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  1. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Started a career pro as Odegaard on World Class. Got loaned out to Donacster, ive scored 8 goals and have 0 assists in 12 games, one behind the top scorer. Also won 2 penalties and wouldve had a 3rd if my team mate hadnt scored at the same time and several free-kicks on the edge of the box. The dont count as assists, nor do deflected shots which result in OG or a team mate scoring (had both of those happen once also) His lateral movement is great if you can use the basic side roll skill move. He is shocking at shooting from the left hand side and trying to put it into the right corner, dont even bother trying, ive since began cutting back onto his right (4* WF) and its a lot better. Cutting in from the right onto his left is a lot easier to score from, but Doncaster as a side play predominantly on the left so its a pain. His strength is also an issue, you can get through on goal but the same flawed system as UT prevails where by the slower CB's manage to pull you back from miles away without giving away a free. Cant get an assist for the life of me as Doncaster are just shocking at making any sort of forward movement, and when they do get through on goal they might as well just pass it to the keeper as he just gets a goal kick anyway. Results didnt go well to begin with as games were thick and fast and Odegaard always gets left out of mid-week games, however since the season has progressed and we've been playing every game we are now up in 7th, (7 wins, 4 draws, 5 losses, 18 for, 12 against) 10 points off first after 16 games. Have only scored multiple goals in one game, so 7/12 games ive managed to score in and those two penalties were the sole goals in those games so ive contributed to just about everything good we've done.
  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread OfHc9RAyFeI
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Last i heard was no and all has gone quiet for the last 2 weeks.
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Cuadrado tracked back well, only twice did i see Ivanovic isolated which isnt odd even when Willian is wide. Besides, played Cuadrado up top, and taking off Drogba makes no difference to the right side than Cuadrado off.
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Pretty annoyed Cuadrado is off, Drogba offers next to nothing these days, would rather Cuadrado up top, at least he can pressure the opposition.
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Not really a pen, but ill take it, first pen miss in the league too.
  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Ramires was in the side, but pulled out Ill so Cuadrado will start, keen to see him get a good run out. Drogba still leading the line with Remy back on the Bench, Ake joins the bench in Ramires' absence. Willian through the middle again, his best matches have been there, hopefully he continues on that trend.
  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread well if today goes anything like all the other sporting matches/results i've seen today, ill be bitterly disappointed, fingers crossed, touch wood i haven't jinx'd us, but im also super keen.
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions If any self respecting Aussie is on the Fosters he needs to be shot.
  10. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Didnt live up to the hype, but i guess thats the way it was always going to be with Mayweathers style. loling @ twitter, "Give me my money back" all over the place. Pacman really offered nothing in the last half of the fight but maybe won the last round when he knew he needed a K.O.
  11. Re: The Official Boxing Thread A few news outlets reporting this as confirmed.
  12. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Hearing rumors it could be delayed 45mins due to the PPV issues.
  13. Re: The Official Boxing Thread been two good undercards so far, however theres about a Dozen PPV sites down or experiencing difficulties, hopefully none of you guys are effected.
  14. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Well Williamson and Jaanmat both got sent off for daft 2nd yellows, Williamson in particular was pretty bad, followed through and kicked Vardy in a challege well after the ball had left and he was out of play, and Vardy went straight into the Camera and stayed down for a little while. Jaanmat just kicked Vardy's legs after he beat him rather easily.
  15. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Leicester really do deserve to stay up, looking like 5/6 with the loss being to the Champions, have been good all season without a bit of luck. Newcastle on the other hand should be very nervous, almost deserve to go down as they're 2nd half has been shocking.
  16. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Id love to know people bank balences at this stage, would be interesting. Not overly fussed about the timing of the transfers, has been the same since the first Basement and everyone is in the same boat, rich or poor.
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Ramires mainly missed games through injury, he is a Mourinho player and has played a lot of minutes when fit, he should have got 92 a while ago, but wont now, but he is 100% safe at 91. Willian should get a 92 imo.
  18. Re: Official Serie A Thread Read they were in Seria D 5 years ago, quite a run, Bournemoth who?
  19. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread * like that happens all the time, doesnt make it right, but to call out one player is pretty daft. You'll see it a few times a match, someone will kick the legs of the oppositions best players, its more about letting him know he isnt going to have an easy day than trying to injure them. Dirty players are the ones constantly diving 2 footed into a tackles or raising their studs when going for a bouncing ball.
  20. Re: What tv series are you into? About 4 eps in, didnt like the main actor at first, but im growning into him. On the whole its much better than a lot of the marvel universe as its actually got a rating for its target audience and not restricted in its graphical content like the movies.
  21. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread I think Reus' glass ankles are a bit of an issue, dont think he's worth a significant amount of money as its too much of a risk, with the physicality of the league he might struggle.
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