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  1. Re: The Random Thread what's up with all the gay jokes here? there's nothing wrong with being gay you bigots?!
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread suarez is a good player but so dumb and uneducated and irritating
  3. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon)
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread to all people who whine about arsenal fans' whining: 1. im not arsenal fan at all. in fact im tottenham fan :D. but i hate fifa's new crusade against english clubs and wont shut up peacefully. 2. my biggest qualm is that barcelona gets refs on their side in all of their important games in europe. chelsea, arsenal, and inter are only some of the recent victims of pro-barcelona ref work that changed the outcome of the game (although mourinho outclassed fifa, barcelona, and refs).
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread wonder how much it costs to buy a champions league ref? we should collect a pool and put it for barca's next opponent. this way both teams would start from even ground... ps. we now know where the arabian sponsor money went. away from unicef too. disgrace
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread ref aside, i lost most of my respect for barcelona players too victor valdes must be the biggest moron on the planet. always surrounding the ref. they form a stupid 6 man ring around the ref and demand favorable decisions. and for any touch they roll on the ground in agony. utter disgrace. and theyre back up immediately after ref shows the yellow and when szczesny and wilshere were injured, they had no respect for that and demanded to start the game. these guys were actually hurt... double standard is so blatant, i dont care how pretty xavi passes or messi runs
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread mustve been paid in half time
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread any time arsenal get the ball, ref whistles. reason or not. go away fifa paid refs
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread there you go game over ref killed great game
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread someone needs to show the ref red card
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