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  1. Re: Who to keep who to sell?


    David Silva (The fifth option for the midfield of City)Ramires (He just can't adapt to English football)

    Mascherano (Behind Busquets on Barça and he will drop)

    And you should get some money !!


    lol clearly doesnt watch city. Silva has been playing very well and is not 5th choice - he is city's only creative midfielder/playmaker. keep.

    As for which of the rest to get rid of I would look at mascherano as said. After that Ramires, but I think I would keep all your youngsters.

  2. Re: mascherano deal

    yup I wanted more (greedy btard) now I cannot do swap cuz he is insulted' date=' I have new proposal, I ll give Gerrard and Mascherano for Iniesta, I lose too much but I am afraid that after next rating change I ll get 93 mascherano and 93 rated old gerrard. Also should I get rid of Glen Johnson, Pepe Reina and Aaron Lennon[/quote']

    Keep Reina and Lennon. Sell Johnson

  3. Re: Will bale keep his LB position?

    imo Wing/Lb like Bastos is more convincing than LM/Wing' date='

    [b']in the games ive seen he always switched places with lennon during a game[/b], to confuse the opponents, but he always starts the game as left winger or LM.

    Imo Wing/LB > LM/Wing

    but he will probably stay LM/LB at least til next season.

    No he doesnt. He sticks strictly to the left. LM/LB

  4. Re: Swap Hart for Casilas

    Should i swap my Hart for milans Casilas

    i have Mandanda' date=' bought today and Neuer who is getting big european interest. I know Casilas got a drop and is behind de gea at spain but cmon, 95 keeper!!![/quote']

    Actually hope the guy who has offered you Casillas for Hart reads this thread and realises how insane an offer it is, because its almost as ridiculous that you even needed to ask anyone's opinion on what you should do.

    Also as someone else has said Casillas has not been dropped by Spain, behind De Gea. Can only guess you didnt watch the World Cup

  5. Re: A bit of advice for me please

    German championship 311 is what game world im in and i drew my wolfsburg match 2-2 (l.barrrios 49' date='62) (xabi alonso 3, ibrahimovic 38)

    mr noob why does it change everything if i'm in a german champ?[/quote']

    I dont want to speak on behalf of mr noob but Id imagine he is just meaning that if you are in a german championship then all the best players from all the other leagues in the world are external clubs. Meaning you (and everyone else) have a much better chance of buying top, young, highly rated players, as opposed to in a gold championship, world championship, european championship where all the best teams are not external clubs making it much more difficult to transfer in the best global players.

    my advice would be to continue doing what you are doing; keeping the brightest players from your dortmund team who the majority of which look set to rise, whilst buying top prospects such as khedira and nani. However if higher rated players with potential to rise further (Im thinking the likes of Pedro, Busquets, Pedro, Ozil, Van Der Vaart, Pato etc) are available at external clubs then try and get them before they all get snapped up.

  6. Re: Struggling Teams - Need Veteran Help!

    If its a riser you're looking for from that list, I would suggest Valencia (will be returning from long term injury soon, is abit of a gamble due to this but at 91 playing for man utd he offers a decent chance of a 92 in the future) or Montolivo.

    However if your issue is to try and get big rated players into your starting line up to improve you team average then its a no-brainer: Ribery. None of the others will ever get beyond 93 so bite the bullet, pay the money and build your team around Ribery.

  7. Re: Help me with some deals

    I have a lot of money and i have to choose from this players for position:

    This is what i need:

    1 AM: Ozil or Nasri or David Silva? Actually i have Pjanic and Pastore as first choices

    1 Fwd/CF: Higuain or Dzeko or Aguero? Actually i have Mueller as first choice

    2 CB: Hummels or Subotic or David Luiz or someone else? Actually i have Badstuber' date=' Ranocchia and Alderweireld in my difense

    1 Wing: Nani or Krasic?

    I play in II division but i'm in the 1 place and surely promoted in the I division, i don't need the high rated player actually but the one who will have the best future and the best valutation.[/quote']

    AM = Ozil (then Nasri)

    Fwd = Higuain

    CB = Hummels and Subotic (though there is nothing between the 3)

    Wing = Nani

  8. Re: Hernandez

    I think that he will rise to 89..Fergie said that rooney isnt safe in first eleven when he comes back from injury and that probably will hernandez play in first eleven because he is in far better form then rooney.

    Think he'll rise to 89 next changes. Great talent.

    Rooney is still the first choice forward for Fergie, hence why when he is fit he has started every game, unlike berba. In the tougher games united play 4-5-1 with just Rooney up top, with the likes of berba and hernandez on the bench. Hernandez will continue getting his appearances, with squad rotation etc, but his main role will remain as a Solskjaer esq "super-sub" for the remainder of the season.

  9. Re: Koscielny

    Agree..Deff not awefull he is solid defender..He isnt playing now on highest level but that he is awefull..Cmon be serious.

    I think if he played for an average premierleague side people wouldnt be so keen to be critical but the bigger the team you play for the more in the spotlight you are and scrutanised your performances will be. Koscielny would have probably been largely unnoticed in another team but being a top side his flaws are noticed as people expect better. I just dont think he is good enough for what a starting CB playing for Arsenal should be. However lets face it he's not the worst, Pascal Cygan is the pick of them (although he has been likened to Cygan on many fan forums...including those run by Arsenal fans!)

  10. Re: Koscielny

    Actually I dont think Fabianski will go to 96' date=' so this post is wrong and why wouldnt Koscielny go to 90, imo he isnt a bad defender at all and he is playing better than an 88. What I will say though is if you can get someone better than sell him as he wont progress very fast[/quote']

    He realy isnt playing better than an 88.

    Doesnt look good enough to me. Time will tell. If he continues to start for Arsenal, even with him playing poorly he still has a chance to rise but cant ever see him being above 90.

    Agree with 123_ABC in that you can definately get someone better, so sell and reinvest in a better prospect.

  11. Re: Pick 3 of these;

    I have the chance to buy 3 off these guys but im stuck on who to get? - its out of;








    Don't ask what position I need the most as I'm buying them just as prospects really' date=' Thanks.[/quote']

    My three are below:




    closely followed by Bale

    then Sanchez

    then Jovetic

    Kjaer is not even close to the rest, definately my last choice.

  12. Re: Adebayor for...?


    I have Adebayor in my team and I would like to make a swap with other striker. Who you recommend for me?

    I have tried with Dzeko' date=' Rooney, Pato,.... and nothing. My others strikers are Huntelaar and Tevez.

    Thanks you![/quote']

    Try get the likes of:








    I would straight swap for Muller.

    If you can sell and then use the money to buy any of the other forwards then I would prioritise Neymar then Balotelli. The others are suggestions but not in straight swap deals, make sure you get another player or money as well.

  13. Re: Wilshere v M'Vila

    I current have Jack Wilshere but no cash and M'Vila is available at an unmanaged club from tomorrow. Is it worth selling Wilshere to fund purchase of M'Vila. Who will potentially be the highest rated in the future?

    In answer to the original question; "Is it worth selling Wilshere to fund purchase of M'Vila"?

    I would say no, don't sell Wilshere to fund the purchase of M'Vila. But as someone else mentioned, try raising the funds by selling someone else. Both players will rise and have bright futures so try and have both.

    "Who will potentially be the highest rated in the future?"

    Difficult to answer as they play in different positions (always easier to compare like-for-like), different nationalities and as mentioned (alot:D) playing at different standards.

    At Arsenal Wilshere is having a good season and is set to continue to rise as far as his potential can take him, which IMO is potentially 92/93 (but I appreciate it is very difficult to predict such ratings with someone so young). Arsenal regularly being in the Champions League, regularly in the top 4 of the EPL means that he does not require a move in order to fulfill his full potential on SM.

    M'Vila is also playing very well and as are Rennes, but he is already their highest rated player at 89. And there lies the dilemma. M'Vila almost certainly requires a move to another league (Spain, England) or to Lyon if he is to achieve his true potential. I think M'Vila could possibly get as high as 92, but whenever players move club, especially to another country, it is always a gamble. They may struggle to adjust and not become what everyone thought they could.

    If you are just after the player who you think could/will eventually get the greatest rating on SM I would go for Wilshere for the simple reasons given above (also dont know if its just coincidence but there are alot more higher rated AM on SM than DM). But it might be 12-18 months before Wilshere is even equal in rating with M'Vila.

  14. Re: Which Team Is Best?

    Would think the 4-2-3-1 teams better because:

    inherently its a superior formation to 442-thats why most teams have used it in real life

    If both sides were to play there is a good chance that the midfield will be dominated by the extra player thus starving the 2 strikers of service (resulting in 4 defenders against 2 strikers in a footrace)' date=' while in 4-2-3-1 the most likely outcome is higher possession in midfield resulting in more wing play and crosses into Cavani who will most likely sit on the shoulder of the cb with wingers and am making runs into final third-thus 4 defenders against 3 attackers.

    This is also more suited for counterattacks with melo/affelay acting as deep lying playmakers..

    For 442 to have a greater chance it might have to be diamond and one of the strikers will play off the other..[/quote']

    There is no "inherently superior formation". This is a piece of computer software not real life. Therefore the best formation for you to play is the one where your players are set in their primary position and your team has the highest average rating; in your case below 4-4-2. I agree with what arampage said on the benefits and popularity of 4-2-3-1, and I myself tend to play this formation but only because it best suits my team(s). Sitting on the shoulder and winning footraces etc is not relevant on SM.

  15. Re: Left Back

    Save up for Coentrao and keep the bids coming for Chivu until then. If Coentrao is with external club' date=' perhaps make Chivu part of the deal. If not, sell Chivu for the best price around 30 Jan if there aren't any rival bidders. If there are rival bidders, have twice Coentrao's value in the pot.[/quote']

    spot on, good advice from abidicus.

    do your best to get Coentrao. nothing else to add.

  16. Re: J. Boateng Vs Subotic

    thats all very well but they play different positions. personally i'd go for boateng due to his SM vertsatility

    Your comment is all very well :) but...

    The question was who has the higher chance of a rating increase, not positional versitility. I was answering that question based on what is happening in real life. If Boateng continues as he is he will soon loose his Def/DM position to a RB/LB therefore loosing alot of this versitility you use in your argument.

    As I and others have stated Subotic has the better chance of a rating increase as it stands. Go for him

  17. Re: Did I make some good deals?

    As this is my first big club with a lot of money I managed to get hold off (Barcelona' date=' with about 300M), I'd like to know from some of the experts around here if my deals were any good. I consider the World I play in pretty competitive.

    - Swapped my Mascherano for De Rossi

    - Swapped my Xabi for Busquets

    - Ramos for 65M

    - Gomez for Ronaldinho + 15M

    - Ozil for 60M

    - Abidal for 17M

    - Marchena for 9M

    - Cissokho for 18M

    - Cetin for 9M

    These are all the 90 or higher I managed to get (maybe more coming this season, still got 100M left :))

    I think the best deal would still be Ozil, paid a big price but he'll hopefully be worth 3 times as much in a few seasons :)

    The worst would probably be Abidal, as I heard he'll maybe drop? But not too sure about this as I haven't read anything about him since.

    So what's your opinion?[/quote']

    Always hard to tell the value of cash deals as money has varying degrees of value in different setups. However the fact that you had a budget of 300m suggests that money might not be of much worth in your gameworld (either that of your Barcelona team were completely stripped of its best players before you took over). So if money doesnt have much value then any cash only deal that gets you the quality of Ozil and Ramos is good.

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