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  1. Re: Who is better prospect ?? Davide Santon vs Rafael Da Silva Andrew Carroll vs Javier Hernandez Eden Hazard vs Thiago Alcantara Javi Martinez vs Nuri Sahin Emiliano Viviano vs Salvatore Sirigu Ricardo Montolivo vs Luka Modric
  2. Re: victor valdes His biggest hinderence for getting a rise is that he is behind both Casillas and Reina in the Spain team. Think he may get to a 93 by the end of the season though.
  3. Re: van der sar 94 - adler 91.. Because of his age his value isnt very high' date=' therefore you are not likely to get a big price for him. Unless you get an offer of 15m+ I would keep him. He will keep his 94 until the end of the season and [i']if[/i] (not definate but looking more and more likely) he retires at the end of the season you get compensation to the value of the player so wont loose out completely. Keep him and you have a keeper rated 3 higher than Adler until next June, so like I said unless you get a good offer I would keep hold of him.
  4. Re: Messi deal same as wrighty, I dont see what you are gaining. Whilst I think Messi is the better player in real life, I cant see SM giving him a 99 even if he wins the Ballon D'Or again this year. Therefore you are giving a 98+90 for a 98. I dont think you are gaining in the deal. However if you can afford to lose Pjanic and have a strong personal preference for Messi then do it. I always like to have players that I like in real life, but not at the debtriment of my team average rating.
  5. Re: Adebayor I would be reluctant as he is getting very little game time at City. If at all possible I would wait to see where/if he goes in January transfer window. Few question marks around city atm; Tevez situation etc. Alot could happen and change in next month or two. I would not buy atm.
  6. Re: Henry down to 90?????????? At least a drop to 90.
  7. Re: 2010/2011 Winter Transfers and Rating Apparently Dzeko has written a letter to Man City thanking them for their interest in him over summer and that he admires the club and would still be interested in playing for them if they were still interested in having him. I know Dzeko to City is not new news but does state his intentions (over Madrid for eg) and sure Wolfsburg wont be too pleased with this behaviour. Also heard on the grapevine Domenico Criscito to Bayern (not Baines or Bridge like recently hinted at).
  8. Re: Criscito Probably not whilst at Genoa but he has been strongly linked with a move to Bayern, which could cue a 90+.
  9. Re: Young Payers Going Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think this is been blown abit out of proportion. Sure Arshavin8 has read the comments (constructive; about using the search tool and humerous- not personal or insulting btw) and will have found his answer on the other threads. In the future he will not make the same mistake; I call it a mistake because I agree with scribe that the forum is abit overrun with repetitive threads, and lets be honest you could have a list of 500 players if someone answered this question properly. Arshavin8 if when you've seen some of the other threads concerning young risers and are still unsure which of them to go for, prioritise etc then if you start a more specific thread/question (e.g. Which of players x, y and z do people think have the greatest potential? Which should I buy? etc) you may find you get your answer.
  10. Re: cassilas = aknifeev and thiago silva? I would keep Casillas. Has a chance to regain his 96 in next 12 months, but either way will be a 94+ keeper for several years to come. Akinfeev is a good young(ish) keeper but may never reach 94+.
  11. Re: Laurent Koscielny Football is a game of opinions, some I agree with, others I understand but a few are just laughable. Koscielny has been likened to Pascal Cygan by some of my Gooner mates and on some Arsenal Supporters forums. I would say he was nearer to Cygan than ever hitting even close to a 92
  12. Re: players 4de future dont mind spelling and grammer errors but this takes the biscuit! sorry I mean dis takes de biscuit . not answering the question on this thread until at least the title is changed!
  13. Re: Legend fitness over rating changes I was under the impression that age does affect fitness. A younger player takes less time to recover their fitness following a game.
  14. Re: Balotelli deal Absolutely do the second deal. You dont even need to ask. If you can get it do! But realistically the other manager wont do that deal, in fact I dont think his chairman would allow him tbh. I would still do the first deal if you can get a decent amount of money, but maybe try and get another up and coming player along with Hernandez.
  15. Re: What an utter disgrace Very amusing thread, although I know you're trying to be serious. I would liken the Llorente rating to Darren Bent of Sunderland. People have been arguing for a while that Bent should rise. He is regularly in top 5 scorers of EPL, but as with Llorente the fact they play for clubs not featuring in Europe and neither regularly feature in their national teams means that they need to do more than those who do. Both have a chance of a +1 rise this season, especially with the increased regularity of the SM reviews, but dont be surprised if they remain at 90 for as long as they do not feature in Europe or on a regular basis at International level. Loving the passion of your argument but as others has stated thats just the way it is. SM state their criteria for ratings quite clearly and dont look to screw certain players over or annoy fans of some clubs, it is just their way of grading and rating thousands of players on a huge database as best and fairly as they can. I think if you understand their methods you could see it is a pretty fair way of doing things. But as with real football it is a game of opinions and we all differ on some things, thats why we like it! Hope for your sake he gets his +1 next changes
  16. Re: Buffon or Lloris? I think in Buffon you will get a keeper who will probably slowly drop in ratings but is still one of the best on SM and will be good for your team average. I am not a fan of Lloris, I think he is very inconsistent and makes mistakes on a regular basis. He is not having a particularly good season either. But he is still young. As alternatives I like both Neuer and Adler (you didnt mention if Adler was taken). These are both promising keepers who could increase in ratings over the coming years. But neither will contribute to your team average as much as Buffon. He will cost you around £10 mil less than Lloris, rated higher, Lloris wont reach 94 in the near future (if at all), so for all these reasons I think I would go for Buffon. Hope this helps
  17. Re: Totti 94-93 He is still a talented player but he doesnt start. He will drop again next review, then probably hover around 92 like scholes.
  18. Re: My tactic Whats your squad? Fitness of your players? Opposition tactics from first leg? etc etc etc. There is no magic formula, just try and have all your starting 11 as 100 fitness, with your highest rated players starting, to get your best team average, try and have them all playing in their preferred postion. Review your oppositions formation/team.Play an attacking formation which suits your players. Set to attacking, fast tempo, direct etc etc. At the end of the day its a game of percentages. Do all these sort of things and you improve your chance of winning but nothing is guarenteed. I once read that you could imagine the soccer manager program as a dice. Each game both teams get a number of rolls. The better your team, tactics etc the more rolls of the dice you get. As for the number that the dice rolls; its all random. The game involves abit of luck/chance hence why we all play. Be boring if best team always won, doesnt happen in real life and doesnt happen on sm either.
  19. Re: Selling Iniesta...??? Reckon Iniesta will get a rise to 97, but even if he doesnt do not sell him. Will be a 96 at least for several years to come. If you still want those players use alternative means to raise the funds.
  20. Re: player transfer Who was it between? are they friends? does the deal make sense in your setup? does the buying team need a goalkeeper badly? has the buying team only recently been taken over (someone may have 2 accounts or may have just asked their friend to temporarily take over a club and do deals with him)? these are the questions you need to ask yourself to see if any funny business is going on. But you only have to look at the best SM decisions thread to see that some people are just dumb and do some silly transfers. this is not illegal you just need to make sure that next time its you who profits from it
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