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  1. Re: J. Boateng Vs Subotic Boateng had an injury shortly after he arrived at city so has had to fight for his place as he has regained his ftness. City dont seem to play anyone regularly in either full back positions, with Boateng, Kolorov, Richards and Zabaleta all sharing game time. He is a good player and if he nails down his spot in the starting lineup and city continue to progress as a club; challenge for the league and get champions league football, at just 89 he would be set for a steady rise in rating. However there are alot of if's and but's. Subotic on the other hand has had an excellent season at Dortmund, along with Hummels have been the best CB partnerships in the Bundesliga. If Dortmund continue their form and Subotic maintains his form then there is no reason why he shouldnt continue to rise, 91/92 at the end of the season. I would opt for Subotic purely because he is playing very well, in a side top of the Bundesliga. Boateng needs to secure a starting place at city before we can expect him to rise.
  2. Re: berbatov. United didnt "sell" tevez, he was never united's to sell. He was owned by his agent. United offered to buy him but tevez said he didnt feel wanted, as he wasnt the be-all-and-end-all, and the offer came towards the end of his contract. Very good player but needs to be the big fish in a team. His career shows he doesnt stay around too long at a club and he'll be gone again soon. Berba is a great talent, the problem he has had since leaving spurs is finding any sort of consistency, which is demanded at the top clubs. If you're not doing it regularly on the pitch, players can find themselves out of favor and not playing. We are only just starting to see what he is capable of now he has established himself finally. With other forwards in the EPL stuttering (Tevez the exception) it looks like Berba could finish top goal scorer for the first time in his career.
  3. Re: Should i swap for these players? I would definately keep Dominguez. I rate Alderweireld and San Jose, havent seen much of Corchia at le Mans but have heard good things. I dont think I would do any of the suggested deals however. Keep your three players. If you were going to get one i would suggest San Jose for Alderweireld.
  4. Re: Samuel Walter and Nesta Agree with the previous post. Both will drop. However you wont get alot of cash for them as their age massively affects their value. I would use them + cash/other player to trade for a younger up and coming defender. Hummels as mentioned by angus is a good option, but there are a good crop of young CB's which can be found on many threads on here. But I wouldnt just sell for chairman value in cash as I dont think its worth it.
  5. Re: Need helpp plz brothers Why do you want the 14 day free trial if you cannot continue with Gold membership (because you dont have a creditcard) when it ends?
  6. Re: Marcelo 91 Vs Bale 90- Urgent help please With the exception of the above post, the general consensus is for you to keep Bale.
  7. Re: Urgent Help!! Very strange. Has the transfer totally gone through (ie the player you bought is now listed in your team's squad), or has it just been accepted? If it has totally completed I would send a ticket to SM, maybe try logging out and then back on... if in doubt on - off works for everything!
  8. Re: Marcelo + 10 Million for Bale- HELP I am not saying he will accept, or that the chairman will allow it. I simply said that the guy is desperate for Bale and if I was to sell Bale I would want a better or several prospects in the deal. In most competitive gameworld money is secondary to players and I would advise him to make sure he gets a top player in return for Bale, and whilst Marcelo is a good young player, in a top side I do not put him in the same bracket as Bale. You (red devil evra) clearly do, thats fair enough, but I would take Bale every time. There is no harm in suggesting the deal, but you only have to look at the many "best deals" threads to see some players do do seemingly crazy deals.
  9. Re: Marcelo + 10 Million for Bale- HELP He clearly is desperate for Bale. You can get a better deal. If you're giving up one of the hottest prospects and most sought after players on the game, you want to get at least one in return. I assume he has Madrid. I would see if you can get Ozil (even if he is mental and agrees it might not be allowed by his chairman but suggest it anyway), Khedira and DiMaria + the max money he is able to offer. If in 9 months time at the end of the current season and Marcelo is still a 91 and Bale has reached 92/93 the 25 mil will be meaningless and you will be regretting the deal. I know its if's and but's, however I would keep Bale unless an equally or even brighter prospect is offered. Marcelo is not. Loans are irrelevant, especially if they wont play in your side and just add to your wage bill. He is trying to sweeten the deal with these offers but as said they mean nothing.
  10. Re: Suarez for DZEKO not sure what suarez's ban has to do with anything as it will not affect his rating at all, shouldnt come into the decision on this deal. Both have been linked with big moves and both are consistently scoring goals. I too would do the transfer and get Dzeko.
  11. Re: kompany Think he was probably anticipating the ball to be pulled back to the man running in on the edge of the box, as opposed to assuming it was out of play! Solid player, enjoying a very good season (recent game against Everton aside). 92 this season isnt out of the question but will need CL in order to progress beyond that I feel. Koscielny has been very poor.
  12. Re: Nasri vs Pedro Nasri v Pedro: I would go for Pedro. Both are excellent players with alot of talent, but with Pedro being at Barca, starting and playing well he has a much better chance of rising faster than Nasri.
  13. Re: Muller or Di Maria, Opinions. Ok. Well first of all I would not sell either Muller or DiMaria unless it was a ridiculous offer. Dont know what other players you have to sell but would try find another option. As for which of Lampard and Sneijder to go for; 100% go for Sneijder! Lamps is great (although been out injured this season) but he is much older and at 32 his 95 rating will only go down; although Im sure he is safe for 94/95 for this season. Sneijder was amazing last season and although hasnt hit the same heights under Benitez this season is still a top player and at 26 has age very much on his side. Keep Muller and DiMaria, try get Sneijder by other means.
  14. Re: Muller or Di Maria, Opinions. hard to choose what? not realy sure what you're asking. Are you asking which of Muller or DiMaria you should sell? or which of Lampard or Sneijder you should buy? Can we get more details and clarity please
  15. Re: Torres or Eto'o Obviously there are other fwd options worth considering, such as Villa or Higuain. But if it is just between the two of either Torres or Eto'o I think it realy depends on if you are looking at short-term or long-term. That is how I would look at it. Eto'o is rated higher and in good form for inter therefore the better choice atm, but his age counts agianst him as well as that he will not rise beyond his current 96. Torres although rated lower at 95 and not playing well is younger, and long-term could very easily get his 96 back, offering you the potential to gain from his increased value. So as I said I would ask myself; am I looking at the short-term (ie upto a year) then go for Eto'o, or am I planning long-term (ie for a number of years) then get Torres in the hope he starts playing like we know he can. seems like Im sitting on the fence but it is a tough call...
  16. Re: D.Agger or D.Godin I would sell both then, and look to get Luiz with the cash. If you only want to sell one I would probably get rid of Agger before Godin. Atletico arent playing great this season, but then neither are Liverpool. The difference is that Agger has been out injured since the end of September and was not always starting under Roy Hodgson (seemingly switching between Agger and Konchesky as LB, and not at all at CB).
  17. Re: Mertesacker for Pepe? I share a similar opinion to paul. I would not do a straight swap. Although Pepe is at the better club as it stands (not accounting for any possible transfers) and arguably the better chance of a +1, you have to remember you were approached for Mertesacker. The manager that made you the offer obviously wants him and therefore if you are not sure you should negotiate for the inclusion of cash or a cheapish riser.
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