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  1. Re: upgrade for transfer list id like to add a suggestion, that after 20 turns for EG players on the transfer list auto get taken off, as to clear the congestion. They can easily be put back on, but it would mean the managers cant just leave them there forever.
  2. Re: i need young players HELP !!!!!!! wow 400 mill. Now you know what its like to be Abramovic.
  3. hi was wondering, in the mid-long term once unmanaged teams have players that retire, who replaces them? is it players that sign with that team IRL? also do they automatically recontract their players or is that also determined by real life? thanks.
  4. Re: Free agents hi, can i please get clairification if this is correct: 1. any new player once a setup starts is a free agent. 2. any player who is not at one of the 80 clubs, moves to one of the 80 clubs IRL, that player is a free agent? thanks.
  5. hi, i have a situation where my team and my opposition are equal around the park, but his wingers/cms are all 3-4 points higher. Also, my best formation ratings wise is 5-3-2. Is there a way to win a game when their midfield is much stronger? thanks.
  6. i know GKs at age 18 or less are hard to predict for the future, but i am looking at buying one... who would you say is the best prospect for the future? the list includes the likes of: OSPINA, David MIHAYLOV, Nikolay ANDROUTSOS, Apostolos KRYSIAK, Artur BOLAT, Sinan PESYAKOV, Sergey etc...
  7. hi, the option to extend contract for a 17 yr old player has disappeared, does this mean you can only extend contracts once they reach a certain age? if so what age? i also just bought him, if age isnt the reason is that it? thanks.
  8. Re: Best Strategy - Div 4 to Div 1 no probs adam. Just a question, what do you think of getting rid of my entire squad, and buying the best 16-21 yr olds.... i dont think my best 11 rating would be all that different, plus theres the bonus of natural development.
  9. Re: Best Strategy - Div 4 to Div 1 world champs, im planning on managing nacional... best players are rated 86-87ish...
  10. Re: Best Strategy - Div 4 to Div 1 thanks adam! btw, when you first started your team, how many original players did you keep?
  11. Hi, im looking for tips on a long term plan to get from div 4 to winning div 1 (even if it takes 20 seasons). Which of the following options do you think is best: 1. Buying players for profit, (EG buying as many young players who are about to increase in ratings, and sell them for profit) and as a result building the bank. Then when there's enough money to buy a team of 90+ players, do so. 2. Buying older players to gain promotion, and then using the left over money on youth to either sell for profit or keep long term. 3. Setting a long term demographic, EG buy the best 18 year olds in e
  12. Re: Player swaps - Age factor? hey, tell me if this is correct. If a player is worth 75% of their value in a swap. To buy a player generally you have to pay 150% of their value. So doing all the sums, a good way to work it out is that if you are purely swapping players, would it be you have to give 200% of value to get your player? EG 5.3 + 4.7 for a 5m player. thanks.
  13. hi, i was wondering, what is the youngest player you can get when you do exchanges with a 29-33 yr old player? I'm planning on exchanging my oldies as i cant sell them, for some youngsters, but have found their age to be an issue.. anyone help? thanks.
  14. Hi all, I was wondering what types of players it is best to invest in, if you are planning to make a profit mostly, rather than to keep. I see alot of suggestions for players that are really low who may increase a few points but if they dont eventually make it to high 80's they probably won't sell, and would be worth only about 75% of their value in P/E. So my question is, should you only invest in players you believe will eventually become a 85-88+ player? thanks.
  15. hi im new, was wondering what is the best way to manage fitness/condition? I see most teams have players that are never 100% fit. Do you rest players or just play them at 80-95% fit? Do you need a squad to rotate? Thanks.
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