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  1. Hello, hello, hello!

    Thought I'd check in on everyone but there only seems to be very few familiar faces left on this forum! Who still logs on regularly? Not sure what's gone on but the new interface is more off putting then it was before, or at least it was as I quit the fame last year. I hope everyone is alright :)

  2. You Have Quit As Manager Of Preston North End

    Much like in EC 7046, my decision to quit as manager of Preston was difficult over time, but it's been coming for some time and was an easy enough decision in the end (tonight).

    I've loved playing a part in this gameworld right from the very start, and to do it with the club I support made it even more special. I've been promoted and relegated a few times, and as the table shows, sadly I go out with Preston being relegated. I haven't given them the attention they deserve for some time, but I know someone will be able to rejuvinate them sooner or later. Thanks to everyone I've interacted with for making my time here worthwhile. Obviously it's only a game at the end of the day, but the forum adds a different aspect and makes it more than that. Anyway, this is verging towards cheesy and cringey and I'm going to stop :P

    Best of luck to everyone for the future, and best of luck to whoever takes over at North End. Take good care of them!

  3. You Have Quit As Manager Of Tottenham Hotspur

    A decision that wasn't easy after so long, but also one that has, in all honesty, been coming for some time.

    Due to various different reasons, my time on SM has been non-existent for pretty much all of 2015 thus far, and even as far back as last summer I wasn't really as active as I once was. I've print screened all the important details about my time at Spurs (from what I could find) and have saved it for keepsake, but other than that I have a lot of great memories in this game world and want to thank everyone for making it worthwhile. I've interacted with so many great people that it'd be unfair to list them incase I missed someone out, but you know who you are. I leave as the third highest ranking manager of all time in the gameworld, so it's not a bad way to go out!

    I feel like I'm shortchanging everyone with such a short post, but I honestly could go on about stuff that you'd soon get bored of reading haha. To put it simply: Best of luck to everyone for the future, and best of luck to whoever gets the Spurs job. Look after them (Bale especially!!!!!!!) ;)

  4. Re: Official Sky Bet League 1 & 2 Thread

    What. An. Experience.

    I can't tell you how nice it is to be back in the Championship and to end the play-off hoodoo along the way. It's easy to say now, but the heartbreak of losing to Colchester on the last day is something that I'm sort of glad happened now, as my greatest experience as a North End fan wouldn't have happened had we won.

    Sadly, someone was always going to be the loser on the day, so I'm sad to see you miss out, Dom. The play-offs are horrible if you don't win, we certainly know that already! You have the quality and I'm sure will be fighting for promotion again next season.

    In terms of transfers, I imagine we have a big summer ahead. First things first, we need to try and get Beckford, Gallagher and Johnstone signed up permanently, and then we can go about recruiting new faces. Those three mentioned have been crucial to us going up, especially yesterday. There's been a few rumours circulating already, but there's most likely not a lot of substance to the majority of them. Exciting times! The new fixtures are released on the 17th of June.

  5. Re: Official Sky Bet League 1 & 2 Thread

    MUHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! After all the stick you gave me! Suck on that and hope you guys don't see the light of league 1 for a long time!.

    Now Preston VS Swindon ' date=' What a final! One of us will leave Wembley happy Ben :)[/quote']

    Best of luck, Dom! May the best team win. Hope you enjoy the day.

  6. Re: Official Sky Bet League 1 & 2 Thread


    So, so excited! :D

    It's about time we got ride of this play-off curse, and where better to do it than the national stadium?

    Genuinely don't mind who we come up against, though both Swindon and Sheffield United bring something dangerous to the table. However, the morale and confidence of the team after today must be huge, so let's hope it's a positive outcome for once!

    Best of luck if it's Swindon, Dom. Not too much luck though :P

  7. Re: The Politics Thread

    Good God stop wallowing in self pity' date=' I can assure you there are millions of people in the South who struggle to get by....

    Quite frankly I would be all for more dissolved power for regions,

    That Labour candidate in Sunderland South is pretty nice :):)[/quote']

    Of course, there's no denying that.

    Point is, the Tories have an awful lot to do to even get your 'average' Northerner to vote for them and, whilst I'm no expert on politics, the majority of working class people I know have been taken for a ride for far too long to even consider becoming a conservative voter. Just from my experience anyway. I'm sure yours differ from mine.

    Anyway, Preston actually won a play-off match tonight! I'd happily let you dig into my self pity prior to tonight, but not now :P

  8. Re: The Politics Thread

    Just out of curiosity' date=' mate: is the UK voting process electronic?

    In some countries, like Brazil, it is.

    In Portugal we're more high-tech tho - we go to the nearest school and use this complex gadget called pen, to write an "X" on another complex gadget called paper. :P[/quote']

    The same as Portugal :)

    Yeah, like Adam said, it's just like Portugal :)

    Just up the road for me so I could go any time, but I'll be going when my parents go I think.

  9. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

    Some scenes at Blackpool.

    Can't blame them personally' date=' Oyston has ripped that club apart and brought it to its knees.[/quote']

    It's been the same for years. Even when they were in the PL, the £90M that they won all of a sudden disappeared. Funny that.

    Good on the Blackpool fans. I'm honestly surprised it's taken this long to resort to one of the most extreme options.

  10. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

    I see everyone thinks Bournemouth will be up. I really they do it!

    So, so close to call. I see 'Boro are 1-0 up at Norwich, but it's still early days yet. I'll be rooting for the underdog in the PO's, but Watford and Norwich (based on my predictions) will be incredibly hard to beat.

  11. Re: Official Manchester City Thread

    Rumours he could end up at West Ham. I know it's crazy' date=' but surely I'm not the only one that actually wants to see this happen![/quote']

    I can't really see past City getting him (in England anyway), but I'd love to see him go to Newcastle. Can't forget that, despite not being 'elite', they're certainly a huge club.

    It's a shame that Mike Cashley casts a big shadow.

  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    The Sterling thing is ridiculous. Typical British media praising and hyping him when he's the man of the moment, then painting him as Hitler when he does something that's perfectly legal to do in this country.

    Anyway, that's not the important issue today. RIP to the 96. May justice finally come soon.

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