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  1. Who would you sign between Hudson Odoi, Ocampos and Guimarães? Can you give them a quick 1,2,3 ranking? Thanks
  2. Martial definitely looks a more confident and assured player but Rashford is still the golden boy there. Rashford developing new parts to his game and playing a different role *see some of his amazing passes from deep Martial while looking good and will still be great is probably a slow riser in the end.
  3. give chong (or garner). Gilmour miles ahead of both
  4. Strange behaviour for sure. Have you tried messaging him and asked him why he continues to bid when you don't want to sell?
  5. I presume it is the Kjaer without the picture? I managed to sign Lutke-Frie earlier this month, I will try and get the others now
  6. Aguero or Bale? Lindelof or upamecano? Maddison or Jorginho? Ocampos or ayoze perez?
  7. Sell or keep: (I know it is not as straightforward as that but let me know if anything jumps out) Bale Pjanic Paredes Ocampos Perez Paredes has to go I think?
  8. It is not as straight forward as some are making out. Of course selling a 96 rated player for an 88 rated player makes no sense. Soccermanager wont even allow it. But if your first team is in good shape and can takethe immediate hit it may be worth considering. They should give you another star that is already in the 90 to 94 range plus haaland to make it viable. Or haaland a 91 star and some cash etc. But there are ways to make it work. Personally i like having players that I watch continually rise in my team so its nice to have them. Haaland is a cert to make it too i think.
  9. Who out of the following players are likely to rise in rating in the future? Loureiro ALLAN L.INSIGNE R.MORENO P.SARABIA K.KAMPL F.THAUVIN A.BELOTTI P.ZIELINSKI A.ROMAGNOLI N.FEKIR S.MILINKOVIĆ-SAVIĆ F.RUIZ Are any must buys at the moment? Thanks in advance :)
  10. Haaland is clearly not your usual player. His rise has been incredible. How do you think SM will treat him? Obviously they gave him a quick rise already but they could fast track him to 92 or higher?
  11. would you sign auba now then, or is he in freefall?
  12. 1. Is there an 89 rated (RLC) AM/F most likely to reach 90? 2. Of those that are 91 who is best. Depay is injured for the rest of the season while oyarzabal just got his increase so won't increase further for a while?
  13. Re: New forum filled english championship!! Interesting! That costs money or something is it? can i reserve one now?
  14. Re: New forum filled english championship!! This is gona be great!! so are teams put in a draw or on first come first served basis? draw would be cool...
  15. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer.
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