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  1. Re: The Politics Thread I should point out that my initial post wasn't a sly complaint at people having incredible amounts of money. I was genuinely curious as to what people would do in such a wealthy position. If you've earned it, you've earned it.
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  5. Re: The Politics Thread Once your wealth got to a certain amount, what exactly would you do with all your money? I think it'd be incredibly hard for anyone not in such a position to refuse being given the opportunity on a plate (hypothetically), but I honestly don't know what I'd do after a certain point. A beautiful house, a car full of flashy/classic vehicles and perhaps even buying PNE (amongst other things that aren't off the top of my head), but... what else? I'm sure there would always be some sort of project you'd be investing both your time and money into if you were in such a fortunate position, but it's hard to say exactly what you'd from the outside looking in. Of course, there's also charity donations, helping out (understatement) your family and friends, and your children's inheritance (if you were to have any), etc. Would any of it even matter if you weren't happy? Yes, I'll just finish this post off with a HUGE downer
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  11. Re: FOTY '14 Knockout round | Matt72 vs. Ray1981 What happens if this is a tie? Personally, I'd fancy the Geordie if it came down to a winner takes all fight.
  12. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Only for you from Friday to Sunday
  13. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread For all we know, she could be a right cow. On the other hand, she could be the complete opposite. I usually shy away from topics like this because the whole sarcastic 'gay' comments pop up (of which I'm not, btw), but there's no point having a model girlfriend if she makes your life hell, or is even just an arse towards things/people you appreciate/respect (I.e. Ronaldo's mum). Well, I'm sure there are benefits, but it's no good if your life's horrible. With all of this being said, I'm certain Ronaldo won't have to settle for someone he hates. Edit: or, for all we know, Ronaldo could be the one in the wrong. The story only really covers one supposed reason as to why they've broken up.
  14. Re: The Official Sky Bet Championship Thread A Derby fan punched Kelvin Wilson after Derby were beaten at home by Forest today, only for Jamaal Lascelles to wipe him out in return. Brilliant spear. Got what he deserved.
  15. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread @tancredipalmeri: Bild reports that Robben has been bitten by a crocodile while trying to recover a ball at the training camp in Qatar. It's croco, not crocodile. I hope someone gets that reference.
  16. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Mangala has been incredibly hit and miss. He produced some good performances at the start of the season, but, from what I've seen, has since gone down hill. Definitely not a player I'd rise until his performances improve and he shows signs of being a player that deserves to rise. Gary Cahill and Azpilicueta, however, have been robbed if they don't rise this time around. Two of the most consistent performers every week. I'd say John Terry and Demicheles should be risen too.
  18. Newman

    The Random Thread

    Re: The Random Thread There's an article about him 'entering his last days' from November' date=' although I can't find anything that suggests he passed away. It's not very rare that the date of death is predicted wrong when it comes to terminal patients, so that may be the case here. [url']http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2829078/Dying-Simpson-creator-vowed-AWAY-100m-fortune-animals-charities-calls-cancer-amazing-experience-enters-twilight-life.html[/url]
  19. Re: FOTY '14 QuarterFinal 1 I voted for Pedro to give him one final push over the finish line, which he would have crossed without my vote anyway. I like Tony. He brings some brilliant reactions out of people and is fun to have in the general football section. Pedro, as I've previously stated, is one of the nicest, if not the nicest forumer around. He's very helpful and deserves to go through. Thanks for all the votes, guys. I appreciate them. I'm pleased to even get to the QF, let alone gain 19 votes (thus far) at this stage. I got to the QF in my first full year on the forum (2011) and that has been matched in a year that I was a lot more active in during the last six months. 'll take that. Best of luck to Pedro and all of the other semi-finalists
  20. Re: Sky Bet League 1 and 2 Official Thread Very much looking forward to it!
  21. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I've read about Jordan Rhodes going to Swansea (still a part of the rumour mill, of course). Would any of the Swansea fans take him either this month or in the summer as a potential replacement for Bony? Excellent goal scorer, although he's not yet had the chance to do it at the top level.
  22. Re: Sky Bet League 1 and 2 Official Thread Erm, so there's a lot of ticked off One Direction fans targeting North End... https://twitter.com/pnefc/status/555756563739475969 Edit: There's about 20 new tweets every time I refresh. I'm trying to decide if I've ever been more confused by something on the internet. Very surreal.
  23. Re: Ronaldo for 75 million + Oscar Okay, thanks. Your squad looks fantastic in every single position, so in all honesty I wouldn't take the offer. However, if the likes of Ramos, Lahm, Boateng (for defence), Busquets, Yaya Toure, Vidal and Modric (to rotate with/give depth alongside Pogba), etc. would be available, then I, myself, might be a lot more tempted to accept the offer. I'm unsure as to whether or not I'd want at least two of those I listed (or players of similar ratings) before going ahead with the Ronaldo deal, but that's your call. Hope that helped
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