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  1. Joined, thnx. Hopefully i dont drop off around Christmas when works goes bonkers.
  2. Chelsea. Iva 80% stay - 20% +1 Azpi +1 Cahil +1 Terry stay (should get another +1 but i bet he wont) Matic +1 Willian +1 Oscar Stay Hazard 50/50 +1 Salah 40% +1 Mikel 30% -1 RLC' date=' Christensen, Izzy Brown will likely get +2/3s each. [b']Arsenal[/b] Ospina 80+1 20% +2 Szczeny should drops imo, but not sure SM will. Bellerin 80% +4 20% +3 Gibbs -1 Monreal +1 Gabriel 30% +1 Arteta -1 Coquelin +2 Cazorla 30% +1 Sanchez 80% +1 (Deserves it imo after COPA)
  3. Muller, better form, better NT, not hated by his fans.
  4. Gonzalo Castro joins Galatasaray for CV at 8m. Castro was bitterly unlucky to miss out on a rise to 91 and earned himself a move to BVB after a fine season at Leverkusen. Raphael Varane also joins the Turkish giant for a whopping 20m. The Turks have been reluctant to splash the cash in recent season, with the signing of Nathanial Clyne representing the only deal substantially above chairman valuations. The former Real Madrid man has enjoyed much success in his short career and should no doubt continue to rise in the coming seasons. The big departure from the club thus far is Brazilian stalwart Filipe Melo. The Midfielder has enjoyed much success during his time at the club, and departs for 5m. Also leaving the club are Youngsters Tin Jedvaj (9m), Moses Simon (4m), Suleyman Koc (2.2m) and Rubin Amorim (5m). Speculation also mounts about the departure of another Brazilian, Robinho (Valued at 5.8m), however, gives the clubs 1 in 1 out policy for first team members, the conclusion to this saga could drag on for a while yet.
  5. Depends who you can buy with the cash, Isco should rise, so its not a bad deal, but depending on the state of the GW and what cash can get you, its probably fairly even.
  6. Ah yes well done, genuinely forgot he did it. But lets compare Mullers season to Osipna's. I know you werent the one to bring it up, but ill just leave this here. Muller, 09/10 BuLi: 2363 mins, 13 goals, 14 assists. CL: 772 mins, 7 goals, 3 assists. Pokal: 385 mins, 1 goal, 1 assist. 12 NT games, including 6 at the world cup, where he scored 5 goals collecting the golden boot, and 3 assists also equal top. He won that year, the BuLi, Pokal and the DFL Supercup and a 3rd place at the world cup as well as best young player at the world cup. Ospina 14/15. BPL: 1630 Mins, 8 clean sheets. CL: 209 mins, 1 clean sheet. FA + League cup: 180 mins, 1 Clean sheet. 8 NT games, 4 Clean sheets. He won......
  7. +2 for Zouma? He only played around 1000 minutes since the January reveiw, i think a +1 is fine. Ospina is a tricky one, deserves a +2, but he is going to leave the club as Cech is arriving, depending who he moves too, he could only get a +1, +3 is a laughable rise for an 88, name me one player who ever went from 88-91.
  8. SM doesnt think much of defenders in general, the La Liga bias is null and void. In fact, La Liga has the most 93+, Marcello, Pique, Mascherano, Busquets*, Ramos and Godin all 93+. Bundesliga has 5, Lahm, Boateng, Xabi*, Hummels, Alaba, Seria A has Chiellini and De Rossi whilst Ligue 1 and the Premier League have 1, Thiago Silva and Kompany. * Yes Busquets and Xabi really shouldnt count as CBs, De Rossi hasnt even played their for years so him too i guess, but hey, SM.
  9. Senad LULIĆ Gets a +1 to 90, all 3 of my mid-season signings got a +1 to 90 and Gignac also should've. Very Pleased.
  10. I think they want Moses + Cash, id say Moses is worth 10-15m in this current economic environment, we are selling Cech for 11m. The question we then need to ask is, what do we value Begovic at.
  11. LOL what a joke. 54-46% possession. 24-17 shots 13-11 shots on target 7-1 score line Im playing 5 at the back also, what BS is this.
  12. Burnley scored 28 goals and Ings had a hand in 15 of them, over 50%, id say getting him on a relative free is a great deal for any club. Milner might not set the world a light, but any club in the league would gladly take him, can play in multiple positions and you always know what you're gonna get as a bare minimum. Great teams are made on players with spine and determination not flashy show ponies.
  13. Ive honestly got no clue what more i can do... Cannot get a win... 71%-29% possession. 36-12 shots 21-7 on target Draw match 3-3.... 7 games unbeaten, 1 win 6 draws.
  14. Ramires was Injured for most of the season and played most matches once he regained fitness, no chance of dropping. Fernandinho should be ok, but he is in more Danger than Ramires.
  15. Why post as a guest? obvious troll is obvious.
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