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  1. Young should have been an 89 rising to 90, how he hung on to 90 beggars belief, his form as good as it was, imo saved his 90 and didnt earn him a 91.
  2. I was pretty shocked with the result tbh, everyone just kept saying it was a flat track, batsman's paradise and then England go and lose 20 wickets for 400. They really need to sort out positions 2-4. Root should be at 3 as he is their best batsman and Balance and Bell must be pretty nervous about their positions at the moment, luckily for them (and us) KP is out of favour.
  3. This went dead quick lol
  4. Kinda annoyed with the Valencia drop, but i can understand it to a point, always said players rise too easy but take for ever to drop.
  5. Everything is only rumours, how often does anyone at the club confirm their interest in a player?
  6. Gomes at 4.5 looks like a good bargain option if his pre-season form see's him given a chance.
  7. Wrong thread i know, but i need ASAP answers and this is the thread i know most people have subscribed. Need a GK for around 1m, built my squad and totally forgot to buy one. lol...
  8. Martinez is a rookie in the Media and a Hypocrit.... Having a go at Mourinho for talking about a player in the media is only going to make journo's ask Jose more questions, and Jose being Jose will always answer them in the Mourinho way. Martinez also did this exact same thing Mourinho has done when he wanted Lukaku, swings and roundabouts, glass houses, etc etc.
  9. He played less than 1/3 of his teams minutes over two season and you want him to get 91. You said he should have got 91 at the end of the 12/13 season, yet he got 90 in april 2013, you sir live in a fantasy world. No wonder youve got all these undeserved 90s for young players when you got guys wanting players to get +1's for 1 months work.
  10. LOL Varane 91 after 2012/13, the bloke who had less than 2k total minutes in the league and around 1k minutes in the CL for RM, and had only played 1 full season in France prior, and who had only just debuted for France. The HYPE IS REAL.
  11. We all know Egypt is the Jewel of the Nile, so you might as well all go home now.
  12. Id really like to see Remy used on the right wing a bit more and Willian at number 10, but Oscar refreshed might change that. lol just realised this is the FPL thread and not Chelsea haha.
  13. Lol the biggest outrage is Mathieu, still rated 90, guess he's over 30.
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