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  1. Re: Talladega Championship News/Results/Transfers Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid. Barca were beaten at their home by their rivals real madrid. But barca are still top of the league.
  2. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Villa man plz let me know when chelsea is available. Its been taken by someone else. Cheers
  3. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Can i get barca plzz. If its unavailable then Chelsea.
  4. Re: What is Ronaldinhos best position? For me he plays best as an AM with eto and messi upfront.
  5. Re: Should i accept? Yeah 15 million plus ronnie and messi
  6. Re: buy out clauses No there should not be any buy out clauses. If this happens all the players would be on the move. It is quite easy to accumulate money and put a buy out clause here. It would take all the fun out. But SM controlling deals after a week could be thought about
  7. Re: Account permantly suspended Yeah i am saying the same. A new account can be made but teams and reputation cannot be regained
  8. Re: Account permantly suspended If you get a reply plz do tell me
  9. Re: Account permantly suspended An account can be made but teams cannot be got
  10. Re: Account permantly suspended Have done so but got no reply. My major concern are my teams not my account.And i will not be able to get them back
  11. Re: Account permantly suspended My account has also been suspended without any reason atall. I was not cheating AND dont think he was cheating either. What should i do
  12. I had got chelsea in an english championship, I just found it two days ago. But when i tried to login to my account i got an error message "your account has been permanently suspended". Whats this SM. Does this mean i have no right to get good teams. Thts what we call "unfair" but dont think you care
  13. Password? Tom have you changed the password??? Previous one is not working :confused:I want to take Real its free now
  14. Re: New World setup Is real free now?Or more wait
  15. Real madrid still not free Real is still not free mate
  16. My Team Taken Hey Tom someone has taken real . Can i take milan?
  17. I want to know if someone makes a counter offer for one player to two different teams and they both get accepted on the same day. what happens now? Will the deal go through for the better bid or the first to be accepted.
  18. Re: New World setup Can i have real please?
  19. Re: New Setup with a twist Can i have chelsea or Real madrid
  20. Re: Lionel Messi He should definitely get up by 2. He is by far the best young player. His ball control and dribbling are superb. He has been excellent since coming back from injury. A hattrick against real is not an easy thing. definitely deserves at least 94
  21. Re: How about this deal? nah! cannot ask him. I will have to pay 5 million not him . Thats why i am really confused. Villa is a rising star and Henry IS a star.
  22. I am getting David Villa for 5 million and Henry. Should i proceed? Detailed comments would be appreciated
  23. Re: SpanishRatings Casilas should also go up to 96. He is by far the best shot stopper there is! He is one man who saves real from conceding atleast 2 extra goals every match. He is in the same class as Cech(if not better). Therefore if Cech is 96 he should also be
  24. Re: SpanishRatings I think messi deserves an increase of at least 2. He has been superb since coming back from injury and also scored a hattrick against real. I think villa is alright at 95. Aguero should also go up to 91/92 he is brilliant to watch.
  25. Plz can somebody tell me which are the most effective formations. secondly what happens if u play players slightly out of position like a W as a Rm or Cm.
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