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  1. Re: Lass Diarra -1? Would expect a -1 to 91 based on him being dropped down the CM pecking order by Mourinho behind Alonso and Khedira following Khedira's arrival over summer. He doesnt start so think a -1 would be fair.
  2. Re: Most fun team ever? Dont realy understand why its the most fun team? Do you just mean your best team? If so it is a good team. sorry for stating the obvious but as far as improving it goes... get messi and/or ronaldo
  3. Re: Player Ratings and Values value just reflects the value the player has in the team based on the ratings of others in the squad. eg Carrol in newcastle at 85 was a more important player to newcastle than in your team even though his rating rose to 87, as presumably you have numerous forwards of higher rating.
  4. Re: CB's Badstuber, Hummels and Subotic are your best options (any of them would be good). As for your maicon for ramos deal; I cant see the sense in doing it? Ramos is safe for 94 and Maicon may drop come the end of the season but is 96 atm. Why do it? You are not gaining from this deal
  5. Re: Big Pique deal - Should I go for it? Keep Pique. As said he is a top defender and a future 96 (probably 95 in next week or 2). Also who could you replace him with at CB? Which top CB's are available for your 42 mil? I realy rate Marcelo and he will certainly rise to 91 shortly but Pique is the most sought after CB in the game IMO. keep at all costs!
  6. Re: Hazard VS Muller Pedro for me. Will go up in the next week or two when La Liga gets its rating change. He is a starter for best team atm, playing very well, on the back of a successful world cup. Muller is in a similar position to him but pedro is playing better and barca are outperforming bayern hands down. Neymar is totally reliant on a move which next summer may well happen. However it is always abit of a gamble and guesswork as to how well someone will perform when they move continents to a big side. Neymar is full of potential but similar to hazard, his future is a little more of guesswork due to the potential risks involved in moving clubs. Howver you'd be able to get Neymar for less than the other two and at 88 has the most to rise. Id go for Pedro, Muller, Neymar in that order.
  7. Re: Liverpool Ratings Winter 2010/11 - There's A Lot of Red on My Trading Screen good prediction Just sold him for Pique and Busquets. Was pleased with the deal when Torres was 96 but even more now! ... also sold Maxi just yesturday for 30mil close one!
  8. Re: Your best SM Decsion/Deal Just sold Maxi Rodriguez for 30million the day before his rating dropped -2 and his value is now 5.8million. Money is not easy to come by and its a pretty competitive setup. Only been on SM a year but this is by far my best value money sale!
  9. Re: Quick trade question. Help appreciated. But you've just said you cant get hummels or vermalean. toure will keep his 92 rating. Has been City's first choice CB and had a decent season. Of those on you list I would try get Hummels, Subotic and Vermalean. But if it means sacrificing Toure then my advice is to wait until nearer the next German rating change where you will have a better idea about Hummels and Subotic and if they will rise again.
  10. Re: World Cup 2018 and 2022 Destinations Announced What a joke! Fancy going to Russia for the World Cup? No thanks! Currupt, currupt, currupt. Dont get me started on Qatar???!!!! even more of a joke. They have never even qualified for a world cup! FIFA are beyond a joke! They've turned an international sporting competition into a bloody twisted political game. Its a sad day for football...
  11. Re: Quick trade question. Help appreciated. so what are you asking?
  12. Re: Hazard VS Muller put simply... No lol. Hazard has a very bright future and with a move has great potential to be a top player but at the moment thats what it is - potential. Its reliant on him continuing to play well, get a move to the right sort of club, continue to play well and develop and all this takes time and abit of luck. Muller on the otherhand is already at a top club where he can continue to develop and progress his career. Not a disaster, far from it, but it will be a long time (if he ever) before Hazard gets a rating equal to Muller. But def keep hold of Hazard
  13. Re: Quick trade question. Help appreciated. Avoid Kjaer as he wont rise anymore (based on how he's playing). The other 4are all good players and have great potential for further rating rises. TBH I think you've acted to late, you could have sold Toure and bought both Hummels and Subotic last week. I would look to buy these two and vermalean but wait a month or two to see how they're playing. If any look on for another rise next changes. Maybe you'd be better to go for two 86/87/88/89 CB who look set to rise very soon. Maybe Bonnuci, Dominguez, Ranoccia, Victor Ruiz etc
  14. Re: Down goes Gerrard & Torres Think Gerrard down to 94 is fair, it still puts him as a top midfielder but better reflects his recent form when compared to others in the EPL. However to say Gerrard is not one of the best midfielders of his generation is just wrong. He has been an absolutely awesome player across his career. Zidane has been quoted in saying Gerrard is the most talented midfielder he has played against (although he has also been quoted in saying the same about paul scholes ). Being criticised for trying too many "hero killer balls" is madness, he's playing alongside players like poulsen and lucas who are incapable of playing anything but a sideways/backwards pass, it it trying to win a game by making things happen with his brilliant passing range and dynamic running that makes Gerrard a top midfielder. I do not disagree with the -1 rating as his form justifies it but its madness hearing all this that he is not a top player. Read back to posts 12 months ago when Rooney was described as the best player ever, now the same people saying he's useless. Players form can go up and down (in rooney's case well down) and their ratings may do the same but they are still brilliant footballers. Rant over
  15. Re: Respuesta: Next Playes To Rise To 90/90+
  16. Re: 8.2m for O'Shea, worth it? As a previous post stated you need to say who else there is available in his position. I would not buy O'Shea as he will not make you any money as he will not rise and you should be able to buy a younger player who has more potential than O'Shea. If you are specifially after a right back there are many others which I would advise (see recent threads on rb's) e.g. Rafael, Abate etc.
  17. Re: GOTZE, Mario Search the numerous threads already created that have discussed gotze
  18. Re: pato injury prone Depends how important money is in your setup. If you have a big squad like you say then what use is money for an "important" player. If you can get a quality replacement then do it because its an offer well over his value. I usually try get part exchange for important players, unless I have identified a replacement which I could use the money for. Guess it comes down to: Who could you get with the money?
  19. Re: pato injury prone Just bad luck I think, not alot can be done. I always make sure my starting XI are above 90% fitness, maybe try make sure Pato is 100%. But TBH I just think its one of those things...
  20. Re: Rb conundrum Rafael from man united. increasingly establishing himself as first choice RB at united and will continue to rise.
  21. Re: Schould i sell Di Maria for R.Lukaku and J.Pastore? If he continues as he is, at Madrid, I think most would agree he would eventually get a 94. But as Tricky says Madrid is abit of a merry-go-round with their players and kaka's return could reduce Di Maria's chances. Its tough because all three are great players but I stand by what I said previously that unlike Lukaku and Pastore, Di Maria is all set to continue rising until 94. Its all guesswork as far as what ratings people will get in seasons to come but I'd be more confident of Di Maria over both Pastore and Lukaku. Its an interesting one... tough decision.
  22. Re: Schould i sell Di Maria for R.Lukaku and J.Pastore? Lukaku and Pastore are both highly rated and talented players with very bright futures in front of them. Pastore will most likely rise to 90' date=' and if he maintains his current form he may well be 91 come end of the season. Lukaku will also rise next changes but what will make him is if he gets a move to a bigger club and has the chance to realy fulfil his potential. Both these players look to have the ability to get 92+[i'] BUT [/i] this will take time, moves to bigger clubs and abit of luck. Di Maria is playing excellently in a Madrid team that is also playing excellently. He is at the right club and has everything to get a 94 rating in the next 18 months. I think it is a fair deal, so I guess it depends on your team and what you want/need. If you go for Pastore and Lukaku I think you need to look long-term (2 seasons) before you can say you definately got the better deal. I would say it is abit of a gamble. As much as I like both Pastore and Lakuku and as I say it is a decent deal, I wouldnt do it. Di Maria will rise to 91 next changes and at Madrid if he continues to play as he is, he wont stop rising until he reaches 94. Pastore and Lakuku will hit a ceiling at their respective clubs and need moves to get even near to 94 which always makes it abit more of guesswork. Be interested to see others views, because it is definately not a clear cut decision and open to interpretation.
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