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  1. Re: Penalties 66' GOAL!! - Michael ESSIEN scores from the penalty spot.
  2. My idea involved new style gameworlds where by managers choose players in a draft style at the creation of the gameworld. Gameworlds can have a different maximum number of team entries (8, 10, 20 etc) and may/may not have a division 2/3. Also, all clubs begin with the same amount of available funds that can be personallised to the gameworlds creator (eg- 25M, 50M, 100M, 250M and 500M; these can increase the difficutly when chooising sqauds as managers need to manage their budged). STEP 1: Manager joins and is able to take control of any club of their choice not already under management. (there is no 'official' league per-say) STEP 2: Once all league spots are filled a time is created for the beginning of the draft. (to make this easier, the time would run by game time, and leagues could be set to different counties to avoid the situation where say someone from Australia and someone from the UK are in the same world and have little possability of being on at the same time) STEP 3: Managers are given a draft number (they number in which they join the gameworld perhaps). these numbers represent the order in which managers can select players. ROUND 1 of the draft begins. now, for ROUND 2, the order is flipped. this is continued for 11 rounds untill all members have first team. EXAMPLE - 8 manager league - Round 1 - Draft order: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 Round 2 - Draft order: 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Round 3 - Draft order: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 NOTE - incase someone is unable to be online during this time, they can set preferences for each round, and the highest preference not selected previously is picked. (in the rare event that all players have been selected, you 'Chairman' will select the highest rated player int he same position and of similar price). EXAMPLE: Players has Draft Picks 5 Round 1: Preference 1: Ronaldo (unavailable) Preference 2: Messi (unavailable) Preference 3: Kaka (unavailable) Preference 4: Xavi (unavailable) Preference 5: Heskey Preference 6: Rooney Preference 7: Torres Preference 8: Vidic as you can see, this unfortunate person would end up with Heskey... (must be englands manager ) STEP 4: the 11 rounds of draft selection are over, and players are free to purchase any player they wish providing they are at an external club. (note - even if the manager is in charge of chelsea, and they wish to purchase a chelsea player, the price will be the 'Chairman's Value' of that player). managers may also bid for other managers players as none of the drafted players are transfer banned. all players must have a minimum of 18 players as to fill the starting 11 and 7 bench players. STEP 5: the season begins as normal. Any suggestions, alterations, feedback or improvement are welcome, but please note this is only rough as i came up with the idea 20minutes ago while i was in the shower :D.
  3. Re: 3M 85+ rated Mid/Def Needed haha yes i knew it was a long shot:D, these suggestions are a big help, keep em coming!
  4. I am in need of a <3M 85+ rated Midfielders/Defenders as cover for my starters. i would preferrably like these players to be a young talent on the up. any suggestions out there?
  5. Re: Formation Help Thanks for the tips guys, ill try them both out. i have been purchasing some younger talent on the up, quite a few have been take, and the more expensive ones are out of my price range at the moment. once my next batch of transfer bans are over in 2 weeks i will look into it some more.
  6. Im having trouble picking my formation for my squad now that i have acquired a few new players, i was wondering if anyone could offer me some assistance. GK Marco Storari - 88 Defence Royston Drenthe - LM/LB - 87 Walter Samuel - CB - 93 Nicolas Burdisso - CB/RB - 90 Nelson Rivas - CB - 85 Midfield Florent Malouda - LM/Wing - 92 Collin Benjamin - DM/Def - 86 Milos Krasic - Wing/AM - 90 Dejan Stankovic - CM/AM - 93 Phil Jones - CB/DM - 80 Forwards Milan Jovanovic - Fwd/Wing - 89 Roque Santa Cruz - CF - 89 Arruda Mazola - Fwd - 83 Any tactics advise or suggestions of player for future purchase would be much appreciated and accepted.
  7. Re: INJ/NMF Players - Help I pretty confident i havent played anyone below 90% match fitness, i will keep in mine the 95% match fitness tip. thanks.
  8. Hi all, im new and am currently managing chelsea and have an alarming number of playing not only injured, but constantly not match fit. I know that players are meant to get fatigued during games, but is haveing 75% of your team below 40-50% match fitness at the end of a game, and not even recovering enough to be considered for a bench spot in the next game normal? players currently not available: A. Iniesta - NMF - 54% conditioning D. Drogba - Injured - 7 weeks A. Cole - Injured - Was 5 weeks, only 1 week left now F. Lampard - Injured - 1 week N. Anelka - Injured - Was 7 weeks, 2 weeks left S. Ramos - NMF - 64% conditioning J. Terry - NMF - 48% conditioning B. Ivanovic - NMF - 54% conditioning Y. Benayoun - NMF - 60% conditioning S. Rajkovic - Injured - 2 weeks as you can see, a large chunk of my first 11 and reserves are not available. i was wondering if my tactics or formation was a problem. Formation: --------------Cech-------------- Ivanovic -- Ramos -- Terry -- Cole -----Essien --------- Lampard---- Iniesta -- Drogba -- Anelka -- Malouda Subs from Kalou, Benayoun, Zhirkov (currently being sold to buy a like player not dropping), Ferreira, Sturridge, Di Santo. Tactics: Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Play Style: Counter Attacking Tight Marking Play Maker (Lampard) Target Man (Drogba)
  9. Re: Krasic or Kalou Alright, Krasic it is. Thanks guys!
  10. I am having trouble choosing a 90+ Winger. The two players i am having trouble choosing between are Milos Krasic (AM/Wing - $9.3M) and Saloman Kalou (Str/Wing - $7.8M), both rated 90. they are both tipped for a +1. the reason i am having trouble deciding is i have 2 quality strikers already, thus making kalou's other position useless, where as i just sold my AM to fund the purchase of two wingers (Malouda and Krasic/Kalou) so i am in need of a AM, thus making Krasic AM option a good choice. however, the team i am managing is Adelaide United, and funding is poor, and i have $12M to spend and could like to upgrade one of my CB N.Rivas (85) once his transfer ban is over and the extra cash would be welcome. so, who should i choose? or is there any other options out there i have over looked? all opinions welcome.
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