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  1. Only 7 clubs taken!!!! out of 116 clubs It's called English Championship 31414
  2. Re: Isco or Neymar? Guys, i have got to admit it. It is a tough one. Both play for Brazil and Spain who ARE in the final of the confederations cup and multiple world cup winners. Both play for 2 of the biggest clubs in the world, Barca and Real. Both are still very young with equally amazing talent (lets be honest now, Neymar has been incredible and so has Isco) But i've rejected it anyway because Isco did rise by 3 this year!!! So if he absolutely smash it for Real and get spanish caps, there is no doubt he will rise by 2 or 3!
  3. Re: Isco for Zabaleta (mine)? There is absolutely no doubt that Isco is the answer to this
  4. Re: Isco or Neymar? My starting XI varies depending on how each player performs. My other attacking talents would include Ozil, Ronaldo, Di Maria, Benzema, Higuain, Cavani, Chicarito, Alexis Sanchez, Oscar and Reus. Last year or so i sold Ribery for Sneijder and 5 million and i absolutely regretted it as u can see. So now i want to make the right decision!!!!
  5. Re: Isco or Neymar? Guys its still a 50/50 call!!!!!!
  6. I currently have Isco but my main rival manager has offered me Neymar in exchange of Isco. Its a tricky one because Neymar is a already proven international and will definitely make some sort of an impact at Barca. While Isco, i believe is equally good but he will be facing competition with the likes of Ozil who is equally amazing. Guys... please let me have your opinions!
  7. Re: Suarez for Muller??! Get or keep Muller at all cost!!!!!!!
  8. Its great to see soccermanager has brought in the match centre where we can view the match live. But at the start where it lists out the starting XI and the bench. It kinda annoys me that it doesn't show where the players actually play. For example, are the opposing team playing with 3/4/5 defenders?
  9. Re: Goalkeepers dilemma I am aware of that. But i have had a player being transfer listed. I need about 4/5 points to win the league so i will recall him back soon and start him. If he is still concerned then i will just have to address his concerns. I have about 100 million in my budget.
  10. Ohright, I currently own 4 goalkeepers: Casillas, Neuer, Courtois and Butland. But the problem is Casillas is the obvious starter but Neuer might start a few if Casillas's form drop. Courtois is out on loan and unhappy. Butland i will keep him no matter what. Neuer is starting to develop concerns. Casillas is not starting for Madrid!!!! What to do?!
  11. I have been playing soccermanager.com very actively since 2010 and been a member since 2007. Its a very good website to play but i just have 1 concern, lately i have NOT earned credits from completing achievements. I wanted to know why did you guys stopped it???!!!
  12. Re: Riferimento: Any advices? I play 4-1-3-2
  13. Casillas Neuer Courtois (out on loan) Butland (out on loan) Dani Alves Phil Jones (youth) Van Rhijn (out on loan) Puyol Sergio Ramos Thiago Silva Badstuber Lahm Marcelo Alaba (youth) Luke Shaw (out on loan) Busquests Xabi Alonso Sven Bender Ramires Wayama (out on loan) Frimpong (out on loan) Pjanic Isco (youth) Oscar (youth) Di Maria Ozil Cristiano Ronaldo Reus Thomas Ince (out on loan) Zaha (out on loan) Borini (out on loan) Alexis Sanchez Cavani Higuain Benzema Mario Gomez Javier Hernandez Many Regards.
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