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  1. Re: New forum filled english championship!! Interesting! That costs money or something is it? can i reserve one now?
  2. Re: New forum filled english championship!! This is gona be great!! so are teams put in a draw or on first come first served basis? draw would be cool...
  3. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer.
  4. Re: New forum filled english championship!! Catch me up on this guys! is this gameworld open already or new? If its new I would love to join, like said below, a gameworld that stays competitive for a few months would be great!! In addition if there are some average to good clubs left, i could probably get three or 4 guys to join as well!!
  5. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Im a bit confused I came to this page looking to defeat a 4-2-3-1 formation, the advice was to use a 4-5-1 defensive OR a 3-5-2 Since I always use 3-5-2 and it always gets me stuffed I changed to 4-5-1, For interests sake I then looked at what formation would beat me, so what counters 4-5-1 effectively, your advice... a 4-2-3-1 formation would beat it, so really, am i just setting myself to be beaten here, IT is quite confusing! Any help on how to defeat this formation would be much appreciated!
  6. My team is in the top 2 highest rated in the league ,i always seem to do well ever since i switched to a formation of 3-5-2 Cesar Alves Mertezacker Chiellini T.Silva Iniesta Messi Fabregas Benzema Aguero Ibrahimovic I have an arrow going straight forward from messi, and diagonally backwards from aguero (towards fab) (i usually play down the middle and use pmaker and target man) HOWEVER although this usually serves me well, i always lose well to one team who regularly plays 4-1-3-2 with his full backs pushed forward, his wide wingers pushed diagonally wider and his CAM pushed forward too. (attacking formation , hard tackling, pmaker, targetman, counter att, tempo;fast) I need a formation that will help me beat this!! Please help! Other players at my disposal are cavani, hazard, sanchez, di maria, khedira, hummels, so i have a bit of room to manouver! (also messi is injured, but i think i will leave iniesta on the wing, he regularly underperforms when pushed to the middle)
  7. Re: who to sign? Thanks for the advice guys!
  8. Re: who to sign? Dont be like that Jamie Its in a very poor setup, theres only a few teams left, but sentimental value remains...its now a competition between 3/4 of us for the best team best squad!! So altho i say i dont need them, neither does anyone!! (for their first team!) Its still important however in the long run
  9. A team became unmanaged recently in my setup players are being signed quick and fast... who should i jump on IF anyone! I have an amazing team, i dont need these players, wont make my first team, barely make my second...but im selfish...i want it all!! Cissokho? Balotelli? Bonnucci? Afellay? Kjaer? Dzsaudzak? Krasic? Valencia? Gibbs? Djourou? Moussa Sissoko? Giuesspe rossi? If you could give me your top three, as some will be signed soon, that would help me a lot! Im covered in all positions so, basically, best player wins Im playing the long game, not the short one! thanks guys!
  10. I realise Nasri is a higher rated, with a better team, probably a better player too BUT>.. i will face a lot of competition for nasri, where as I could probably get Hamsik without competition. so is the gap that big? I have a strong team both would be subs, so its a long term view really Opinions appreciated Really just trying to determine how big of a gap is between these guys!!
  11. Re: MARVIN MARTIN - next big thing for France I saw his name in the bbc gossip column this weekend, and then the international game. So i did a search on him in this forum and this is the only page I found! So it was certainly of benefit to me, Cheers for the info!
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