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  1. Re: Radamel Falcao Hi sorry for not being clear! i am SELLING Falcao (or thinking of selling). My other strikers would be: Marco Reus Edinson Cavani Karim Benzema Wayne Rooney Sergio Aguero Neymar Leandro Damiao Sebastian Giovinco at this present moment. If i sell Falcao, Neymar would replace him as my second-team striker however i do know for a fact that Falcao might rise... help please! Thanks!
  2. Radamel Falcao for 41mil? yes or no?
  3. Re: Squad Overhaul! Need help please! anyone???????
  4. hi all i need some cash to fund my transfers for other players...just need you opinion on who to sell and who to replace them with! Thanks! REINA, Pepe FAHRMANN, Ralf COENTRAO, Fábio SCHMELZER, Marcel RAMOS, Sergio ABATE, Ignazio CHIELLINI, Giorgio HOWEDES, Benedikt SMALLING, Chris HUMMELS, Mats PIQUE, Gerard SUBOTIC, Neven KONE, Bakary BUSQUETS, Sergio M'VILA, Yann NOCERINO, Antonio MARTÍNEZ, Javi VIDAL, Arturo CANTEROS, Héctor RAMIRES, Santos BOATENG, Kevin-Prince LIVERMORE, Jake HAMSIK, Marek KROOS, Toni MULLER, Thomas YOUNG, Ashley GAITAN, Nicolás GROSSKREUTZ,
  5. Re: David Luiz = 22mil? thanks for your opinion guys! who can i replace him with? any suggestions? he isnt in my first team...or even second so i considered selling him but i wont let him go unless i get a replacement for him
  6. help please! i currently have Chiellini Smalling Hummels Subotic Pique Fontas Kone Musacchio Savic Muniesa who can all play as a cb Thanks!
  7. hi all i can buy one of the above. who should i buy?
  8. Re: Midfield Help Needed! (AGAIN) REINA, Pepe COENTRAO, Fábio SCHMELZER, Marcel ENRIQUE, José ALBA, Jordi RAMOS, Sergio ABATE, Ignazio VAN DER WIEL, Gregory PIQUE, Gerard CHIELLINI, Giorgio HUMMELS, Mats SUBOTIC, Neven KONE, Bakary BUSQUETS, Sergio M'VILA, Yann RAMIRES, Santos BOATENG, Kevin-Prince MARTÍNEZ, Javi CLEVERLEY, Tom MULLER, Thomas HAMSIK, Marek KROOS, Toni YOUNG, Ashley GAITAN, Nicolás ROONEY, Wayne AGUERO, Sergio SANCHEZ, Alexis NEYMAR, Silva VARGAS, Eduardo HERNANDEZ, Javier Loaned out: DE GEA, David LUIZ, David MUSACCHIO, Mat
  9. hey all so i have enough cash to get a midfielder or defender for my team...could be one that is up and coming or one that is high rated and would stay for quite a while. i've shortlisted some from unmanaged clubs and these are the best i could find: Marko Marin 11m Micah Richards (defender) 18mil Daniele De Rossi 25m Phillip Lahm 28m Javier Mascherano 18m Bastian Schweinsteiger 26mil Frank Lampard 11mil Franck Ribery 29mil who should i get? i know some might not be considered young but they would boost my team! i have Ramires Javi Martinez Yann M'villa Kevin Prince-Boateng A
  10. Re: Sell Nasri for Muller?Need Help.. if you're getting Muller then do it.
  11. Re: Which CM to buy? Wilshere, Kroos, Javi Martinez, Yann M'villa
  12. Re: Marcelo or Coentrao?Need Help... Marcelo IMO
  13. Re: Gregory Van Der Wiel or Ignazio Abate? thanks for your opinion seth and papilon! Abate it is!
  14. ok so in my game world players like Marek Hamsik, Montolivo and Isla are available. Do you think i should swap my Yann M'villa, Santos Ramires, Javi Martinez or Kevin-Prince Boateng for Hamsik/Montolivo? i was thinking of swapping Ramires for Hamsik...good deal? thanks!
  15. Re: Gregory Van Der Wiel or Ignazio Abate? ok so now it's 2-2 for Abate or VDW... any other opinions?
  16. Re: Just been offered 42 million for Javier HERNANDEZ shall I take? Sell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. hi guys i can get one of the above players. I need a midfielder who will probably rise in future? Has a better chance of moving to a better club, and current form. Thanks! My opinion would be to get Hamsik though my friend has been telling me to get Vidal :/ i currently have: Sergio Busquets Yann M'villa Nuri Sahin (deal accepted) Santos Ramires Javi Martinez Toni Kroos who can play CM/AM cheers
  18. Hi all! Merry Christmas lol anyway i'm planning on getting 2 of the above LBs. Can you rank them in order for me? Thanks!
  19. Re: Gregory Van Der Wiel or Ignazio Abate? anymore opinions?
  20. i need one of em for the future, someone that could rise next time and be the next Sergio Ramos? i have Ramos in my squad so i can sell one for cash Thanks for helping!
  21. Re: 2mil + Nigel De Jong + Shinji Kagawa = Thomas Muller yeap had a good feeling with this deal but was just double checking! Thanks!!! shall do the deal now
  22. Hi guys i need cash to buy Mario Gotze so who would you sell? cheers
  23. hi guys previously i wanted to swap my Reina for another team's Hart but the manager wouldn't do the deal...so...De Gea for Hart? worth it? keep in mind that i have Reina and Hart if this deal goes through. Thanks for helping
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