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  1. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Enjoyed the United bayern game this morning.Think match could of gone either way with both teams pressing and defending.

    Barca Athleti game was ok but a bit boring because it reminded me of a La Liga match.I think Athleti could win this one in the 2nd leg.

    Looking forward to the Chelsea PSG match' date=' think PSG will take the first leg.[/quote']

    also because one team keeps the ball the entire match which is so boooooooooooring. do something with the ball and stop ball hogging

  2. Re: Official Manchester City Thread

    Another players career to go downhill at Manchester City' date=' it is just which one?

    So many attacking options in terms of CAM's but really can only field 3 on a pitch.[/quote']

    he's not a CAM, he's a winger and a good player too. he's gonna turn out rubbish though because he gets homesick all the time. he was playing with the spanish national team once and had to leave in the middle of it because he couldn't be away from his family

  3. Re: The Politics Thread

    Is it just me or are people/youths becomming more disconnected from reality?

    youths wanna be happy and cool and increase their mating value. talking about politics aint gonna get you laid, but goofing around does.

    when they get older and it affects how much money theyve got and when they start comparing with their neighbors and old friends on who has a bigger car and bigger house, then they care about politics, since they want politics thats good for them economically.

    people who have money become more open minded (initially because they compete with their peers for moral highground), in due time some of them actually start caring about social causes.

  4. Re: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96 & JHM_daggers

    What's going on with Casemiro? I know he was playing really good' date=' was called up to NT, half of Serie A were after him, he seemed to be one to keep.

    I heard Uvini is going to sign for Genoa, guess he'll need at least a year to get 85+ rating[/quote']

    He's lazy and sucks in comparison to someone like Aparecido Wellington, who I'm a fan of.

  5. Re: English Championship 10000 anyone up for it?

    I'll be up for a 'leadership role' in this setup' date=' in whatever way i can be, quite fancy running a competition if that's whats required?[/quote']

    Sure, like pumping up the interest in the setup, and being the go-to-guy for the setup (like O Donnell was for 7777)

    Wanna do it? You could start a thread or a post listing people interested and just generally telling people to join this setup :)

    I think it will be created in 2-3 days

  6. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon)

    You are currently in position 5 in the Standard Game World creation queue. Up to 2 Game Worlds are created every hour between 09:00 and 20:00 Game Time (GT).

    so no idea if its me or not(probably wont be)' date=' but not managed said team in an EC before- so thought I'd do it anyway, had some spare cash in paypal after selling some Yu Gi Oh cards[/quote']

    what club did you take?

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