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  1. would it be possible to change teams?.. if so could i please be ossett town instead of bradford park avenue please?.. many thanks..
  3. ive been to mma/ufc events before.. and yes cage/media/posts etc do restrict.. im going to dublin on oct 24th ticket depending.. dying to see darren till fight and hes been added to the card.. also going to be going to 194 for mcgregor in vegas again.. although i think aldo pulls out again!!!!!.. little pic from my 189/ufc fight week experience.. no doubt mcgregors next opponent if aldo pulls again!!!.. im the guy on edgars left.. blue polo.. slick back hair haha.. http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/...ie%20edgar.jpg [ATTACH=CONFIG]n5107126[/ATTACH]
  4. Re: The Official UFC Thread so far the fight build up for mcgregor-aldo has been ace.. got my fight tickets and fight week/expo tickets with weigh in n other perks included yesterday via ufc pre sale.. trust me anybody after the 141 dollar (all gone).. 244 dollar (bout 30 remaining) and floor (pritty much all gone) youre left with the expensive for where the tickets are on the mgm map left to choose from.. theyll be some disapointed people either not getting tickets or shelling out more than expected on public sale friday thats for sure.. going to be 1 hell of an experience.. cant wait..
  5. Re: The Official UFC Thread 3rd time 4 silva n steroids.. diaz n his bro admit to being bad on weed lol thats what i was getting at in 1 of my above posts.. but here goes to top the lot off .. on the drug test jones had his testosterone levels were very low.. anybody who has used steroids knos that is a sure fire sign of just coming off test prior to his fight with cormier .. he wont hav had time for pct nor would he have wanted to as pct meds e.g HCG would hav shown deffinately proving use instead of just putting the thought out there.. there all on the lot imo simple as .. brown wo on brown.. liddle wo bad on powder lol the list could go on and on.. started seeing mcgregor kicking about with jones abit 2.. that b mcgregor now nailed on partyin hard on the powder .. ufc.. get me there in july man youve got to luv it!.. haha..
  6. Re: The Official UFC Thread ill be honest and its nothing more than a feeling i have.. i got a slight feelin the fight wont take place on the 11th july due to its switch from may already n the date and week it has been placed on.. end of international fight week.. it could just b used as nothing more than hype 4 that superbly.. although i do think it got rescheduled incase mayweather/pacman does go ahead wi that likely bein may.. i think great marketing placing the fight and week together as it will see many flock from overseas and it will contribute 2 alot more money in danas bin with people attending the other offerings in vegas from the ufc also.. im going to get the tickets on the day of release and book flights the week prior to fight just incase.. 6 month is along time away.. an sudden injury sumwhere down the line wouldnt shock me 1 bit as its without shadow of doubt the fight puller of the year and the suspense it would cause in bein put back again would be massive but scandelous to the customer.. owts possible nowadays though in the ufcwwe .. as for the winner.. mcgregor has no other option for his ufc career.. he knows it though but u can see he means it 110% when he says he will beat him and provided he walks in the same frame of mind fite nite he got a serious chance.. mentality is everything imo mma wise.. it will keep him cautious and still carryin his killer instinct.. hes actually the 1 with more to loose out of the 2 as it is his do or die ufc career fight already lol.. but with nothing to loose in the same sentence if that makes sense because hes come from nothing his rise so quick and you can see he knows that.. dangerous man in that frame of mind imo.. got no option but 2 leave it all out there in octagon..
  7. Re: The Official UFC Thread ive watched mcgregor for years and this is simply his do or die fight so i cant miss it.. if he looses this his ufc career is over already imo.. he has nothing more than a comeback fight but he will never be taken serious if he doesnt win the title against aldo.. going across with a pal for 5 days so will catch weigh in.. fight and pos the expo prior as its the international fight week.. cant wait already and its months away.. still no date on ticket release grrr..
  8. Re: The Official UFC Thread any1 else going across to vegas for the mcgregor aldo fight?..
  9. Re: Wc 40000 its genuine matey.. hes strongly pos on move 2 Milan is lopez.. madrid will tie cech imo.. he'll be first choice at milan deffo if he gets the move will lopez.. my keepers 88 and with me planning on cashing in on a lot of faces as the side has a good core and keeping the side pretty much Spanish it makes sense.. should get abit o time on a Spanish keeper higher rated than 88 for cash so it makes sense 2 me.. theres only asenjo and guita I could go at elsewhere and don't fancy either of them if im honest .. so yea it might look nuts matey buts its genuine ..
  10. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers NPL DIVISION 1 MANAGER RATCLIFFE OFFERD TOP GERMAN HOTSEAT!.. only 1 outcome as I will never b able 2 leave this side ..
  11. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! DESTROYED BI DAVID!.. MÁLAGA CF 0 - 2 Atlético Madrid D.VÍLLA 8, 31 Daniel Ratcliffe was unable to prevent a Málaga CF defeat to Atlético Madrid. Málaga CF slumped to a 2 - 0 defeat against Atlético Madrid in their Division 2 fixture.
  12. racky

    Dance/House Music!

    Re: Dance/House Music! AN UPFRONT MIXTURE OF ALL SOUNDS BOTH HOUSE & GARAGE... RACKY.. DECEMBER 2013.. FREE DOWNLOAD.. ENJOY!.. https://soundcloud.com/danielratcliffe/racky-underground-house-2
  13. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! SAN SIRO HOT SEAT BOTTLED AS INTER OFF 2 SAFE START!.. anybody interested in this job vacancy please let me know by Monday via vm/pm or this club will be offerd externally ..
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