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  1. See for me this is (next to the awful match engine) the biggest problem with the Game...

    Let's say Rooney drops to 93 and Martial gets 89' date=' anyone that watches Utd could tell you in 2 seconds those 2 players ratings could be swapped and it would be far more accurate than the current system....

    Why can't the top 50 clubs in Europe or the world be on a constant rotation of reviews, I just don't get it....[/quote']

    Form is temporary, class is permanent is a saying for a reason.

  2. Pretty insipid performance. Thought the Arsenal game might be the catalyst to turn things around, but it was just a blip on an otherwise dismal radar. Jose has said RLC will start the next game and get a run of minutes, i think Ivanovic needs to be benched for a while also, as well as Hazard and Falcao should never play again. Jose is losing the plot, and Roman wont hold his finger off the trigger much longer at the current rate. The only bright points this season have been RLC, Kenedy and Begovic's performances and Willians free kicks, rest of it and the team have been tripe. Victor Moses has been our best winger this season and he's doing for another team...

  3. From 2009-15' date=' under Mike Dean's refereeing,

    Arsenal, played 25, won 6, drawn 8, lost 11 for a 24% win percentage.

    Chelsea, played 29, won 16, drawn 9 and lost 3 for a 55% win percentage.

    City, played 27, won 15, drawn 7, lost 5 for a 56% win percentage.

    United, played 21, won 10, drawn 6, lost 5 for a 48% win percentage.

    Now, Arsenal's win percentage since 2009 is 57%, therefore it is quite evident that there is bias. How can Arsenal's win percentage be so far removed from the others?[/quote']

    most of those loses were big games where you buckled under the pressure and Wenger refused to be pragmatic for the sake of attractive football.

  4. got a bit of swagger back today. Costa lucky the ref wasnt paying attention when he inspected Koscielny's face. Gabriel is an idiot for getting engaged, and from what ive read on Twitter, he was calling Costa a traitor and saying nasty things about his mother in Portuguese. Bit of swagger back hopefully we can string a few together now.

  5. Pogba and Stones on deadline day for a combined 150m pounds, im putting my money on it. Missed the game, was all pumped to watch the replay today, avoided all scores/news from all last night games, then right before i sit down to enjoy it, i click the wrong link and see the score, pretty glad i did tbh as i dont think i couldve sat down and watched the whole thing as bad as it was.

  6. Jose seems to think that this a no win....I'm inclined to agree somewhat being that the season is only 2 games in for you' date=' however, your title win last season had what, 3 losses? Think the average over the past decade is 4 losses...a loss today=immense pressure, definitely possible, but a hurdle nonetheless....[/quote']

    I think this may be the strongest the competition has even been and i can see the winners losing more than 4, or at least a lot more draws than previous seasons.

    Ivanovic better bring his game or he's toast, Glad to see Pedro start and WIllian through the middle, shame Oscar is injured though as he was the only person who showed something against Swansea.

  7. ESPN FC was told that conversations with former Barcelona teammates such as Cesc Fabregas and Victor Valdes have caused Pedro to reconsider his own first preference. Fabregas enjoyed a successful debut season with Chelsea' date=' winning the Premier League, while Valdes has been marginalised under Van Gaal at United.[/size']

    lol, needed something to smile about.

  8. Just hope it doesn't mean we miss out on a target for next season..

    Ill just bring this back to the right thread rather than hijack the UTD one.

    We had roughly 150m to spend this summer before selling anyone, we should be good for next season money wise. Cuadrado to Juve could happen now, be it loan or sell. We need cover to Matic/Cesc and one more CB. Stones looks dead in the water and other than Laporte i dont really see many feasible options, as for a CM, i really dont know who.

  9. Its a weird one.I actually Man U were messing around with him because they really want Muller' date='but Pedro was a back-up plan? I also think Pedro was a back-up plan for Chelsea,good player,but if Chelsea did not have such a bad start,I am convinced we would not be signing him.[/quote']

    It does stink of a bit of a Panic buy, but he is a good player at a good price. hopefully he adapts.

  10. He can be fit enough at least :P. Im not really going to judge anyones form based of pre-season, as long as the effort was there the result is null. We are always poor at friendlies, even competitive friendlies like the end of last season and the pre-season shields like against Arsenal and Atleti.

  11. Ya Baba is a good reasonable price.Still think we are missing a trick by not buying another attacker/winger. Serious concerns over Costa's hamstring injury' date='I have had the injury myself and sometimes it takes up to 6 months to sort it,thats by doing nothing in that time.[/quote']

    I think Willian/Oscar/Cuadrado/Hazard and occasionally Cesc is enough, especially when you add Traore and Moses who ive been impressed with, and always thought his direct bullish approach had a place on our bench. Costa is a big worry, but im confident Remy and even Falcao can do the job, it will just come down to the timing of Costa's set-backs, if he can stay fit for the big games and allow Remy/Falcao to play the lower teams it will be okay.

  12. 30m would be over paying, but thats the market i guess. Baba for 15m or something its reasonable and he is the opposite of Dave on the left, so when we need some attacking from full-back he has the pace and crossing ability to make it work. Im getting more and more optimistic that Kenedy will get a work permit and given his cameo against Barca, a loan to a Championship or even lower Premier League team could be on the cards.

  13. I agree with this. Clarke to No. 5 is necessary' date=' he's really struggling. England sadly look more convincing than Australia.

    Australia A won their series (albeit in India), and trying out some of those batsman (Burns, Bancroft, maybe a recall for Khawaja) at home would be good.


    We have 3 of the top 5 batsman and bowlers including 1 and 2 in each category for the series so far. but were down 2-1. Our best are on top, but its the bottom few letting us down big time. Hazlewood should have killed it on that wicket, but really let us down, Harris was a big loss, just like Anderson will be now, ill assume Woods comes back in, Finn coming good again is really good timing. Johnson and Starc averaging more than Clarke and Voges says it all about our middle order, its been the issue for a while.

  14. Couldve said the reverse thing after Lords.

    We're the opposite of England at the moment, Top 3 doing good, 4-6 couldnt hit a beach ball out the middle and Neville having to do what Haddin has done in the past and salvage something with the bowlers. Really says something about the depth of batting talent at the moment that 35 year old Voges debuted rather than some young blood, S. Marsh is an opener and hasnt done too well down the order so isnt the answer imo. Mitch Marsh or Shane Watson are about as good as each other at the moment, so id stick by the young fella and Clarke needs to give up the captaincy as i think its finally weighing on his mind and effecting his batting. Hearing Clarke may be put back to number 5, might not be a bad thing either.

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