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  1. Re: If van der sar suprisingly stays for 1 more year.... As it stands neither will drop.
  2. Re: Who to keep who to sell? lol clearly doesnt watch city. Silva has been playing very well and is not 5th choice - he is city's only creative midfielder/playmaker. keep. As for which of the rest to get rid of I would look at mascherano as said. After that Ramires, but I think I would keep all your youngsters.
  3. Re: Will bale keep his LB position? No he doesnt. He sticks strictly to the left. LM/LB
  4. Re: Pedro or Muller? Pedro would get my vote. Playing superbly well with Barca who are flying. Muller is a top player but Bayern arent having the best of seasons atm.
  5. Re: Will bale keep his LB position? No chance, he has never played on the right, unlike DiMaria who switches to the right regularly throughout a game. As Nikidinho said they will leave him with his LB secondary position as he can still play there.
  6. Re: Who is the best double players ?? Sneijder & Robben or Ozil & Di Maria Double players? Not realy sure what you mean by double players. Are you asking which of the two pairs play best together? (Ozil & DiMaria for Madrid, and Sneijder & Robben for Holland)
  7. Re: Struggling Teams - Need Veteran Help! If its a riser you're looking for from that list, I would suggest Valencia (will be returning from long term injury soon, is abit of a gamble due to this but at 91 playing for man utd he offers a decent chance of a 92 in the future) or Montolivo. However if your issue is to try and get big rated players into your starting line up to improve you team average then its a no-brainer: Ribery. None of the others will ever get beyond 93 so bite the bullet, pay the money and build your team around Ribery.
  8. Re: Hernandez Think he'll rise to 89 next changes. Great talent. Rooney is still the first choice forward for Fergie, hence why when he is fit he has started every game, unlike berba. In the tougher games united play 4-5-1 with just Rooney up top, with the likes of berba and hernandez on the bench. Hernandez will continue getting his appearances, with squad rotation etc, but his main role will remain as a Solskjaer esq "super-sub" for the remainder of the season.
  9. Re: Koscielny I think if he played for an average premierleague side people wouldnt be so keen to be critical but the bigger the team you play for the more in the spotlight you are and scrutanised your performances will be. Koscielny would have probably been largely unnoticed in another team but being a top side his flaws are noticed as people expect better. I just dont think he is good enough for what a starting CB playing for Arsenal should be. However lets face it he's not the worst, Pascal Cygan is the pick of them (although he has been likened to Cygan on many fan forums...including th
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