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  1. Pretty insipid performance. Thought the Arsenal game might be the catalyst to turn things around, but it was just a blip on an otherwise dismal radar. Jose has said RLC will start the next game and get a run of minutes, i think Ivanovic needs to be benched for a while also, as well as Hazard and Falcao should never play again. Jose is losing the plot, and Roman wont hold his finger off the trigger much longer at the current rate. The only bright points this season have been RLC, Kenedy and Begovic's performances and Willians free kicks, rest of it and the team have been tripe. Victor Moses has been our best winger this season and he's doing for another team...
  2. got a bit of swagger back today. Costa lucky the ref wasnt paying attention when he inspected Koscielny's face. Gabriel is an idiot for getting engaged, and from what ive read on Twitter, he was calling Costa a traitor and saying nasty things about his mother in Portuguese. Bit of swagger back hopefully we can string a few together now.
  3. Begovic was very good in his replacement games for Courtois suspension.
  4. Id be miffed if a buyout clause of around 30m wasnt included so United get the fee they were going to get this window when Madrid come for him again next time.
  5. Damn, i think it was me, must be the transfers that didnt go through last window, thought they would be cancelled.... punish me as u will, but i already lost 2 transfers of lvl 91 players for a 90 and a backup gk... lol
  6. Pogba and Stones on deadline day for a combined 150m pounds, im putting my money on it. Missed the game, was all pumped to watch the replay today, avoided all scores/news from all last night games, then right before i sit down to enjoy it, i click the wrong link and see the score, pretty glad i did tbh as i dont think i couldve sat down and watched the whole thing as bad as it was.
  7. tbh there wasnt anyone to begin with haha
  8. So Liecester have signed Inler for 3m, thats a great signing if he can produce something like he did a couple years ago at Napoli, great replacement for cambIasso
  9. Ill just bring this back to the right thread rather than hijack the UTD one. We had roughly 150m to spend this summer before selling anyone, we should be good for next season money wise. Cuadrado to Juve could happen now, be it loan or sell. We need cover to Matic/Cesc and one more CB. Stones looks dead in the water and other than Laporte i dont really see many feasible options, as for a CM, i really dont know who.
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