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  1. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread If you thought that was a boring and defensive Chelsea display you clearly havent watched us the last few weeks let alone years. Only went into our shells for the last 20 or so mins, it was pretty open otherwise. Outside of an Ozil shout straight at T-Bo there was naff all for him to do, at least Ramires had a one on one with Ospina.
  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Refs having a mare, should be 3-1 all pens.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread LOL. When it rains it pours.
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread My thoughts exactly... he was KO's can tell because his hands went stiff and straight into the air, will be shocked if he's allowed/able to continue
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Chelsea starting lineup (4-3-3): Thibaut Courtois | César Azpilicueta, John Terry, Gary Cahill, Branislav Ivanović | Ramires, Nemanja Matić, Cesc Fàbregas | Eden Hazard, Oscar, Willian Rock, paper, scissors for striker anyone? im guessing that how Jose decided anyway, either that or the shortest straw.
  6. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, fool me 3 times............
  7. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Wouldnt go that far, he has been very good since returning to the side. He was however pretty pants for the first half of the season, a Kompany-esuq inclusion. Cesc over Coutinho and Fonte for Cahill no doubt. Cesc may have dropped a bit of form, but he has still bobbed up for a crucial goal at QPR and provided a couple of assists, and 16 on the season is phenomenal.
  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Depends which team Wenger decides to play. If he decides to be pragmatic and set his team up to defend and counter i can see it being an interesting game. But if he tries to pass us off the park like United did, that will play into Mourinho's hands. We really have no obligation to go out and attack, a draw is good enough for us, and with an in form Hazard we have no real need to chase the game as we can soak up pressure like no one else and still counter with speed.
  9. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Traore, Bamford, Swift, Baker, Hazard (Sold), Piazon, Omeruo, Wallace, McEchran, Blackman, Ake, Chalobah, Kalas, Kakuta, MVG, Torres (Sold), Marin, Salah, Delac, Palisic, Feruz, Davil Ulisa (Spelling), Rodriguez, Atsu, Kane, Romeu, Bertrand (sold), Cuevas. Off the top of my head im sure i read its actually over 30 sent out over the season, some of those have returned or been sold probably giving your figure of 27, Theres some Croation whose name alludes me at this moment also.
  10. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread PTbHKijI9oM
  11. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Looks bad for Davis, Probably a collar bone, very cycling-esque that.
  12. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Great bit of play from So'Ton, really should be more up if Davis could shoot. Been a good game as a neutral.
  13. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread So all you Morons claiming that remembering faces from 20 years ago is "sad" wouldnt have a clue who you went to school with if you ran into them? i mean, if its sad to remember the faces of footballers you watched and admired from 20 years ago, why would you remember people you went to school with for a few years? yea sad right, bloody imbeciles
  14. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Managed 10, not bad when i was born in the early 90s and it was nigh impossible to see many games here in Aus until the early 2000s.
  15. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread The way ive read this, Ray has asked a reasonable question, but because he included a geographical location into it, the context has been misconstrued by Ghora. Ray was asking a reasonable question about how a fella from Kolkata choose Real Madrid as his team from the plethora of teams available, however Ghora has taken this as an attack on the fact an Indian is following a Spanish Football team. Im sure the same question could be asked to all the Aussies, Americans, Kiwis and other Asian countries who follow a European team. Whist the race card has been played a little hastily, its nothing more than a misunderstanding that has got a little out of hand, however i will agree with Stu that a simple apology is all that is needed to clear the air and start a new.
  16. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Pretty solid mate, some i disagree with in RED, Didnt go through and add any other outside Cahil as i should be working as it is .
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions no. 10char.
  18. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I think in a twisted Mourinho way it was a 'backhanded insult' so to say, however the media will always twist it for a better story. Having said that, we all know Mourinho can be a hypocrite to get the media focus off his players.
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