1. That's a fun deal. I would take Varane, Thiago and Ronaldo. Must beef up your first team a lot. Foden and De ligt will be amazing players but the other three already are.
  2. If you are getting Neymar, its a good deal. If you are getting Camavinga and Thiago, try and get someone a little better than Thiago if possible
  3. Depends what you can do with the money I suppose but I choose Neymar. Hazard has done little at madrid
  4. Ronaldo still a beast in the game. You are giving away A LOT for one player who will be great (he already is but the ratings will take time to show it). Foden is great but giving away R and A is too much IMO
  5. Can you rank the following players? Thanks team D.Carlos, L.Hernandez, E.Can, K.Manolas
  6. Can you tell me a little bit about Arthur melo these days. Is he up to much? Worth keeping or on the way down? If i sell him I have an outside chance of good players. Maybe oyarzabal, maybe pogba. Thoughts there? Will oyarzabal get a nice move?
  7. What are your thoughts on Emerson (of Barcelona - currently out on loan). He is playing regularly on loan but is he one to hold onto or not really?
  8. Crap, what do you do when Rahul and kieran disagree. @Milanista1to the rescue? 😂😂
  9. Timo Werner and Saul Niguez for Sterling? My first team can afford to lose Werner and Niguez to get Sterling but is it too much to pay?
  10. Thanks Rahul that's great. As a matter of interest. What would maguire have to do in your system to hit 92?
  11. Matthew Bondswell added to SM today. Rated 70 - Cost 120k. He moved to Leipzig two years ago and has progressed from the U17 to U19 team. He is now gone on loan to FC Dordrecht. When he was still in the UK he was a highly sought after 16 year old. He is worth keeping an eye on for sure. https://englishplayersabroad.com/2020/04/18/matthew-bondswell-two-years-on-from-his-move-to-rb-leipzig/
  12. Can Partey keep his SM ability to play at RB, or will it be erased soon? Is Toni Kroos still first team at Madrid and how long can he keep his rating for?
  13. Good long term prospect but will take a while to get the rises. If you have the cash keep him as I think he has the talent to do really well. I spoke to a spurs fan recently and he said he was his player of the season last year. Rated him above Son and Kane, which is crazy but it may indicate he has some potential (or that all fans are delusional)
  14. I need to raise some cash so I was hoping some of you could help to identify who I can sell out of this list or who are those I must hold onto ( I was going to ask who the keepers were but I know some of you would just tell me the goalies ) Thanks in advance P. Bernardo -- 18-- 73 A. BARRENETXEA -- 18 --82 R. Ladinetti - 19-- 73 O. URUNOV -- 19-- 80 L. Gagliano --20--73 s. Pinyaev - 15- 74 H. Guillamon -- 20-- 80 e. Bayram --17---73 D. O shea ---21--80 T. Becker --23--76 B. Gomes --19--76 G. Menino --20--80 A. Emerson --21--87 M. Silveira --17---73 L. Samardz
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