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  1. Re: Gold Championship 17 - Setup News Thought I'd introduce myself..... My name is Tom, I've taken over Chivas de Guadalajara in the Mexican league. I'm new to SM, but I'm really excited about playing and look forward to the competition. Would love to improve my squad, but I'm pretty tied up with transfer bans at this point. Have lots of cash to spare though, so if you need some, hit me up.
  2. Re: American Soccer League 139 Forums Needed 3 wins and a draw in 4 matches since I took over for Sounders. How is this game supposedly a challenge again??
  3. godtomsatan


    Posting something without saying anything for some purpose or another. I'm an American, I like the football thing, and I dig this site/game like very little in recent memory. Thanks for the great work and I look forward to increasing my skills!!
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