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  1. Re: European Dream Khedira comes in for Mascerano. 1/3
  2. Re: European Dream Hard to get deal done when you get countered Enzo Perez for David De Gea. Same manager that sold Gustavo for cash.
  3. Re: European Dream UTD beat spurs 2-1 first game of the season. Still looking to get my 3 deals done...
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread For the record Balotelli's record is 27 from 29
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I say one thing, then you reply with something completely irrelevant. Me: "Balotelli is a better penalty taker than Henderson" You: "Look at what Henderson has done for this club!!!" You are impossible to argue with, you just come out with vague, irrelevant and meaningless replies. EDIT: If your point is about going against Rodgers' orders his orders are ridiculous and he should be embarrassed
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If you don't want to read speech read this. This is the attitude that has put us in 7th and in the europa league
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Your argument is so frustratingly irrelevant. He is arguably the best player ever and we will be better without him, its not one of the other. He is ruining us on the pitch. First half of the season having him at DM was disastrous and then look at the Everton game. They were there for the taking but he played the full game with absolutely no impact. If he wasn't a club legend he wouldn't get a look in. But he has such a strange hold over Rodgers. Rodgers can't not play him. Its ruining us. Now he publicly throws one of his players under the bus on live TV? Terrible actions as club captain. Also Rodgers is pathetic. Trying his very best to make Balotelli a problem. Didn't even put him on the bench for a month because he "didn't press", then he was "ill". Also Henderson has taken 1 penalty ever, in a shootout for Sunderland and.... ... he missed. Balotelli is one of the best penalty takers ever. Make your mind up.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Rodgers putting Henderson on penalties over Balotelli. Absolutely mental. Has such an agenda against Balo. Also watching Henderson miss free-kick after free kick next season is going to be horrible. Finally Gerrard quotes tonight were ridiculous and we are going to be a lot better off without him next season.
  9. Re: European Dream De Gea can. I will send you a PM.
  10. Re: European Dream Signed Mignolet for Smalling and Butland. Mignolet has been in excellent form recently and I think that Smalling will either soon become a bit part player or be sold. This means that I could consider offers for De Gea although it would need to be a very good bid. Real Madrid need a GK and Valdes probably hasn't been signed to be a sub. Join the dots.
  11. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Haha it was so obviously going to happen. Still got the promotion though... ...and with that I'm leaving the league. I know I haven't been around long but I'm leaving at a good time and having sold enough players the next manager will be able to bring in some new players. Thanks guys.
  12. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Cruziero win again and have secured promotion to DIV 1. Win just one more game and I will be DIV 2 champion too. I am basically a God in this league.
  13. Re: European Dream I tried pretty hard to get Can. Offered a straight swap for Rafeal even. Such a quality player. Since moving to CB Liverpool haven't conceded in over 800mins and he is not even a CB. I could go on but basically he's amazing.
  14. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Crazier are now top of division 2 with 2 games to go.
  15. Re: European Dream Rooney leaves for Dzeko and Lacazette. Very fair deal IMO and I needed an extra striker since Di Natale was my only option after Rooney.
  16. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Cruiser are still going strong. Only 2nd by goal difference in DIV2. Next fixture is a big one against 3rd place Hoffenheim. Win and promotion looks likely. Still troubling in the transfer market, just trying to sell off some players.
  17. Re: European Dream Its going to be the play-offs for united this season as Shakhtar beat us to claim top stop. Delph leaves for spurs in a £10M deal. PM me here if we want to work out a transfer.
  18. Re: European Dream Xavi can go cheap. Just need a solid 90/91 for him. Can be up to the age of 30.
  19. Re: European Dream Dede for Bony lol
  20. Re: European Dream Im very happy to get Sterling. Welbeck and Jones is a pretty fair deal too.
  21. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. 3 wins in a row sees Cruziero top of DIV 2. Thats 5 wins and 1 draw now.
  22. Re: European Dream Pastore in for Baines Henderson in for Clyne and Janujai. Overpaying for Henderson but he will be Liverpool captain next season so not too disappointed.
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